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  1. Actually VR headset 1:1 head tracking is far from realistic. To be realistic we need to have 210° horizontal FOV and 150° vertical FOV.
  2. On par (if not better), and ground handling is way better in BOS too.
  3. Great update! so many good things Thx devs
  4. Thanks for the link Zak. Happy multiplayer
  5. I didn't change anything, I just made ​​an obvious clarification
  6. Don't forget "Aspect and numbers matter HUGELY. Two planes are four times easier to spot than one. The closer together they are, the easier. A small group of 6 or 8 is even easier to spot" I guess your "Hungarian 109 pilot" were able to spot a GROUP of IL-2 from 6000 m above He doesn't seem to be
  7. You are Right. With my 52'' HDTV, my FOV is 90°. It's too low I think 120° FOV is the minimum for flight simming
  8. The aspect ratio is bad, 90 degrees horizontal and 110 degrees vertical. You have a more greater vertival FOV than horizontal FOV. It's doesn't fit the correct human fov (only for cyclops). For flight simming, it's not good 110° horizontal and 90° vertical would have been a little better
  9. Lol, the best attack aircraft of WW2 The Black DEATH !
  10. OR is designed for cyclops . very low horizontal FOV. Infiniteyes 210° FOV is much more promising for flight simulation http://www.roadtovr.com/infiniteeye-worlds-first-ever-hands-210-fov-hmd-video/ https://developer.oculusvr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3604
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