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  1. baronvonclemson

    Acer Mixed Reality headset

    I have the Lenovo WMR headset, which I believe is almost identical, and I've been quite happy with it!
  2. baronvonclemson

    Seeing Cockpit Shadow Jaggies With New Vid Card

    I get the in-cockpit jaggy shadows as well, and also in ROF. I'm pretty sure I remember reading a comment from Jason somewhere saying that it is indeed a performance optimization feature. I was able to clean the shadows up by setting shadow quality to "Maximum", but it had too big an impact on my framerate. I've just learned to live with it, doesn't bother me too much.
  3. baronvonclemson

    CloD Graphics Card Question

    Nice to hear that about the Quadro cards, I believe they're pretty comparable to FirePro's. I just checked on amazon, and you're right, the price has come down quite a bit since I last checked. Thanks for the info!
  4. Quick question for all you CloD flyers out there: Has anyone had luck with using a graphics card that is not on the "supported" GPU list? I've thought about trying this sim out before, but the stories of poor performance on all but the best machines has kept me from buying it. I know that the team fusion mods have greatly improved the sim, so I'm wondering if they've expanded the supported graphics chips as well. I run ROF and BOS on a laptop with an AMD FirePro M5950 GPU. Even though the FirePro was designed as a workstation graphics chip, I've been able to run ROF and BOS on decently high settings with good results (can't run with super-sampling, but almost everything else is maxed out). Thanks!
  5. baronvonclemson

    A question for the guys who know their aerodynamics.

    While most airfoils are designed to give more lift in one orientation than another, it is mostly the angle of attack that dictates how much lift is generated (and in what direction). Flying inverted is certainly possible, it's just not quite as efficient as flying right-side up. Actually, I remember reading once that the P-51 had a symmetrical airfoil wing (top and bottom surfaces identical), which is part of what gave it it's high speed capability.