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  1. Hey guys, NA EST time guy looking for a squadron.. I have all the CoD and Bos modules plus DCS. Really want to find a group that at least dabbles in the Med theater. I like bombers/ heavy fighters but will fly whats needed in a mission
  2. Yep..tried to purchase Normandy and that garbage storefront they use won't let me. Yo 1C you realize if guys can't buy your stuff there's no point in making anything.
  3. Klink

    The IL2 store

    Wow...just Wow, have they changed their checkout service, never have I been so frustrated just trying to buy a game. I have always gone through the site instead of steam to get my modules and never used to have a problem. logged in today to pick up the Flying Circus preorder tried paypal...error. hmm odd i always used paypal...tried a debit card now it wants a code from my bank. What the F is this. my little credit union doesnt update immediately grrrr. Now Im on a chat with customer service, give her the error code for paypal. Please tell me the 4 digit code from your bank.... No co
  4. Just a few things I noticed or have been pondering, At some point the addition of Burma and China. This would give a good land based map but also bring in other nationalities of pilots. I notice that alot of European pilots really dont get into the Pacific because many game systems only focus on the US/Japanese fight, I would love to see the flying tigers over china and British and Australians over Burma and the islands Hopefully when carriers do arrive we get a little sample of the different kinds, not just all Essex class. some of the light carriers and such would be inte
  5. Stupid question but Ive been off for awhile, does BoM install in BoS or is there another installer I am not seeing
  6. AAArrrrgggh, Dammit I got all excited went to order and ordered another premium copy of Stalingrad....such a loser
  7. AAArrrrgggh, Dammit I got all excited went to order and ordered another premium copy of Stalingrad....such a loser
  8. I am ready to pee myself with excitement. Rarely do combat flight simmers get a game, even more rare when its any good. We have an outstanding opportunity here to help shape this into what I believe will be a worthy successor to IL2. Will it come out day one with alot missing and probably even more not working yes ... of course it will. This team has shown me that they respond very methodically to both the game and their community ala RoF. When it first came out I couldn't even play it, but they patched and listened and now it is a great sim. We will have a choice in the upcoming weeks,
  9. Hey Klai!! Its Klink, glad to see you boys are still kicking around...so your going to try to get behind this one. After much frustration I just stopped flying CoD I had so much hope for it
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