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  1. Hi there - 18 year old Englishman here, I've got a pretty standard Modified RP voice but can do RP too. I've been trained on military radios if that helps. If pushed I'm sure I could speak like someone of the time, or just normally. I've been told I sound older than 18, though 18 year old pilots did certainly exist, see Geoffrey Wellum for example. Cheers!
  2. Hi there, I might be a little bit late, but I'd be willing to contribute to the British voice actor pile should you need me. I've been told I have a good "Distinctive" British Modified RP accent, the R.A.F is my chosen career path and I have some experience with real radios which may be of use!
  3. Hello! Looking to get involved in TaW again when the next campaign starts! Are there any clans that English speaking squadrons that are recruiting and willing to take me on? I'm not picky, and will play Axis or Allies, but I will probably be quite rusty. If anyone is willing to recruit me, please let me know :)
  4. Logged on today after changing my in game name to join a sqn and my account is now locked, any ideas how to unlock my account guys? Update: Is it possible that admins could delete my "ZephyrZephyr" account and unlock my =SqSq= account? I can't play on this server until the account is deleted
  5. Thank you so much, I made a huge cock up there and you guys have been nowt but helpful, absolutely top chap
  6. Wow, If you could do that I would be so grateful my friend :D I really appreciate the offer but don't feel pressured. Have sent the key back regardless of your decision
  7. Aye, server is down I reckon, I also can't get in
  8. Hello everyone! I recently got Il2 BoS, only to realise I cannot actually use it as I already have the non premium game. I am willing to Trade my Il2 BoS Premium edition key to anyone who wants it, in return for two collector planes, the FW190A3 and the LA-5. This works out to a roughly 50% discount on the price of Il2 Battle Of Stalingrad premium. I expect this would be quite a good deal for anyone who hasn't picked up the game at all yet and wants to get the premium content for half the price. Please reply if interested!
  9. Aye, we got that now but it was just a mistake by us, thanks though!. And honestly was thinking about doing that but I need to find someone willing to gift the two planes which is the issue, any ideas how I'd find someone willing to trade like that?
  10. Ahh, yeah, I understand the issue. There is no way of actually upgrading the version of your Il2 by getting the premium edition over the standard edition, a bit of an oversight in my opinion and not made clear at all by any devs except in some small print. If anyone wants the version I can gift it back, unless the devs are nice enough to de-activate my key and then send keys for the two aircraft included. Its rather a shame
  11. Is there any way that I can trade in my current premium edition BoS key and instead receive the content of premium instead, as I'm rather bummed out there is no way I can access the premium edition content after someone went out of their way to spend money on me. Thanks guys!
  12. Hey, thanks for the response, however the gift key has no *activate* button next to it, and is not already activated. The only button displayed is *Send Gift* which means I have no way of activating the actual key
  13. Likewise, Nobody has gotten back to me, anyone else had any luck here?
  14. When I update my account on the website, it is not tracked in game, I also cannot redeem gift keys as there is no "redeem" option next to the send gift option. Any ideas why my account is doing stuff like this? Cheers guys.
  15. Hello again, sorry to bother you but I am rather new to this forum, The key was sent to me and I see it in my license keys list, but it is displayed as a gift so I cannot redeem it? Thanks guys
  16. BOS Premium please :D And we really appreciate this, thanks so much
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