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  1. I will reply briefly about them to not interfere with the original topic ( we can have a bit of chit chatting about it when we will meet online and we a bit of free time ). 1- Wrong\Not correct 2- Again wrong \Not correct
  2. As said above there seems to be quite a difference in the AI gunners levels that you encounter if you fly Red that " apparently " seems to be more " easy " ( and also the movements of the front line seems to reflect this ) about attacking enemy flak columns. Maybe I'm wrong ( and I hope it's so ) but this should be at least checked\tested. At least here on the Blue side the two times I've attemped to get close to an enemy vehicle column, alone, I'm been shoot by " snipers " well away from being even close to it ( and the AI gunners didn't have a clear visual on me because they were firing in a forest between trees )...and permit me to say that I have the " feeling " that this happened not due to a wrong approach tactic or due to " unlucky events ". The worst quote you can ever have put in emphasis. This demonstrates only to have a very general ( wrong ) idea about the Bf 110 due to Allied " of part " litterature and disinformationn and little knowledge about the real Bf 110 facts and events. Read with attention the historical mission reports of the pilots flying the Bf 110s ( and of their units ) and you will at least starting questioning your " reliable source of information " that you have read until now about the Bf 110. Your quote is correct pretty much like saying that the correct designation of the Bf 110 is Me 110...You should let read your quote above to the Bf 110 pilot that shot down 5 Spitfires in one sortie during the BoB... 😂 S!
  3. Well this is quite anecdotal...as you can quote this example I can quote 100 others where that didn't happened ( and so we will end up only " defending " our points of view going forward on this line and not solving the real game " problem " ). In addition, in my opinion, it has not a lot of sense trying to fully replicate what happened in WW2 in a game due to the fact that, for the best that you can get close to it, it will be ( fortunately! ) never the same as the real war for obvious reasons. Somehow, taking into account this and the fact that we are speaking of a game, we can surely speak about the gameplay and at least trying to find a " sweet spot " that could better match the game dynamics and players preferences. I presume that no one of us want the exact same thing as it was the real aerial war ( so otherwise the first time that you will be killed in a game sortie, you should stop playing it because you have been " killed " ) but we can possibly find a balance between what were the historical events and the gameplay in a game that we play, all, well sit on our game chairs and in front of our PC screens.
  4. Also if I highly appreciate your reply and advice ( advice are always more than welcome here ) this is not what I was intending with my post. Although I have only 97 hours of play in this game ( I've bought Battle of Stalingrad in 2016 if I remeber correctly but I've started playing it just recently ) I have a long history of playing online and in particular with the Bf 110 ( about 5700 hours of flight using the Bf 110 in Il-2 Cliffs of Dover, just to quote one ) and I have also a big passion about what were the best tacticts that were used by real pilots performing this task ( or the ones that are the best to be used in a game ) so I know pretty well how to reduce to the mininum the risks linked to a low level attack ( and as you know you can be trained about it as much as you want but there is always the " imponderable " that could happen at any time )...but here, with the current levels of skill of the AI gunners, the story is different...you can use whatever " deception " tactic against the flak you want, and the AAA fire will allways hit you with a precision of the 99% of the times also if you fly in a horizontal line in respect to them ( so to offer a small fast moving target in respect to them ). Here the wrong thing, said in brief, is not the tactic used or the skill of the attacking pilot but the fact that is an artificial aiming bot firing at you that always will predict with a 100% accuracy your presumed next position during the attack, so due to this, the AI gunner will be always able to hit you like if you are fixed point in the sky....and that's absolutely wrong if your intention is to try to recreate a WW2 " realistic " environment. The flak fire was dangerous, in certain areas very heavy but in the whole WW2 it has never been a perfect science able to hit the attacking plane with an accuracy so high as we have actually in the campaign. I hope you get the point of what I mean. S!
  5. I can assure you that doing the same thing on the Blue side corresponds to a mere suicide if you fly alone or in 2-3. I tend to preserv my virtual life as much as possible said in general but last time I flew I'm being killed by a single sniper shot from 2-3 km away and always by the same vehicle ( ZiS-5 72-K also killed me in the 3rd sortie ) that seems to carry onboard the complete Chuck Norris family everytime. As I have suggested in the bug report thread about TAW probably having ground units set at different skill levels should be better. ( in RL not all units were fully trained ) Your post, in addition, and by checking the map too, seems to suggest that the skill level of the ground units that the Reds have to face is quite a lot different. I'm not asking to have dummies manning the AI AAA and the campaign should be left challenging under this aspect but having also only snipers around that kill you systematically soon as you try to approach an enemy ground target is not fun at all. It's useless and not rewarding at all spending hours to plan and flight the sortie in a " realistic " kind of way to be then shot down by an infallible bot. Tha's only my point, the rest of the campaign is really really nice and well structured apart some small tweakings that could be made here and there trying to improve it in the future. I don't aim to become the infallible ground attacker of the LW but I would like to have, at least, the chance to engage this kind of targets alo if I fly alone or with other 2-3 players. ( not all units are big ones ). There is actually not any kind of efforts made by the LW virtual units to fly coordinated missions so, that you like it or not, if you are not part of a big unit you are forced to fly alone or in 2-3 max ( if you're lucky to find this number of " free " players ) and so of consequence, due to this, there's no chance to survive this kind of encounters in any way actually if you approach them in small numbers.
  6. 1 time is a case, 2 times it's a suspect...let's wait for report #3 that will make it a proof! ...and here comes the third one about the Flak too precise...now we got a proof! 😉 😀
  7. Come on guys please stop acting like 2 years old children...a pacifier for both and end of the story! 😂 Play and have fun instead of fight over stupid things! 😉 Remember both the first rule of every good WW2 flight-simmer...don't be a dick! 😂
  8. Did no one told to the TAW admins that LW pilots are immortal and millenary? 😂 😂 😂
  9. Mein Mut hat mich schon zwei Flugzeuge gekostet! 😂 😂 😂 ( Translation: " My courage is already costed me two aircraft! " )
  10. 3 - The level of skills of the AI Anti Aircraft gunners is set to high. I know that these kind of targets should be attacked with several aircraft to distract the AAA defences but despite the numerous attempts made there seems to be not any effort by the LW units to plan and coordinate their attacks together so for lone players and small units this becomes a pain. Every unit seems to play by itself hidden in its " Teamspeak hole " so for players that have no other way than flying alone ( or in very small units ) there in no way to have fun flying a ground attack sortie because you get sistematically killed by the " sniper gunners " that do not seem to miss a single shot, also from distance. A possible solution could be vary a bit the skill level of the various enemy ground units so the have a bit more of differentiation and so to not meet always enemy troops with the skill level of a Jedi ( At the end not all the troops at the front line were fully experienced units ) so to provide to lone players ( or to units with just 2-3 players in their ranks ) the chance to try to fly these kind of sorties with some sort of chance ( that instead actually are a sure and complete suicide for them ). Add to this that now we have the " 3 lives system " and you can easily immagine how much these things could restrict the player choices and freedom of action. ( Thing that should be avoided in a dynamic campaign, in my humble opinion ). As an additional note, in the case that you don't want to change the system, should be at least specified in the TAW manual that flying lone sorties or with just 2-3 pilots against ground targets , corresponds to a mere suicide. ( I'm new to the TAW campaign so I was totally unaware of this and it will be the same for a new pilot\small unit joining the TAW campaign in the future ) As said in my opinion this should be tweaked in a better way because actually the currect system detracts heavily from the fun of lone players\small units...and it's a real pity because this campaign is simply marvellous in its concept and realisation. As always my comments are to be intended exclusively as suggestions\gentle requests and NEVER as mandatory\peremptory ones. These are simply my feedbacks from a passionate player point of view, trying, if possible, to improve the " TAW Experience ". With respect, my sincere best regards to all! Keep up the great work! Salute!!!
  11. Two things to report: 1- When you click on the " Login " button very often you get the error " 500 - Internal server error ". Internet browser used is Google Chrome. ( see file attached ) 2- When you login and you select " Squad Profile " there is a spelling error in the orange button. It should be " Delete squadron members " while instead now it reports " Delete squadron memebrs " ( see file attached )
  12. In brief: " Das ist Scheiße " 1 time is a case, 2 times it's a suspect...let's wait for report #3 that will make it a proof!
  13. Sorry guys but the level of experience of the enemy Flak is set at a too much high level. These are infallible snipers that do not permit any kind of low level attack without killing you sistematically from 2-3 km away. Tried to get close to a enemy tank column ( already heavily damaged ) and get killed from 2 km away by Mister Chuck Norris that was manning the only flak gun left...same story with the Bf 110 against another target. Realistic ok, heavy and intense ok but these guys do not miss a single shoot...this has no sense with only 3 lives available ( and now just 1 left because I've attempted to do my duty )...you can play as much carefull as you want soon as you get close you're crippled by bullets...come on...realistic ok but it must be also playable...
  14. This is my opinion/feedbacks about the various stuffs I've read here until now. ( no offence to anyone intended, be clear ) I'm new to the TAW campaign but I flew in the past many online campaigns in various WW2 flight-sims so I would like to share what are the main things that I've noted while participating at them. Said so... In my opinion what makes the fortune ( or not ) of a server like this one, that tries to replicate a " WW2 realistic " environment, it's the number of players who will fly bomber and ground attack sorties. ( Because they have the major impact on the dynamic campaign ) The server should stimulate, as much as possible, the use of the aircraft deputed to this role ( in particular I'm referring to bombers and heavy fighters ) with the fighters deputed to a sort of " secondary role " ( Where their major role is to provide air cover for the bombers and their secondary one are the " Free Hunt " missions ) and let chose more precisely the role that a pilot will cover ( Fighter, Bomber or Heavy fighter pilot ). Instead of the 3 life system, that was clearly " thought and used ", to try to avoid of having players just joining the server and then having only big furballs or acting like a " flying dick ", I think that should be much more better to limit the types of aircraft available and the pilot roles. The server should have a general aircraft types pool available ( but that permits to all players to play ) but that at the same time stimulate the pilots to not waste them in a useless way. I make an example based on my actual aircraft availability ( reported on my pilot profile ). I have: 2 fighters , 1 heavy-fighter, 2 dive bombers, 3 bombers and 1 transport aircraft at my disposal. But I'm a heavy fighter pilot ( I fly mainly the Bf 110 ) and I fly fighters only rarely and mainly during late war years ( the Fw 190 carring bombs used for ground attacks ). So in theory I have some aircraft that are currently detracting from the Blue side pool and that most probably I will never fly. Namely: The bombers, the transport plane, the dive bombers and the fighters ( at least one of them is not actually necessary ). As you can note I have at my disposal only one heavy fighter ( while instead I would like to have more of them available because is my primary pilot role ) and lot of other aircraft that can be considered only as " secondary choises ". Said in brief this means that I will be very limited in my primary role of Zerstörerflieger ( just 1x Bf 110 available ) while instead I'm stimulated to use more the fighters because I have 2 of them available. The others will be not used at all ( I've never flown a bomber in this game) so, in my opinion these " not used " aircraft should go to a pilot eager to play as a bomber pilot ( that surely will need them more due to the dangerousness of his task ). Add to this that I have only 3 lives available and this means that after that I'll be shoot down in the Bf 110 I'll be " forced " to fly a fighter. ( At least until the new aircraft supplies will not arrive ). Permit me to say that this system could seems not a lot " attractive " to me due to the motives listed above. One of the most beautifull dynamic campaigns that I ever flown was the " Storm of War " one. Here follow some tips and features that were used in that campaign about this aspect and that may be of help to the server Admins to possibly plan, in the future campaigns, a better system: - The players were divided between registered players and casual player. The first ones have at their disposal a certain number of aircraft available for the beginning of the campaign ( For example: 40 Bf 109s, 20 Bf 110s, 60 medium bombers, 30 dive bombers ) that must be divided between the various LW luftwaffe squadrons ( before the campaign began every unit puts up their aircraft requests to the server admins that, then, following the aircraft availability they were provided ( or not ) by the server Admins. The initial batch of aircraft available was quite limited in numbers so every unit have to coordinate first with the other units to make a sensible request. ( the aircraft initial availability was based on a historical research and then was estimated a correct value for the game so to provide a similar balance in the campaign ). The casual players had instead a lot more restric aircraft pool ( just some bombers and fighters ) and they were not permitted to join during the campaign main events. - The players were handled in this way: Priority for the registration to the campaign was given to virtual squadrons. Lone pilots without a unit but that wanted to join the campaign should have asked to a virtual unit to join it for the duration of the campaign. ( So in this way there is a preliminary " player filter " made by the units and not by the server admins because with the system the " known flying dicks " were take out of the campaign pretty easily ). Everything else was considered as a " Casual player ". - Every registered unit had a own airfield where only that unit is permitted to spawn ( So pilots of another unit or casual players can't spawn there ). In the case that there wasn't enough airfields available for all the units participating to the campaign an airfield could be shared by other 2 squadrons - About the aircraft there was a replenish system working in this way. When needed a unit put up an aircraft request to the admin. .At the most distant airfield from the frontline the supply aircraft were delivered there then every unit have to fly their requested aircraft supplies from that airfield to their home base to let become the aircraft available at it. - An aircraft must land on a friendly airfield or in an area close to it otherwise was considered lost. Damaged aircraft were going under repair and due to this they will took more time before being available again. All aircraft not included in this categories were considered as lost and detracted from the aircraft pool of that side. The replenishment aircraft number was limited so every unit was very careful in depleting its aircraft. If a side depleted all its aircraft, it have to wait until new aircraft were becoming available. Aircraft transfers were possible between units so to stimulate unit collaboration if needed. This was just written to show that a possible better system about this can be developed ( without using the 3 lives system that in my opinion is too rigid ). I'm available for any additional questions you may have or to help if possible. My best regards and keep up the good work!!! S!
  15. Hallo Zerstörerflieger, here is SKG 210_Werner_Mölders speaking!!! I'm the leader of the Luftwaffe virtual unit named Schnellkampfgeschwader 210. ( In short the SKG 210 ). The SKG 210 is a group of players who get online together to have fun flying the Messerschmitt Bf 110 variants available in the following PC games: - IL2 Sturmovik: Great Battles - IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz The SKG 210 is a virtual Luftwaffe unit specialized in flying heavy fighters ( Jagd ) and heavy fighter-bombers ( Schlacht ) operations and sorties, exclusively with the Messerschmitt Bf 110. So far the SKG 210 flies the following Messerschmitt Bf 110 variants: - Bf 110 C-2 ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz ) - Bf 110 C-4 ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz ) - Bf 110 C-4 Late ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz ) - Bf 110 C-4/N ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz ) - Bf 110 C-4/NJG ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz ) - Bf 110 C-4B ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz ) - Bf 110 C-6 ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz ) - Bf 110 C-7 ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz ) - Bf 110 E-2 ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles ) - Bf 110 G-2 ( IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles) The unit DOES NOT requires any exclusive participation ( so if you are already part of another online unit it doesn't matter ) and it DOES NOT requires any particular level of experience ( so you can be a newbie willing to learn how to fly the aircraft or already an " Experten " ). The SKG 210 DOES NOT requires any particular time availability nor any fixed day to play online. If you have available a bit of time and you are willing to play online with other Bf 110 pilots like you, well, you need simply to join us on Discord and the game is done! If you play it's because you enjoy it, it's because you want to do it, it's because it's something that relaxes you and that provides you fun... Nobody here will ever ask you to be online if you don't really want to do it! The SKG 210 pilots fly for the pure pleasure of doing it! The main objective of the SKG 210 is to try to regroup the major number of pilots passionate about the Messerschmitt Bf 110, while providing, at the same time, an environment that could encourages the fun, the teamwork, the self-improvement and the camaraderie, but without becoming overly competitive. There are two ways to join the SKG 210: - You have to contact me and communicate to me your intention to join the SKG 210 unit as an official member. This will imply that, if your request will be accepted, you will have to add the tag " SKG210_ " before your Steam username ( Sample: SKG 210_Werner_Mölders ). This option is recommended to those players that are NOT YET part of any online unit or that are already part of an online squadron but that are available to change their Steam username every time that they will play with the SKG 210. - You are already part of an online squadron and you DO NOT want to change your team nor your Steam username but you want to fly with the SKG 210 when you are willing/available to do it. In this case you need to contact me and I will add you simply to the SKG 210 guests list ( or rather the list of the pilots that intends to participate to this project but that do not intend to join the unit as an official unit member ). Be clear, if you belong to this category of players, that is it's not my intention to " steal " any member from any other squadron nor now nor ever. My only sincere intention, as said above, is to try to regroup as many as possible, Messerschmitt Bf 110 pilots and have fun all together! Please note also that this " invite " is also fully available for those pilots that normally fly for the Allies/Red side but that they intend to try to fly with the Messerschmitt Bf 110 out of their official squadron duties and commitments. The standard language used for the online communications by the pilots of the unit it's the English language ( We DO NOT require Oxford levels of spoken English but your spoken English MUST BE understandable, clear and fluent ) If you think this project could be of interest for you or do you want additional information about it, feel free to contact me anytime at the following links: - SKG 210 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/schnellkampfgeschwader210/ - SKG 210 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/86VfbwN - My ATAG Forum Profile: ( Via personal message ) https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/member.php… Horrido!!! SKG 210_Werner_Mölders
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