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  1. @IckyATLAS Even if I am more interested to the tank part of this game your work is clearly outstanding and your commitment, dedication and passion about this project are surely admirable. Our community highly needs people like you so many thanks for all your work! Keep up the good work, Salute!
  2. Excellent and, again, many thanks for your hard and extraordinary work about this! Keep up the good work mate! Salute!
  3. Ti ringrazio molto! Sono felice che il mod possa essere di tuo interesse!!! 👌 ENG Translation: Thank you very much! I am happy that the mod could be of interest for you!!! 👌
  4. [MOD DEVELOPMENT] Panzer Aces Mega Mod This thread will be used for discussing the development of the " Panzer Aces Mega Mod " and to report the various development updates to the members of the online community of the Il-2 Sturmovik Forum. Before starting up there are some questions that I would like to gently pose you. They are: ( Please chose only one option per question in your replies, thanks ) 1) With what frequency do you want to have development updates from me? Daily 2 times a week ( 2 times during the week only ) 2 times a week (
  5. Reply to Question #1: try to use the search function to check if there is something already available around. If there's nothing about it try to set up a dedicated thread requesting for it. Maybe some " Mod Guru " will show up and will help you. Not at all mate. Glad that my comment was of help for you! Salute!
  6. To be able to use the external views you need to select the " NORMAL " level of difficulty in the mission you are about to play
  7. @Voidhunger Really beautiful shots mate! Thanks for sharing them!
  8. Blilliant work indeed mate! Well done! Any update about the Ferdinand engine sound? Salute!
  9. Where did you posted it? You should have get two activation codes if you have purchased 2 copies..Is it right? What game did you buy? I mean: IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover: Blitz Edition IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover: Desert Wings Tobruk
  10. Thanks mate for your positive feedback! It's indeed a very positive " fuel " for me! Salute!
  11. Ti ringrazio del supporto e del consiglio. Se mi puoi aggiungere un link al tuo mod mi sarebbe di grande aiuto, grazie! Ciao! ENG Translation: Thank you for your support and advice. If you can give me a link to your mod it would be of great help, thanks! Hello!
  12. Sure mate that's exactly what I'm doing. No material will be included in the mod without the explicit permission of the original author. I'm in the process of contacting them one by one. If the work is not mine I think that is highly not respectful using the material and the work done by someone without his permission. At least least here is a question of mutual respect among the members of the same community. Thanks somehow for your suggestion you are very welcome to do so every time you'll think it's the case. Salute! You're welcome mate! If you are specialise
  13. Grazie davvero per il tuo feedback positivo! Questo è esattamente ciò che mi dà l'energia giusta per lavorare su questo tipo di progetti! ENG Translation: Really thanks for your positive feedback! That exactly what gives me the right energy to work on these kind of projects!
  14. " Panzer Aces Mega Mod " is a project that aims to regroup together, in a single JSGME ready mod, the major mods available for the game " IL-2 Sturmovik: Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka " made by the various modders of the online IL-2 Great Battles community. The main intent of the mod is to provide to the members of the Il-2 Great Battles tank community a mod easy to be installed, activated and fun to be played but at the same time, a mod, providing an environment of historical realism, diversity and possibly containing many other interesting new features that I have in mind about this
  15. A small thing noted, trying to help you in fixing the eventual issues of this mod: In the path \LuaScripts\worldobjects\mapemitters it seems you forget to add the string named " ImageAttr=128 " so in your current mod the smokes are not fixed and they tend to vanish when looked from certain view angles. As sample here is how the files should be written ( I've used the " ammoexplosion " file for this example; The small " error " is present in all your mapemitters files ). If you think is the case I've already edited all the files of interest just give me a shout and I'll p
  16. Oh damn I saw this Ptero...ops...thread too late! 😄
  17. Really a beautiful mod! You're clearly a " Jedi " of the textures! Very well done mate!
  18. Very nice the shot when the Panthers cross the river! Brilliant! Very well done mate! Salute!
  19. No problem mate there's no hurry at all. Take all the time you need ( Ps: Please check your PM box, thanks ) S!
  20. I'm accustomed to work with other editing program but if you have it available I would like to try it, if you are so kind to share it. S!
  21. Thanks for the update your mod is simply amazing!!!
  22. It works if used with JSGME but the folder structure is wrong in the file in the first post! ( That's why it doesn't work! ) The correct folder structure is: MODS\PreLoader Logo\swf\il2\assets\logo\big\wob Place the image in the wob folder.
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