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  1. Thanks mate for sharing this campaign about the " Ferdy "! Great job! S!
  2. Beautiful indeed!WOW!!!! You're the Michelangelo of the uniforms!
  3. You are so talented mate! What an amazing piece of art you made! Thanks for your work and for sharing it with us! Brilliant indeed! S!
  4. DLC: Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka Type of improvement: Interface.Explanation of proposals: Possibly improve the game immersion.Benefits: It should be great if there could be the the option to activate/deactivate the help circle displayed when you move the gun. When you play at realistic levels ( No HUD, etc) it really ruins the immersion. Having it set in a way that can be switched on/off should suit both the ones who want it and the ones who don't.
  5. Here you can find and download all the historical aircraft skins and the reference images to set the correct parameters to show them correctly. Note that the aircraft number you need to set may vary depending on your role inside your unit ( Normally the #1 goes to the Flight Leader the others follow ). DOWNLOAD LINK: https://mega.nz/folder/bgYWxDIK#HYXR4SNcJ3SmQSM090MWrA
  6. Here you can find the historical skins for the aircraft of the I./JG3, III./JG 51 and I./ZG26. You will also find, attached here, some reference images about how to set the settings, in the plane options, to correctly display the aircraft markings ( Open the spoiler below ). Note that the use of the Swastica is only for historical purposes. Nor me, nor the organisers of the events supports, in any way or form, the Nazi party or the ideas of the men and soldiers belonging to it during the WW2 era.War is terrible and it's utterly rejected, we must only strive for peace! LIN
  7. This is clearly Panzer uniforms porn! Excellent job mate, outstanding!!!!
  8. Correct but the game must be modded otherwise, by default, the characters folder is not present. @SMARTAZZ @SSDrago41
  9. Thanks for the update top notch work as always! Just a question about tank crew: Any plans to fix in the future the max visibility distance of the grass? Especially in 4K you have to reduce it actually to a 100 meter range otherwise the grass very frequently flickers or blinks. Thanks in advance! Salute!
  10. I've already started to save moneys for it...I'm only 1999 $ from the target 😄
  11. @Warmoer I'm one of the Beta testers. Please do as indicated below, thanks: 1- Record a track in which the issue is showing up 2- Send to me the recorded track file ( Here is the link to my ATAG forum profile: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/member.php?u=10162 if needed ) Send a personal message to me with the title " E-7 Trop Issue ". I will reply with my e-mail address so you can send me easily the file/s of interest. 3- I'll share it with the other Beta Testers so we can check if you are doing something possibly wrong and do
  12. Just let's hope that we will not need to be directly connected to a power plant to let it run on our PCs. I would like to avoid to generate a blackout in my neighborhood every time I'll turn on my PC LOL
  13. ...and one of them is here. 1500 euros for a similar card with very few ( if true ) gains. No thanks. ( Without counting that the first series of 2080 released got the " good " habit of frying... ). At least here my 1080Ti in 4k " chew " any title of the IL-2 series without any problem. At least here, before considering the purchase of a new video card, it must be a new video card that must be at least the double in performances in respect to the 1080 Ti otherwise, IMHO, the change, it's not worth the candle. ( Especially for the ones like me who plays the games of the IL-2 Series mostly
  14. The big problem with the nowadays video cards it's that, due to their price, you have always to chose if buying a new one or buying a new car.... One day or the other we will have the Nvidia Gold Mastercard released if prices will kept the actual trend...
  15. Yep this community has one of the most talented modders I have ever seen around. There are no words to describe how much we have to thank them for all their massive and brilliant job! Thank you guys and keep up the good work!!!! Hals und Beinbruch!!!
  16. The mod will cover both the German side and the Soviet one without any priviledge for one of the sides due to the fact that this mod is dedicated, and it tries to suit, as much as humanly possibles, the likings and the preferences of the community. Salute! Thanks to you for the support! Very appreciated here, sincerely! Salute!
  17. Yep pretty much that's the general idea Thanks mate! Salute!
  18. Thanks mate! Yep it will be posted in the next incoming devolpment update that I will report in a couple of days
  19. At least personally speaking brand new ones will be included here ( See link below ). They will be part of the mod documentation.
  20. Even if initially I was also diffident and against being forced in using it I have to admit that I was totally wrong. You can fully customise it following your preferences, you are not forced to be part of some/any group/social community nor you are forced to have a friend list at all and you can chose between being online or using the offline modality ( or rather exactly the same as having the non Steam game ). Easy to download almost any game you may think of and especially, no unwanted advertising of any kind. Never got a single problem from when I've stated using it years ago.
  21. Added an important note, in red bold, to the first post of this thread. CROSS LINK: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63993-mod-announcement-panzer-aces-mega-mod/?tab=comments#comment-980279
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