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  1. Again, mate it's fault of the mouse unfortunately.

    The game picks the input of the mouse and it gives you the impression of " auto-recenter "

    Another thing you can try. Soon as the mission begins, via the TAB key, select " Hold fire " --> Crew

    Tip: To have a sort of joystick control for the turrent you can buy a second hand Playstation controller ( plus a USB adaptor cable to be able to connect it to your PC ) and use it. Few euros spent, cheap solution ;)

    Then you use the levers of the controller to move the turret of the tank. ;)

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  2. @moustache Hallo mate. Your problem is not linked to the game itself. It's due to the mouse input. If for aiming instead of the mouse you will use a joystick you will never meet this problem.

    If you, somehow, are forced or you want to continue to use the mouse as a pointing device there is a very easy solution to solve partly the issue.


    - Go to the commander position

    - Center the view so that it is perfectly centered

    - Save the view ( " Save current corrections in head snap position  ",  located in the " Pilot head control " category

    - Assign a mouse key ( or a keyboard one ) to " Pilot snap position: center " ( Located in the " Pilot head control " category )


    Once done ,the key/mouse button you have assigned will work as a sort of reset view button. Soon as you notice the turret of the tank is moving by itself, press the assigned key. Issue solved! ;)




    Translation ( Hopefully in French language/je l'espère en langue française LOL :) )


    Bonjour mon amis. Votre problème n'est pas lié au jeu lui-même. C'est dû à l'input de votre souris d'ordinateur. Si plutôt de utiliser la souris d'ordinateur, vous utiliserez un joystick, vous ne rencontrerez jamais ce problème. Si, d'une manière ou d'une autre, vous êtes forcé ou si vous souhaitez continuer à utiliser la souris d'ordinateur comme périphérique de pointage, il existe une solution très simple pour résoudre en partie le problème.


    - Aller au poste de commandant du char

    - Centrez la vue pour qu'elle soit parfaitement centrée

    - Enregistrer la vue ("Enregistrer les corrections actuelles en position d'accrochage de la tête", situé dans la catégorie ""Commande de la tête pilote"

    - Attribuer une button de souris d'ordinateur (ou une button de la clavier) à "Position d'accrochage du pilote: centre" (Situé dans la catégorie "Commande de la tête pilote")


    Une fois terminé, le bouton du souris d'ordinateur/bouton du clavier que vous avez attribué fonctionnera comme une sorte de bouton de réinitialisation de la position de la tourelle du char . Dès que vous remarquez que la tourelle du char se déplace d'elle-même, appuyez sur la touche attribuée. Problème résolu!


    Je vous salue, a tous alor!




    My view settings/Mes paramètres de la visuel du jeu





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  3. I will never stop to remain amazed by your works Tomi.

    You're really talented and I can only say thank you very much to share with us your brilliant and outstanding works.

    I'm speechless!



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  4. Thanks guys for your kind words! Very much appreciated! ;) Salute!

    59 minutes ago, DIMON-211289 said:

    Here is my recently repainted RC Tiger in 1/16 scale from Taigen with Torro german electronics)))




    Amazing mate, Dieser Panzer ist wunderschön!

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  5. Damn, you don't keep an eye for some months on this guy, and he comes out with some little marvels! 😀


    Great job mate, brilliant indeed!!!

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  6. @TIGRE88

    Some questions:

    1-In my folder I have still the old campaign named " Prokhorovka ". 

    WW2 Prokhorovka is the updated version of the original one correct? ( So I can delete the old one right? )


    2- What are, said in brief, the main differences between the two versions of the Prokhorovka campaigns? ( Old and WW2 one I mean )

  7. Any news about the grey field uniforms? They were looking amazing!!!! You're a master of the Panzer uniforms! Bravo!!! ( Without mentioning all your superb tank skins! )

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  8. For the ones having the issue of the activation key not available ( Gift key only ).


    1- Contact the support


    2- Despite not being listed anywhere in your Steam Library or activated products, after the last patch download and installation your brand new plane will become available in your aircraft selection as per normal ( Both single player and online )


    3- Be patient. Sooner or later the Support will reply you ( ...and even if don't your aircraft is somehow already fully usable! :) )


    Many thanks again @SCG_Tzigy for this marvellous gift!!!! Salute!


    *...and take your time..no hurry at all, at least here! ;) 



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