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  1. I'm also at work on the textures mate so we can then share and compare the results. Not yet what I want but here there's a first image as reference. ( let me know if you prefer having these updates here or via PM )
  2. Tomorrow, 27 October 2020, I will stream the mission #3 of the " Storm in the Caucasus " campaign. Feel free to join and if you have not done it yet, subscribe to the Jager and Zersorer YouTube Channel! The streaming will start at 20:00 GMT ( 22:00 CEST ) and you are more than welcome to join, leave a comment or pose your questions! Salute! https://youtu.be/wMsj6khDCdA
  3. Sorry if I didn't report recently but I was very busy. Despite this I have not stopped working on this project and, hopefully soon, I'll be able to provide you some news on something that I'm sure you will like a lot...So stay tuned and safe! My best regards to all and, again, many thanks to all the talented modders that are providing their assistance and collaboration in this project and to all the ones that are supporting this idea! Salute!
  4. Panzer VI-H1 " Tiger " of the Panzergrenadier Division " Großdeutschland " close to the shore of the Dnepr river, north of Kiev, May 1943.
  5. I'll send you a PM later on mate. Thanks for your detailed reply! Salute!
  6. This is really a superb mod mate! Very well done! An idea....Is it possible to add also the playable German/US tanks playable with the expansion Tank Crew?
  7. Thank you very much for sharing with us your beautiful tank skins, they're amazing! Keep up the good work! Salute!
  8. I'll be streaming tonight at 20:00 GMT ( 22:00 CEST ) on YouTube the mission #2 of the " Storm in the Caucasus " campaign! During the first mission the crew of the Tiger tank successfully reached the outskirts of the city of Krasnodar, permitting so, to the German armoured reconaissance units to establish an initial bridgehead. Now the mission becomes very risky...It's time to clear the city from the enemy troops! You are welcome to watch and join the streaming! I've brought also several improvements, so, despite being still new to the YouTube streamings, there should be quite a lot of improvements speaking of the quality of the video and of the loading times. ( Or at least I really hope so! ). See you this evening on YouTube guys! Salute! https://youtu.be/J77j8LrRNgk
  9. Panzer VI-H1 " Tiger "of the 2. SS-Panzer-Division " Das Reich " in ambush position, Russia May 1943.
  10. Is the first post containing already the updates or will you release them later on?
  11. @TIGRE88 Very good job putting together all this campaigns and missions! Very well done!S!
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