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  1. Simply amazing and beautiful! Thanks for making them! Well done mein Herr!
  2. They're B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!!!!
  3. Keep calm and drive panzers!
  4. Every time I look at your skins I get mesmerised! What a brilliant and talented artist you are! Many many thanks to share your beuatiful skins with us!
  5. Brilliant and amazing work mate! Such a beauties here!
  6. Any news about the grey field uniforms? They were looking amazing!!!! You're a master of the Panzer uniforms! Bravo!!! ( Without mentioning all your superb tank skins! )
  7. Beautiful ones! Well done!
  8. For the ones having the issue of the activation key not available ( Gift key only ). 1- Contact the support 2- Despite not being listed anywhere in your Steam Library or activated products, after the last patch download and installation your brand new plane will become available in your aircraft selection as per normal ( Both single player and online ) 3- Be patient. Sooner or later the Support will reply you ( ...and even if don't your aircraft is somehow already fully usable! ) Many thanks again @SCG_Tzigy for this marvellous gift!!!! Salute! *...and take your time..no hurry at all, at least here!
  9. Nice initiative mate! SpitV if possible, danke!S!
  10. Thanks, God, they have also two-seater training Spitfires there Me in a Bf 109 seat = Aircraft renamed B-52 Fortress LOL
  11. Despite being currently a Nvidia user ( GTX 1080 Ti ) I have owned for a very long time also AMD/ATI video cards. Frankly said I consider the actual prices of the video cards beyond crazy. Some stuffs somehow should be took into consideration before buying one of these cards, IMHO: - The image quality of the Nvidia cards is superior to the AMD/ATI ones. Both are good but the Nvidia one is definitely better. - AMD/ATI cards have been always affected by one major issue ( That brought me to leave them ). Very often they generate artifacts in games, while Nvidia don't. - Nvidia current prices vs WW2 Flight Sims: The fun fact is that for less moneys I can go to Germany and fly the real thing... LOL....
  12. Thanks to E69_julian57 that have gently provided me some beautiful tank skins to run the initial tests about the new release, here follow some screens about Tank Crew used with this amazing mod. We got very talented modders around here and I can not express in a sufficient way how much I'm thankful to them for making such a pieces of art! Absolutely brilliant and mesmerising!
  13. Thanks for all your hard work mate and to give us the chance to collaborate with you! Outstanding!
  14. I'm also at work on the textures mate so we can then share and compare the results. Not yet what I want but here there's a first image as reference. ( let me know if you prefer having these updates here or via PM )
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