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  1. Hello, since I guess it was the release of BoK there is no much use and incentive to fly a bomber. Attacking a group of buildings with bombers doesn´t do much damage to the buildings. It´s faster to kill the buildings with the 20mm canon of a plane (which is btw quite ridiculous) than dropping a bomb on it. Dropping 2k of bombs on a group of buidlings kills only 1-2 buildings, despite the fact that the bomb funnel is in the middle of the group. Result: Flying a attack aircraft does a more significant impact, is faster and more agile. I mean serious, where is the use of a bomber if I can destroy BUILDINGS with a gun faster than a bomb 😕 I hope this gets fixed soon. Kind regards, Kappi Disappointed bomber pilot
  2. Die Entwicklung der F4 wurde doch auf unbestimmte Zeit gestoppt. Da gab´s sogar ne Petition um ED dazu zu bewegen weiter zu machen.
  3. Hallo Leute, ich grabe mal diesen alten Thread aus statt einen neuen aufzumachen: Ich fliege zur Zeit auf den dynamischen Missionsservern (Coconut EXPERT und Finnish Virtual Pilots) vorwiegend Ju-88 und Heinkel He-111 und suche noch Mitflieger bzw. eine Gruppe an die ich mich anschließen kann. Leider fallen ZG-15 und StG 2 aufgrund der Geschwaderabende montags weg, weil ich leider Montags nie Zeit habe😪 Sollten sich hier also noch weitere Anhänger der "horizontalen Zunft" befinden/reinschauen würde ich mich freuen wenn man sich mal zusammenrauft. Gerne auch per PM mit den entsprechenden Zeiten wann/wo geflogen wird.😊
  4. With 20% fuel you´ve got enough fuel to fly across the map and back, at least in the H-6. When loaded heavy I set the flaps in the H-6 after reaching take off speed. It helps reaching speed faster so the engines won´t run to long on take off power mode.
  5. The server not online? Tour over? Do we really need to wait for the new September tour?😅
  6. Not everybody can fly the Ju-52, so I would appreciate the supply bombers 😅
  7. Hey guys, just a quick question: Just noticed on your server, that a pilot flying on German side made 6 aerial kills, and then spent all his cash to waste planes from an airfield I was supplying. I supplied that airfield and while on my way there for a second go I noticed that in very short periods the pilot took off with all the Ju-88 and Bf-110. That guy also flies on Soviet side. Is there a way to prevent such waste of airplanes?
  8. Hello everybody, the newly founded Jagdgeschwader 21 will join the fight Right now, consisting of a flight of experienced 1946 pilots, who earned their wings on ADW and "Mist-of-war", we will contribute our part to the Battle of Stalingrad. See you in the air
  9. Hallo zusammen, das neugegründete Jagdgeschwader 21 ist auch mit von der Partie Bestehend aus einem Schwarm erfahrener 1946 Piloten, die ihr Handwerk auf dem ADW und dem Mist-of-War praktiziert haben, freuen wir uns schon darauf, unseren Anteil an der Schlacht um Stalingrad zu leisten. Wir sehen uns in der Luft!
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