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  1. I've found with some missions in other campaigns sometimes doesn't register the landing for some reason so I take-off and landing again and then it sees it.
  2. Thanks, it was just the mission brief was stay with your lead and try to shoot down at least one aircraft, but his altitude was so low the flight had no chance of getting near the enemy.
  3. That's why I said I believe it's a general problem that needs to be addressed, I just mentioned it in case maybe there was something I was doing wrong. Can I ask you about that mission 4, am I doing something wrong there? It seems you either stay with the flight or you have to go off on your own if you want to get a kill?
  4. I have no problem once I've caught them. I don't like to use combat power for climb since you've only got 5 minutes of it and I thought it's well for combat? But due to the way they ran away from me I did use combat power for some of the climb. It's not like the Spit V struggles to climb and needs it. I could keep up with them on take-off using full boost but you only have two minutes of that so that would be pointless. For the trim I take off with one notch of nose down but trim on a Spitfire surely isn't really going to make a difference to acceleration, the BF 109 is different because you are changing the incidence of the tail plane so that will effect drag. If anything on the Spit moving the elevator trim tab away from neutral will cause more drag but that would be a very small amount.
  5. I just finished Red Dragon before this campaign and the Il-2 was the same with other people were complaining about the same thing. The AI seem to run full boost from the take-off till they get to a good altitude which surely isn't correct. As for settings I use elevator trim and I set the radiator to keep a good temp in the engine. I was using max combat mode and was only catching up very slowly until we got to the first turn and I could cut it. The point is when you are going on a formation flight mission you don't take off and climb like you are scrambling to intercept an incoming target. Surely IRL they would either circle or slow down till they formed up with their flight, not let the last guy in the flight struggle to catch up. Since the boost has a limited to I want to save my high boost for combat as that's what it's for where as the AI don't seem to care.
  6. Only finished 4 missions so far but I'm enjoying the feel of the campaign. I couldn't understand mission 4 though which is a patrol. You are told to stay with the leader but try and shoot down at least one aircraft. When you get to the patrol area the rest of your flight descend. You are then told to attack the nearest aircraft, but they don't do anything because all the targets are at a lot higher altitude and if you fly off on your own you are told to rejoin the flight to continue the mission! So I just rejoined the flight without attacking anything. Very strange. Also it seem to have the problem of the AI in your flight not having any engine limits - they just take off and max the engine and there's no way to keep up with them (except cutting the first turn or two), but I believe this is a general game problem that hopeful will get fixed at some point.
  7. So it's close to the orange/red line for speed, has anyone tested the climb performance, how does it compare to the test? By the way it's a D-22 not D-42, you are reading the aircraft serial number.
  8. Okay, but we know there was plenty of prop changes to other versions, so what was fitted at the factory doesn't show what was common or not. There's plenty of pictures of D-27's, D-30's and late razorbacks with asymmetric props fitted.
  9. I know the prop was very important but we don't know quite where the asymmetric prop lies in comparison, I was just saying it would be nice to get some data on it to be sure anyway when we get the D-22 with the HS prop we can see more accurately how that performs. Where did you get the info about the symmetrical prop being a lot more common late war? Just looking at photos? Also if this is the case was it down to performance or availability of the asymmetric prop?
  10. Nearly identical weights, it's still going to have an effect - the R-2800-59 used in the D-28 was slightly heavier to start with, then there could be a small aerodynamic difference between a razorback and bubbletop, it all adds up to possible differences in climb performance and speed. It would just be nice to have data closer to what we have in game. When you say the game figures are close enough to the Curtiss do you mean to the 836-2C2 paddle blade?
  11. It also doesn't help that these test were done with a D-10 and D-22 and of course we are running a D-28. Also they used three different props, but not the asymmetric prop our D-28 has.
  12. That brings back some memories ๐Ÿ˜€
  13. Looking really great. The attention to detail in the P-47 cockpit again is fantastic and the 4K Stuka scheme are looking sexy ๐Ÿ˜€ Just one small point about the P-47 though. The colour of the area under the rear of the canopy was treated the same as the external fuselage, so on aircraft painted olive drab, it was olive drab and on aircraft that left the factory in natural metal such as the D22, this area was natural metal, even when the aircraft were painted after that, this area did not usually get painted.
  14. Okay thanks. I'm not sure it's when the rear fuselage gets hit ( though I haven't had that yet ), as there is always some damage on the front of the fuselage as well, but it seems to happen every time I get hit and the external model is showing damage and the bead still there when it's missing from inside. I'll test it a bit more as I'm good at getting hit ๐Ÿ˜ Maybe it's something to do with the new DM?
  15. I apologize if this has been bought up before, but nothing showed up in a search. I know the DM has to be simplified some what, but I've noticed that every time I get a fuselage hit in the Il-2 1943 the bead sight gets taken out. It still shows on the external model but always disappears from inside. This obviously makes any strafing or rocket attacks there after very difficult. I've gone into a QM and can repeat it again and again. It would be nice if a bit more randomness could be put into the bead so it doesn't get blown off the aircraft every time you get hit on the fuselage.
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