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  1. I actually had this happen to me a few weeks ago in a multiplayer session. I out climbed a yak above the cloud layer and watched him stall beneath me. He was leaking fuel from some shots I put into his wings earlier. I had eyes on him the whole time as I pulled my nose back down and placed my gunsight on him. Now he was in a flat spin and was helpless as I was about to pull the trigger. Then poof he just vanished right in front of me about 400 meters of range. The vapor trail of leaking fuel was still visible to the point where it had disappeared. I continued my dive into the cloud layer and eased out of it while pointing my nose toward home plate. I cursed him for disconnecting. I checked the the server log to see who it was and was shocked to see that they in fact had not disconnected but had returned safely home. My apologies to whoever that was for thinking you were a coward 😄
  2. Yep empty. Was on a couple hours ago. Don’t know what happened.
  3. I’ve noticed in Berloga the uncanny ability of Russians to completely wreck a plane from 800 meters out has been curbed. Much more realistic now. From that kinda range the shots do much less damage now with more of the shots passing wide around the aircraft. Don’t get me wrong the Russian cannons are still able to hit something critical from that range with accurate gunnery and a bit of luck. They are still very deadly as they should be from closer ranges.
  4. If you really think everyone in MP is rude, condescending, or just plain a-holes it will make it even more satisfying when you shoot one down. Especially if it's a so called stat-whore. After you shoot him down you can just imagine him agonizing over his broken kill streak and laugh to yourself. See. It's easy to use your imagination to find fun online like the OP suggests. Even for people that won't play MP because of "people" and stuff.
  5. Runways!? Who uses runways? Just head straight through the fields when taking off, just like the guys on WoL. You'll have all the room you'll need.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, everyone. Very helpful! Yeah I found that out the hard way. I started a rope a dope against a MKIX. Initially everything went well with me starting to build an advantage above him and keeping him from leading me with his guns. Then as I got higher it was like he found energy out of nowhere as he started to close the distance on me and my plane started to buffet. Well it didn't end well. I found out I was the dope that got roped.
  7. By low altitude, do you mean 0 to 2000m?
  8. Is there any way to neutralize a starting disadvantage other than trying to outrun it in a 109g14? Rope a dope didn't seem to work. I'm not sure but can it outclimb the g14 in certain situations?
  9. I would love to see some testing as to how much energy the yak loses with flaps deployed because it doesn't seem like a whole lot. Of course perception and reality can be very different so I'd love to see testing proving my perception wrong. I'm sure they must be losing some energy, but is it at the proper rate? That's the real question.
  10. It only happens when you have a player or players with high pings on the server. Before 3.01 they would just rubber band in the air. Now when you encounter them you get this instead or a little of both the stutter and the rubberband. High frame rates make it more noticeable, that's why it seems that guys with strong systems are mostly experiencing this. You can knock yourself out changing graphics settings it won't help, unless you are having issues in SP as well. Believe me I've tried. It's also the only MP game I get this issue. It's either the server or the netcode. In the meantime, hope the devs find the cause and we get a fix.
  11. ^This. If you put the cannons on the second stage that could be as many as 2 cannon shells not entering your target in that split second delay of going from the first to second stage. Which is quite a a lot of possible damage you won't be doing.
  12. Gun bug happened to me as well except in a 190 A5 in WoL. Of course it was right as I had a yak nice and lined up, not knowing I was there. Fortunately I had enough smash to blow by him and keep him from lining me up. Very frustating, but yes a quick gun test on the ground is in order now.
  13. At first identifying can seem daunting but after hundreds of hours you will forget you ever had trouble at all. It will then become automatic, you won't even think about it. Other factors besides silhouettes will come into play such as the height and heading the bogie is flying and tracer color. Russians tend to have a reddish color to their tracers, Germans are a more golden yellow. It's like everything else with combat flight sims, it comes down to practice. You will either not have the desire and quit or you will be like the rest of us and it will become an addiction. The hours will melt away, and you will get better. But no matter how good you get you can always be better, if that makes sense.
  14. Yak seems very energy efficient in general. The flap thing does seem a little off, it doesn't seem to bleed energy as it should. Of course I could be wrong. That's my experience anyway fighting and flying them. Although if this FM behavior is wrong I don't find it to be a game breaking exploit. It should still be fixed if needed, however.
  15. What were the changes to bullet damage calculations? Anyone have any insight?
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