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  1. Thanks optic, but as a commercial pilot in real life the problem isn't one of me not being able to fly the planes or knowing the "basics". Everyone has the occasional bend up in here, and if you read my post you would note that the crash was caused by my own bomb. There's a first time to learn everything...like how big an explosion the 1800K bomb causes. I was posting more in relation to the question of why I was given two penalties for one incident, as it might be a bug. I've flown plenty of supplies in this server before, for my self AND for the team.....like for planes that you or anyone else lost to whatever causes. In fact, most missions I take off from the rear field anyway with the purpose of landing at a forward field to drop the plane there for later use. By your logic, the same concept could apply to someone who kamikaze attacks a flack gun or loses their plane in combat because they weren't paying attention or just may not be familiar enough with dog fighting techniques. Neither the game or the server are restricted to expert fighter pilots. Anyway. It's a team effort, I get that, but thanks for the....helpful(?) remark.:( Thanks for the clarification coconut. I was just wondering. I have no problem with the ban, actually I think it's a great idea.
  2. Just got auto banned for exceeding wrecking limit. Was at too low of an altitude when I dropped the 1800 I guess. Instant killed the pilot with no additional apparent damage to the plane.(?) It assessed Two separate penalties, one for about 2.1 or so and the other for 3.something. Is this extra penalty for the extra stupid factor or a bug? Also, seems a bit stiff of a penalty to have to sit out for an hour after blowing yourself up with a bomb:( .
  3. That's not the case here. some of us are having no availability o f load out options while other people in the server have the options. It started after the update. The previous night everything on that server was available as it always is.
  4. I'm having the same problem. Does not seem to be affecting everyone, but I have tried everything and cannot select any of the weapon mods like bombs or guns. This seems to only be the case in multi-player.
  5. Same trouble here with the load out options in multi-player. Have tried all the tricks to get the mods to reload but to no avail. Some mods like the siren and armored canopy for Stuka are available, but there is no ability to select any of the weapon options that I've found so far. Tried several planes and two different servers.
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