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  1. ie First picture shows key to change view type (I think f9 is the default), and where to bind your dif hat positions for dif snaps and 2nd picture shows how to set what is the default view and the settings that control snap speed and zoom speeds etc. (I don't use a lot of default key bindings, so mine vary somewhat). you can also use F10 which saves the position of a snap view. (hold the snap then adjust position with mouse and head position keys(up/down/left /right/forward/back), and then press F10 to save it) Obviously these are my settings and u will need to set your own preferences. I don't use anymore as I have head tracker.
  2. On equal or less energy , yes , but the idea with LW planes is to not get into that position. Faster planes control the engagement. and generally the spit is slower then same generation LW fighters.
  3. yep, but learning to use editor takes few hours, work to understand the basics. it's not intuitive when you first use it, and has a few concepts to understand. once you know u can create basic stuff in minutes. and once you build a library of stuff , complex things can be done relatively quickly.
  4. The mission editor is almost identical to the rise of flight editor (that has a manual) but because il-2 gb is heavily modified from that its more powerful. To do basic stuff with the editor takes few hours work. The QMB lets you put a plane on the runway and practice takeoffs and landings and shooting at ground targets (once you can fly). You can also practice navigation and other stuff using it. With the excellent training flight vids on you tube you really don't need a mission except QMB to practice takeoff and landings and basic flight, or attacking ground targets. However if you spend a few hours learning the full editor "basics" IMHO it pays off as you can do custom scenarios, which I do a lot for testing purposes. For the guys with no time, just use QMB and training videos on you tube and you can learn how to take off and land (most important thing). The other stuff comes with watching more vids and then lots of practice(also good idea to record these(in game recorder) so you can see your mistakes) Pick and easy plane to fly first like the Il-2 or Yak 1(just open both rads full) Training vids and manuals here If you want to use the more powerful editor, use JIMTM's manual and or the videos by Vapor here That covers all you need. BTW the editor was not an afterthought, it got is problems but its is very powerful mission building tool. (based on Rise of Flight editor) If you get stuck you have a forum full of helpful people and some good discord servers to ask questions on.
  5. do u have to login each time u run game or does it just go straight into the game? and do u launch it from steam program or use shortcut direct to program if steam is offline this might happen (ie steam can be in online and offline mode)
  6. sometimes things like startup.cfg get corrupted too, can cause load problems
  7. no , why would you have to pay again? all steam purchases are lifetime. as long as you linked your steam account then steam purchases and web site purchases should be on same account. this might help https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37142-heads-up-changes-coming-to-il-2-steam-integration/ log a support ticket, most often its stuff like video card drivers etc, support can look at game log files to work out the problem. note , there is a web client and steam client, for steam only use steam client. I assume you use steam client if u are not logged into steam first then launching game from steam? what might be happening is its not connecting to game online login (network) and so it does not see linked accounts
  8. Your problem is you have not linked the steam and website versions, and it might help if that process was in the FAQ and install section of website or somewhere easy to find.... Searching the forums is pretty terrible. It search ability is limited in my experience. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37903-new-content-added-to-steam-as-of-july-13-2018/
  9. That is almost correct . I have steam and web site purchases and all my keys (including content from steam) show on my profile on website here. (Steam does not show the web purchases, but web site shows both) (when logged in to ) https://il2sturmovik.com/account/login/?next=/account/login/ https://il2sturmovik.com/store/license-keys/ Which should mean i can use either client to game (not at same time though?) as long as my purchases are registered on web site for both on same account. I have not tested login via web client version as I only use Steam version, But it should work in my case.
  10. I will run away if that's case. No point engaging with odd not in my favor. I guessing you are flying solo....
  11. topic change from xjammer, please. I think hes had his attention hit for now... Thanks Stix
  12. No been my experience so far, its been pretty even teams most of the time. Does that happen , yes sometimes, on both teams. without balance changes it would be even worse. Your experience happens to both teams at times. Lifes not always fair, neither is war, better team play and picking your targets is the best option when its like that. Max cap is 44/45?? now i believe? (per team)
  13. This issue of side balance will always be a problem until the game has better inbuilt systems to do balancing. Servers like TAW have recently put balancing into the game , but they do it with special post processing scripts (external to game , made by community not the developers). Any server that wants to use a similar system relies on the programing skills of the server administrators. I'm hoping with the upcoming server commander and improved lobby system devs are talking about it will be easy to make better matchmaking possible (and more interesting options around this for team play). Till then I can wait and be a little patient. What ever happens it needs to configurable and optional , which I understand is what devs are working on. The other thing is this game is not centralised servers run by the developers its community hosted single instance servers, that creates a different place to something like warthunder multiplayer servers ie there is no load balancing players over a number of servers, each server is stand alone instance.
  14. Checkzone works at much longer distance than 10km, but areaAttack MCU does not, it varies for ground guns and planes. (dif AAguns have dif max ranges, see below) 8.8 cm Flak has max engage of line of sight @9.5 km (ie they will start to track and fire at that range) as long as you use an appropriate areaAttack command also The 20mm (and 37mm??, not tested) cannon AA has an about 2km limit and the MG AA is similar. This gun range is also line of sight , not horizontal ground distance. (easy to see if u move next to an AA gun and have object icons enabled) Also not well known but some have noted , the in spotter range and the out spotter range in game are not the same (not always) Here is a copy of your mission modified with better groups to make it clearer to read. Its set at 1000M height for the overflying PE 2 bombers. I also added a 12km range checkZone In and message (and moved flight out a little) so you can see that checkzone works beyond 9.5km sight range on the inbound PE2's. I also made all the AA guns into a formation, so u can just use commands on the leader , simplifies the logic a little. AAA Artillery altitude.zip
  15. I had not considered counties that block VOIP.... Also I doubt that in game chat will ever be disabled , but it is likely in game coms will improve further.
  16. I 'm not sure how that will stop , misunderstandings, players gaming the system , genuine poor sportsmanship etc from happening. Many incidents I would say are just mistakes and accidents. Its war people get heated... Life is not fair...war is not fair. No matter what we do this will continue to occur, its being dealt with as it happens fine now. Chill and go with the flow. I'm not apposed to donations, but its not going to make this problem stop happening , people are people. Solve the human condition by donation.... lol good luck.
  17. The problem is too many options for voice coms and no consistency. With new lobby coming this may get better. (I hope) If people used the TAW discord server to arrange coms and chat instead of game chat for this type of thing , this would not be an issue. Discord is chat AND voice, and no its not reading your emails, that's just ignorance of the tech. I have TS and discord installed, , but use discord 90% of the time.
  18. I find max game volume I can't here people on discord as volume is too quiet on coms, and u just can't make it high enough to hear over the game. I'd like the game to have a master volume control and one for inside cockpit.
  19. I do play quite a lot offline also, because I make my own missions, often its testing maps made. The game could do with a far better QMB (quick mission builder) so people that do not want to delve into the full editor (lot of time involved) can design some better scenarios. I do know that when making missions I have to build in logic to deal with poor AI. The AI landing logic still has problems , like damaged planes doing circles on run way trying to taxi with only one engine (is an example) then no other planes can land. AA gunners that shoot at anything in their path , building, trees etc , what ever is in the way.(even runway buildings) there is no current checking if they have a clear path to targets. I've been shot down by AA placed too close to runways while still on the ground during taking off. AA guns on trucks shooting through the truck cabin because the gun elevation is not checked... These are just some of current problems with with game logic.... I have reported things when found , at some point devs may or may not assign time to fix those (and many other problems) They have to make money also , which means new content to stay in business. Stuff is being fixed as they can as far as I can see, some people complain a lot but don't submit feedback (constructive feedback in the feedback area), and many just enjoy the game offline with time they have, nothing wrong with that , and there are many reasons to do so. I'm sure there is more great stuff to see coming , and I'm sure much of that will improve offline play too, I want that also. If you have not looked into online play and its an open possibility, it can be hell of lot of fun too. And its not just about a bunch of kids with big egos trying to kill each other (of course that is there too). And it will take your flying to a new level of skill if you take the correct approach to that. Regards Stix
  20. I did not say all that play offline are bad players or that all playing offline fear online, that's a misinterpretation. Maybe read again what I said and what I fly central said in his video. And I would question the logic of skills of people that only play against AI vs real players having higher skills, well certainly in dogfight combat anyway, would probably be more accurate. And this is going off topic, the AI are terrible pilots currently, that it on that one. Better and improving , but still very limited.
  21. Yes that does happen in unorganized online flying. The way to deal with that is make or find a squad that has your view of the game. That all in the setup. As people have said many want that. And there are people that do that. I don't fly with people like that myself , because it pisses me off too. If you make an effort online play can have much to offer, offline play can't. Bottom line if you really feel the need to fly alone, do so, if that is more immersive experience for you. If you do go down that track , learning to use the editor is the way to go, and @Gambit21 I know you already like me know how to use the editor. And be prepared to deal with the AI not being like a real person and its always having limitations. Yes most def room for improvement.
  22. I'm not saying that all , I'm saying there are a percentage that do (and i know that from the comments I have read, online. I'm also agree that there are many dif reasons to play online and offline. I'm saying with current game if u only play offline your skills in flying combat are going to be less than those people that play online. I'm saying that mplayer also has more to offer in the current implementation of this game than offline play, including coop in online play. Much depends the guys that build the missions and how its done, and who you fly with. Playing with people rather than AI will always be more immersive. There are plenty of people that do online team immersive flyouts , creating sim realism if up to your imagination and creativity, and finding like minded people to fly with. I would also say based on your comments your knowledge of online play in this game is more limited than you realise. Online mplayer is not all about online dog fighting and being the top ace(that is only a subset of online play).
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