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  1. I think some ppl are not happy with inconsistencies in new damage as shown by these mg17s taking off the wing(as example) Appears the weakened (damaged) control surface it so quickly that when it rolled wings snapped off. I think some may interpret as guns shot off wings...
  2. Or la5fn, whats best way to save gas (no mixture control on la5fn). She very thirsty.
  3. dm is open to interpretation and will always be a point of contention... going to take weeks of testing , 1 encounter is a BS way to judge anything...
  4. ohh goodie, now endless debate and crying 😭will ensue again... where is the popcorn I'm sure its going be be great. (the patch not the crying)
  5. RE: patch notes vagueness (Post) Well I to also like more details on stuff from devs patches, community always guessing what half these things mean, a one line description is often of the time vague and meaningless. Not talking about a book here just clarifications on stuff that can have a big impact in game. May stop all the community guess work and arguments.
  6. =RS=Stix_09

    POLL: Joining a mplayer game of IL_2 GB: What side do you pick?ck

    Y I missed it, The point I'm making I guess is I'm getting insight, regardless if some is not honest or only fly german It also gives people a option to discuss it if they choose, that also gives insight. And be prepared to die (lots) to learn and get better. You learn better when u fail. I recently engaged 4x 109's on the deck taking out our AA . I had an energy advantage. I was shot down not too long after.. I never should have engaged, it was an impossible fight , I was spotted in dive by teammates on coms, and my dive avoided (where it would have been a kill) , from then on it was all down hill. Good pilots in a squad. A mistake I will not repeat again...
  7. =RS=Stix_09

    POLL: Joining a mplayer game of IL_2 GB: What side do you pick?ck

    You assume everyone lies....
  8. =RS=Stix_09

    POLL: Joining a mplayer game of IL_2 GB: What side do you pick?ck

    Both sides planes have advantages and disadvantages. You must know the enemy plane to be a great pilot. If you only fly one side , u are never going to be as good as the guy that flys both factions and knows the strengths and weakness of his and the opponents plane.
  9. =RS=Stix_09

    POLL: Joining a mplayer game of IL_2 GB: What side do you pick?ck

    I've flown both sides and while the109's is an excellent plane and when flown by a good pilot and its hard to beat , I would not go as far to say its unmatched. Two low skilled pilots I would give the Russian planes the advantage. Both equally high skilled "in general" axis has some advantage. The issue is more being outnumbered, than outmatched. They 109 is harder to fly well vs the allied planes in general IMHO you need some skills to use it properly. But does not matter which side, but being outnumbered is a much bigger disadvantage than the plane (skill of course helps), but even the best pilot will have hard time fighting 2 or more planes that both see each other, regardless of plane. And the faster plane always controls when to engage and disengage. (german planes are generally faster, overall), and in most cases and situations climb better(not always on these two points) Its not pointless to me , I'm gaining some interesting insight into peoples thinking... That's also why its anonymous, and people are doing exactly that, picking what they really feel. and yes i'm sure option 3 is likely more than actual and may be higher. But there is no reason to lie(only too yourself) if u pick an untrue answer (hence anonymous) I'll be honest I prefer German planes myself, but I mainly fly Russian now, and I'm enjoying them , and my skills are improving faster in them. Yes there are some very good pilots the mainly fly axis, but also do fly allied too. And its clear there are people also that just want to fly certain planes. Its very much a team game , dogfights are difficult if prolonged and when u start shooting , you become a Christmas tree (beacon). My flying style is very much a team thing, I'd rather not get the kill if its going to put me in danger or get my teammates killed, (if i'm also attacking I can't watch their six). Ie Shoulder shooting (for example) is not very team oriented, and helps no one.(there are some that care more about stats, or they are newbies) Even if you are lone wolfing, I always try to play as its my squad mate there.
  10. =RS=Stix_09

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ok just found out about this , from Retnek earlier today, Only planes I can fly in this list are fw190a5 and the a20(I do not own bodenplatte) Can I take a fw190a5 please, (if none left then a20) what is max numbers per side in this? (I'm new to coco's server) This is on coconuts expert server right??? I just assumed as REtnek was there when he told me about this? Its not stated above the server....(just making sure
  11. =RS=Stix_09

    Stupid question time: Finding the grass Runway?

    Hi Voyager, The trick is zoom in map(right in), and u can see which part of field the start spawn point is. Problem is often mplayer map designers do a poor job of directing ground planes where to go and land direction. There are a number of ways to direct ground traffic if a map is done correctly. Most people also land wrong way because of this too... some map designers put " T " markers at start of runway also to show direction to land and takeoff from. Also when I was new to online play I sometimes would land wrong way because I did not know what to look for.
  12. =RS=Stix_09

    POLL: Joining a mplayer game of IL_2 GB: What side do you pick?ck

    good point!, that's a valid though, interesting.
  13. =RS=Stix_09

    POLL: Joining a mplayer game of IL_2 GB: What side do you pick?ck

    Ya , fair comment , it is anonymous voting , so I hope people can be honest with themselves And I'm referring to ratios 2:1 for or more option 3 (I edited and clarified that now, in poll above)