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  1. You have to model something, you ask 10 ppl in the sim community and get 12 different answers all fixed in their opinion they are correct... 😋 For the most part It seems pretty plausible to me, even if I don't agree with some "feelings" that its not quite right, I'm prob wrong and it's correct, and the things I think they got right are probably not... I do feel the G force needs tweaking though... +ve /-ve rapid movements seem out as well as quick onset blackouts are off.. But that's off topic to OP's question
  2. This really depends on how the development is divided amongst different projects teams and sub contractors. In this context there is a difference? Doesn't matter when or what gets announced someone always has to rain on the parade... It's irritating. Just be happy you get some cool stuff. Many want this. If its not constructive , keep it to yourself. Have a beer , whatever u need to let loose elsewhere..
  3. Being developed by the other team... 😋 Shell 25x218mmSR Caliber 25 mm (0.98 in) Elevation -10 to +85 ° Traverse 360° Rate of fire 240 rpm Muzzle velocity 910 m/s (3,000 ft/s) Maximum firing range 2,400 m (7,900 ft) M1940 (72-K) A simple google would have told u this... 25 mm automatic air defense gun
  4. This could just be related to the type of panel your monitor uses (I have a VA panel in my monitor) https://www.howtogeek.com/405903/what-is-a-monitors-response-time-and-why-does-it-matter/ What Kinds of Monitors Are the Fastest? For your laptop or phone, you typically don’t have a choice for a low response time on the screen, though there are exceptions. But if you’re buying a new monitor for your gaming desktop, you’ll want the fastest panel you can afford. At the time of writing, there are three different kinds of LCD panel that cover 99% of the monitors sold today. TN (Twisted Nematic) screen panels: Inexpensive, but generally have a poor color range. These are among the fastest on the market in terms of response time, and gaming monitors often choose less colorful TN panels to be faster. IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen panels: More expensive and with more accurate colors, IPS monitors are valued by graphic designers, photographers, video editors, and anyone for whom accurate colors are important. They have higher response times than TN panels, so are rarely marketed as “gaming” monitors. VA (Vertical Alignment) screen panels: A newer design that attempts to pair the fast response time of TN and the more accurate, vivid color of IPS. It’s something of a middle ground, but many gaming monitors are now made with VA panels that have refresh rates as low as one millisecond.
  5. this is typical of the type of problems some ppl have with spotting, and nothing to do with the game as a cause...
  6. No reshade, nothing special about my start up , time of day and map can impact colors, maybe hdr Low light conditions make spotting harder, as it should be.
  7. Did u turn off alt spotting ? That makes it even more visible, (I think too visible, see patch note 4 below) we are no longer running alt spotting on our server anymore because of improved spotting makes it not required. Plane are still going to blend, depending on lighting , but there is a big difference to before the patch. Its very noticable, but you still have to learn how to spot... This is what I found (and it matches what I later read in patch notes) (relevant patch notes 4.501) Full size images from ^^
  8. REF# https://www.reddit.com/r/sweetfx/comments/9gycci/which_edge_detection_type_provides_the_best_smaa/ As others have suggested the predication mode with both color and depth will likely provide the best detection of aliased lines to process. Depth provides a stable and accurate detection of aliased lines from geometry and it leaves UI alone since UI is almost never drawn in the depth buffer. Because it finds fewer false positives it can also be faster. It might miss some lines for non-geometry objects like foliage textures and any aliasing in a texture. Color looks for any aliased lines in the image but might also process UI and text. If that is an issue try depth detection. Luma looks for any aliased lines in the image but only looks at brightness - in theory it should be faster but in practice it is not (not according to my extensive testing). Don't pick this mode. Slightly worse detection for no performance gain. Predication mode is a hybrid of color and depth. It's slower because it looks at both, but it gets more lines right because it favors lines where both color and depth agree there is a line and still picks up lines where only color or depth think there is a line if the contrast is strong enough. It will still process UI and text though. If that is an issue pick depth detection.
  9. There are also mplayer dynamic campaigns like on the finnish server or coconuts dynamic server campaigns. As its all about resource allocation for the developers and what community wants overall , and where $ can be made too. Il-2 GB has had and continues to have a lot of free features being added all the time, ppl are spoilt , but there is always something more the community will want. Its a valid request, but there are many others too... Maybe in the future we will see this added to the game. What seems simple to some behind the scenes work can be considerable. Sure its another possible thing we may see. Many want dynamic campaigns. IL-2 COD is also working on doing this down the track , if they can stay operational and get enough sales.
  10. Of the end result yes, but he did still have an impact. No one soldier will win a war, unless maybe he invented a technological advantage... Like a atom bomb. I think maybe the OP was of the idea that if you do achieve an objective (or don't)that is reflected in following missions, and not the whole outcome of the war/battle changes. You are flying in a squad not as an individual and other missions are also happening, so this should show in following missions depending on outcomes of previous events. Ie maybe you for example blow up a bridge and that impacts supply lines in the region resulting in flow on effects In essence this is a dynamic campaign, (and difficult to make or devs would have one by now) Devs in DCS are working on this and from interviews I listened to its quite a challenge to do.
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