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  1. Yes mistake in the review: It is 2x50(nose) and 4x.303(wings) on the Tomahawk IIB/A In game we have the Tomahawk IIA (which has the correct guns in game, (P-40B/C) and Kittyhawk Mk Ia (also has correct guns for this model p-40E in game 6x.50 M2's in wings) Dif is drop tank option on the Tomahawk IIB (P-40C vs P-40B or Tomahawk IIA) List of modelled aircraft in IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover - Wikipedia
  2. BF109 TIP: Watch turn and bank indicator during taxis Having pedals with toe brakes makes taxi a lot easier on all planes.
  3. Taxis (applies to MKV also) The spit will turn slightly to left during taxis, small rudder inputs and gentle braking (only if required, as it uses differential brakes don't over do it) , with practice its easy to taxi once used to it. On grass runway it will start to move forward at about 15% throttle, 10-12% is plenty once its moving, so ease off ones it starts moving as it gets more unstable the faster you taxis, and then its easy to ground loop. Landing: All planes in GB bounce if you are too fast on touchdown, and all seem to drop tail on landing(at correct landing speed) and
  4. @Mitthrawnuruodo Not quite what i was asking Ie different rate g onset leading to of g lock in shorter times, depending on rate the G is applied. That's to do with tolerance buildup to g-loc on subsequent events and vision loss effects. However I think I have found the answer in this post.(which is what developers have used) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/64918-g-resistance-of-the-virtual-pilot-opinions-and-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=994334 This is a later study and contradicts https://goflightmedicine.com/agsm/
  5. Based on this https://goflightmedicine.com/agsm/ I have a question: After reading the Diary post for this thread , I don't see Rate of G-onset discussed as part of the new model., Just fatigue and time at certain g loads. Is it part of the new model? (not a criticism just a query, as it can impact how we fly in game)
  6. MSI afterburner prob has the most comprehensive set of tools to monitor in game performance. (Its does a lot more that just monitor , it can be used to up or downclock the GPU. I use it to limit my gpu to max 60 deg Celsius temperature) This is how I set it up when I want to monitor and tune my hardware, I can toggle it on and off with a hot key Also tools like HWiNFO64 also can work with afterburner (the bottom motherboard temperatures are coming from this and displayed in game with afterburner) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X028D73ES08 https:
  7. Ya,My main point is its just a versions of the G6 in reality. Unlike the K4 or G10
  8. My understanding was the g14 was mainly an attempt to standardize production, and at the time was able to be produced in larger numbers , not a lot different to some variants of the g6. (as mentioned in you lower picture) It was not as good as the G-10 or K-4, but it was ready in June 1944, and so was produced in large numbers.
  9. well small MG did require a lot of hits to do the job in reality, and they still can set fires and that's why as war progressed guns got bigger boom , booms 🙂 Still be nice to have more ammo options in game. I think planes like He111 will be more likely to "fire up" just because there is a lot more fuel in the planes that will leak and potentially catch fire than smaller planes like fighters.
  10. I do know there was incendiary, i was pointing out we don't have it in game, not they it was not available. this is RAF ammo types https://www.theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/wiki/doku.php?id=raf_ammunition Also as we have British and well as Russian hurricanes in game it would have been available in some theatres ,especially Normandy the hurricane also has the Russian ubs and svak cannons as an option as well as the British guns, so technically we should have it in game if you are making it historically accurate.
  11. it was a better turn fighter than the spit and the emil. 303 lack incendiary, u also need to concentrate your fire or mgs do suck, and better with low convergence. otherwise I need more testing , if anything the SpitVb need tuning more than the huri. (It's def nose heavy and tip stalls too easy)
  12. its got tons of options for armamants, pretty fun to fly, def a winner best of all its got the FU skin 🙂
  13. again its all ap and apt no incendiary rounds in .303 ... so fires will be less likely not very historic in that regard...
  14. the main and biggest change was in the previous update to this one. changes to both enhanced and normal spotting , LOD's and lighting effects.
  15. something is wrong with the Skin Viewer and the hurri on this patch. All the skins that say .dds in the name do not load properly in the viewer Did a steam verify just in case did not help I do not own the plane, but it is showing as available in quick missions. Is that a bug ? EDIT: Looking in QMB there is none of these .dds skins in list . I also have not loaded any custom skins. This is a problem with the skin pack built into the game.
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