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  1. sadly all the event times are GMT evening , so will not suit many in the southern hemisphere
  2. I think its impossible to actually know specifics without more information, from the developers. (not likely) Too much is still guesswork, based on methods of testing that are indicative, because thats all that possible currently. It needs work, and i'm confident it will improve, i'd def like to see HMG's work better.
  3. yes ,I'm not in disagreement on what u are saying about damage done when they do hit. the mg131 HE no question does more damage in the game(exactly how much is unclear) (as started "I think the part of the reason") my point was if you get hits easier it can also give "More" of an impression the m2 is less effective, just adds to perception of them even them being less effective. They certainly appear to be to be less damaging than I would expect, based on the effect it has on the plane FM, which is not a very accurate indication of specifics. I have not
  4. yes , its not a simple problem, I'm glad thats not my job.
  5. I think the part of the reason is they are nose mounted and more accurate to aim and hit what u are trying to (no need to get horizontal convergence accuracy), (in kill power), in missions made to test them, but its not apples comparison because the mg131 has he rounds and its only 2x. Also incendiary rounds have more complex modelling or we would have them already, and they are still in development analysis according to devs.(my previous posts). I think i'd just be happy if we had incendiary M2 myself. I don't know how they get mplayer weapon ballistics sync working , that
  6. IRL they did have recommend times for some engine settings, so timers are not totally inaccurate. Its more the use of emergency power that having timers causes overuse. Thing is this IRL if u are going to die you prob don't care as much about it if it saves your life if you don't. Can't simulate that... As its a game , timers give consistency for all and thats why its done. Thre are arguments both ways , depending on perspective. (competitive gamer vs simmer) ie you can make a good case depending on why u play online player , both right and wrong again depending on viewpoint. Personal
  7. Problem is with agreement on what is realistic damage. This varies wildly depending on who you ask. I do know adding incendiary rounds will be a good thing, (while not a panacea will quiet some) I also know this is a very contentious topic and will continue for the life of this game. I also have been around sims including this one for years, and have seen continual improvements , some I thought I would never see. Better to have high hopes lower expectations and you will be less disappointed and have more fun in the game.
  8. That bottom picture looks like the name plate has "Maddox Games" written on it, the textures are too low res to see even in game clearly what the rest says. Slow Running Cutout: The ring yes thats the cutout. I believe there are a few planes that use this including the hurricanes (merlin engines??) There is key bindings for this under "Aircraft" REF: SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE. Take off and Landing Guide. | Key Aero Not sure if its animated on all planes. But I don't think anyone uses this to turn off the engin
  9. Yes you are right its not currently an accurate representation of 50 cal damage, they are not fully modelled neither is the ammo types in use (damage should be higher). I only question the amount of damage they did do matches your expecations. (maybe it does , maybe it doesn't) Also with cannons the "chances" are higher the damage done will be more critical or impact flying character of the plane more than HMG's. I'm not saying how it is in game is correct, obviously DM is not right (it never will be IMHO). I do think in general its very good though (certainly compared to similar sims).
  10. Well with new Dynamic Visual Damage coming ,you will be able to see a more detailed presentation of the damage being done. (at least where hits are and some closer approximation visually of the type of impact, Current visuals do not give this mainly for looks). Its still premade skin effects but a more accurate presentation. Not sure the preformance impact , but its a very welcom addition to the game I think. Latest Dev Diary REF:
  11. "there is LARGE room for improvement." Thats overstating I think, but I'm sure as going by past history of development in this game we will get changes, though I think its pretty good now. I don't believe it needs LARGE improvements, just lots of tweaks , some I want will prob never happen , I can live with that. In terms of developer cost tho small tweaks may not be low cost.
  12. The 50 cal damage is not correct I do agree , just not convinced ppl's interpretation is correct either, its a complex topic. I also stand behing the fact it will never be that accurate in this sim any time soon. Prob never, because as I stated before due to limits of sim engine and costs to do so. Books have been written about it, So I don't expect a few paragraphs on a forum would do the topic justice. I will certainly never live up to some ppl's wants.
  13. ya possible , has that been confirmed by the devs?, the game engine (and cost to implement in development) will always limit what is possible and what ppl want in damage and ballistics, and FM
  14. ya you may be right. I don;t know how the specifics of the DM I'm not one of the developers. I do know it needs work. It always will. but i also think some ppl are always right no matter what others say. I do know it will always be an approximation within the limits of the game engine.
  15. everyone already knows its only AP/APT at present, and the damage represents that, we don't have other types yet, end of story, (for now)
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