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  1. Everyone has different preferences in what they want , no solution works for all. I believe any choice can be validated, and it will suit you and no one else or it may suite many. Myself I can see value in any plane in il-2 GB, and even choices that suit others which do not suite me, they are perfectly valid to some based on what they like , even if I or others do not agree. If you are happy with it , its a good choice, regardless of what others feel.
  2. only some planes had the erla hood it was factory specific mod
  3. The A3 is usable where any anton is usable (it handles better then the A8 and A5, and outclimbs both), depending on how u use it. The A5 was built with ground attack in mind. For pure fighter attack I prefer the A3, in late periods when a8 is usable , other planes do a better job like the d9 The U17 mod only works on the deck below 1km The g2 and g4 were also used in kuban. The only scenario I would like to have a early g6 is killing bombers with the mk108, but I would rather use the A3 instead (or the bf110g2) edit: A3 is a Stalingrad plane , so should fit that period in career.
  4. I agree. I don't like the early g6, I prefer the F4 or G2 /G14/K4 over this plane, as they perform better. The fw190 A3 is also a great anton to have , its worth the collector purchase IMHO.
  5. I'm not sure I agree. The late bf109 g6 is quite different to the early bf109g6,(Late g6 has more in common with the G14 ) also BON comes with a lot of other planes too, and a new map (for offline play). I would personally rather have the late g6 , and its the reason I did not get the G6 collector plane(when I have all the other collector planes) even if its an iconic plane and the most produced. Multiplayer plane set will depend on server setup and time period, so owning just BOP may limit your options on some servers and missions. BON has some very iconic cool planes. Like the P51 B ( I love that plane) Mosquito,Typhoon, Razorback and Me410. The early G6 is basically a better armed G4. (MG131 and option MK108) Late G6 , some had dif tails and all had MW50/Gm-1 (not sure what options we will get , but I suspect the already modeled MW50)
  6. After a plane drops its bombs it will just circle around until the attack order ends, if it has guns it will also use those next (it will setup for a strafe run) 1 minute should be plenty of time for all planes to drop bombs if they are in formation. At worst they will circle around for 1 staff run at the height set for the AttackArea command (the Y position field in properties). I don't think after 1 minute it would even have enough time to do this 2nd attack. 45seconds may even be enough for a formation of planes to drop all their bombs(attack area, not attack ground, depends on how u set the attackArea command up) (unless one is lagging due to damage), . Game logic in current state is limited, in regards to formations, in my experience its best to keep logic as simple as possible. BTW if any plane as critical damage , do not try and make it land, its likely to get stuck on runway and block all other planes landing. (or add logic to despawn it once on ground after a set time has passed)
  7. yes, but the onBingo bombs while done on the leader applies to all units , so any unit in squad that is bingo bombs will trigger that event. (so if u have 4 planes it could trigger that event 4 times. u could use a counter to check when all 4 have no bombs left too) The thing to be careful of is if a plane dies before it drops its bombs, so link that to same trigger as the bingo trigger end point as well. What i do rather than the bingo is attack for a set time , 1-2 minutes, is usually enough for a formation to drop the bombs, and less chance of some weird event messing it up, like a plane dying after dropping its bombs. EDIT: @SAS_Storebror Or use a timer as a backup to trigger the waypoint also (and use a deactivate to the other path logic at this point so this waypoint can't RE-trigger later on)
  8. yes, AI formations you can use events from formation leader, each formation always has a leader until all units are gone (so the last one left, if the others are destroyed is the leader of the formation) You only need to do actions with the leader, not the units in the formation. I believe ,(some?) actions on non leader objects in the formation only apply to that individual unit. (for example u can use a proximity trigger linked to unit in the formation and it applies to that unit only, I have not tested , but i suspect a proximity trigger may be a special case that if object linked only applies to the object its linked to) For example I only need to object link the leader of the formation to a waypoints , all units follow the leader (object links to members of formation are not required). All actions (for all members of a formation) can be triggered by linking to the leader of formation, (including events, like OnKilled), triggers like activate/deactivate (which will turn on/off the advanced properties enabled flag for all members of the formation) ie Formation objects are not spawned objects, they are fixed objects in a mission that can be enabled with activate or disabled with deactivate triggers. If enabled flag (advanced properties) in the mission for the object is off at mission start , you have to activate the unit to make it appear in mission, and you can activate all units in a formation by activating the leader. So formations currently are only fixed objects , declared one time in the mission, so once these objects are destroyed they are removed from the mission.(It may be possible to repair and reuse them, I have not tested that though) Spawned objects however are always new individual creations, but current game logic is not able to create linked objects like a formation of planes/vehicles with a leader. They are independent objects.
  9. I do know the game will only look for a stick on startup, its not possible to plug it in after game starts , because it will not detect it. This is file game uses to determine what the number of the stick is ..\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\input\devices.txt If you delete this file game will regenerate it (with current guid for your devices). if the joy# gets mixed up(depending on order sticks are detected by windows, the usb port used can impact this) , you can edit this file to make sure JOY# matches what is set in game (the GUI id is the unique windows device name for you stick/game device, this file maps that to a joy# seen in settings) I got a crash to desktop at one point , I did a file verify and steam said 12 files need to be updated (this was on one of the 4.007 patches) After the files were fixed I rebooted PC. I have not had any further issues yet.
  10. Some reasons... During taxi on the ground, muilti crew planes like U2, close formation flying , models are used in tanks (which is where the development was done an ported to planes(Its in dev notes). People that watch replays and make videos ( I do ). Its in the attention to details that the immersion comes in play.... I do like these updates , all great stuff I hope some of the planes in future also get sound updates , and we get some volume control options like in DCS, that would really bump immersion another level. Some planes like the Fw190 are not great in the sound dept.
  11. Views in IL-2 GB are confusing if you do not understand how they work, Documentation is poor. Try this: (make sure tecnhno chat is enabled in realism settings so you can see what the view mode is set to when you press the F9 (The Change Pilot head control method) default key) in camera setting set default view as "Pan Camera Mode" In Pilot head control settings , set up keys for all the snap movement directions (see pictures) These also work in when pan mode is set as movement directions for pan movement (use F9 key to make sure its using pan mode) These: If you want to save a particular snap view position change Mode to Snap view ie "Centered quick view" its called, you can then save any snap position by holding the snap key down and using the mouse (and head movement position keys) to set the position and then F10 to save that snap position (also set the zoom level u want , as it saves that also). (which is how I can set the saved position for the "Pilot head snap position : center" key binding which works in Pan Mode too, to center your view in pan mode) These are the head position keys (Lateral movement, not rotational) (Up/Down, LEFT/RIGHT, Forward/Back)
  12. Looks like PAN mode buttons are a bit screwy. however... I was able to pan the camera around using the hat (All of this was done in PAN MODE) to move in diagonals I had to map the diagonal snap views , which also work in pan view. (eg Pilot head snap position: forward left) speed of zoom and rotation is controlled by camera setting above. also resetting to the center works perfectly for me too. camera snaps to my center head position (where ever I saved that with F10)(using the Pilot head snap position : center key binding) The Center head independently view horizontally/vertically (mapped to Num pad 5 by default) does appear to be not working though.
  13. works for me, as long as i start il-2 without the head tracker software running (as this alters the way game works , and hat look options are limited to snap views) I started il-2 with head tracker off and tested movements in 45deg angles on my hat switch , and its working fine in fixed views , pan and snap modes. It helps when reporting problems to be clear what the action you do and what result you want, (this is unclear to readers of this post) (and then settings you are using and any steps you have tried) I assume that hat switch also has 8 positions at 45deg directions??? Also post a picture of your settings screens (You may also find this useful, applies to all types of support questions. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way) here and the pilot head control page here
  14. Yes suggest to get opentrack like me is much cheaper (about 50$ US on ebay for head piece and ps3 eye cam 640x480@75fps) it works just as good. This is what I got. (you can make your own cheaper, but this is already done for you), Its been working over 2years now without any issues. https://www.ebay.com/itm/151757117873 Software is free d/l There is a very good setup guide here by. by
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