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  1. I´ll JUST Re-indstallet IL2⭐ BOS\ BOB \BOK (On a CLEAN PC-With Win-10-Pro 3 days ago), and now it Cannot START ??? , workt without ANY problem Yesterday ! ❓❓❓ NOW it says (In the "Launcher") that a NEW version is Avaiable ??? BUT should`nt it UPDATE Automaticaly ???? = I mean, the "Launcher" checks IF THERE IS A NEW VERSION ??? As it is now, i can`t USE the game, won`t start 😮😆😎 Edit at 15:08 Thurday in DENMARK, Update WORKS NOW !!!!!
  2. Thanks a lot Guys, will try right away ! WORKS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thx you VERY nuch ! 👍👍👍👍👍😎
  3. External VIEW (F2) don`t work after first run ! 😫☹🤬 The STANDARD shortcut for viewing your OWN plane from OUT-side JUST dont work ! This had happend 2 TIMES after RE-indstalling the HOLE game = BOS\+BOB\+BOK (All Premium editions ! ) Second time a run the game = NO EXTERNAL VIEW ‼‼‼ (and NON of the OTHER EX-Views WORK either !!!! ) THIS is one of the MOST USED FEATURES in the GAME , so ..... HELP Have tried ALLMOST EVERYTHING
  4. I GOT it to work, THX for reply ... I had 2 "Map-it" through my Logitech G510 Keyboard !
  5. After the 3.201 big Update: I just CANT get an outside view off ANYTHING ! Have tried everything .... External view is EASY in IL2-Sturmovik-1946, had it like forever, BUT, in IL2 NOW = NOTHING external views WORK 🤬 I think i have waited 3 or 4 YEARS for this (Prepaid) game to work .... Cannot SHOW anything, as i only can view from INSIDE cockpit !
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