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  1. Thats a result of latenight editing and translating of the text Of course, there must be Kuhlein.
  2. I want to say big thanks to LeR3_Kanttori and Lukas_from_Hell for help on skins descriptions and translation. And III./JG2_Gustav05, You are the best Way to go!
  3. Any ideas, what we will see today?
  4. Immortal thing. Fork handles/Four candles. 2 Ronnies.
  5. New treasure out from nowhere! S9+AM, aircraft of Hptm. Walter von Pokafakve. January 1942, Orel.
  6. They are interceptors, same as Bf109G with W.Gr.21 or Fw190A-8/R8 with additional armor and 30mm guns. Who, in their turn, also had crippling losses in the same conditions, then they were jumped in climb by a hordes of P-51/P-47/P-38's. Most times, during 1944, Bf110/Me410 had better kill/death rate compare to Bf109/Fw190 Gruppen in reichdefense.
  7. It may be a surprise for You, but Me210 was poorly recieved in 1941 with short tail. When it returned to the front in autumn 1942 in North Afrika, it prooved extremly capable heavy fighter, fighter-bomber, intercepter and even fighter vs fighter (there were numerous clashes between Me210's of III./ZG1 against Spitfires and P-38's). You may note, that Allied fighters need almost 1,5 month of intencive fighting to shot down first Me210 on 18.11.1942! Overall, III./ZG1 lost only 14 Me210's as write-offs and damaged on various state to allied fighters from early october 1942 to the end of april 1943! The lowest attrition level was never cought by rare Luftwaffe Gruppe in Afrika. As a fighter-bomber, it played critical role in defencive fights in Tunis in winter and spring 1943. Kasserine battle was the example of III./ZG1 close-support of Army. Not that facts You used to read in "Legendary Spitfire" and "P-51 is da best fighter of the world" books, isnt it?
  8. Bf110 as a long range fighter (zerstorer) NEVER had an escort of Bf109 during Battle of Britain. The only Bf110-equipped Gruppe during BoB, wich almost always flew under escort - note - under mixed Bf110+Bf109 escort - was dedicated fighter-bomber Erpr.Gr.210.
  9. Authors name is actually Alfons Schertl, "Peter Henn" is a pseudonim. SCHERTL, Alfons. (DOB: 15.04.20). I have this book. You forgot to mention, that he feared P-47 also a lot (he was shot down by P-47's on several times). "Achtung! Thunderbolts!" cry on radio-chatting usually brokes his gruppe like a wolf breaks rabbits. You may also mention, time when that book was written - Cold War. Americans were superior in ex-Luftwaffe pilots memories books, Russkies were all lame ducks Anyway, 1944 aircrafts were not faster each other in twice or several times. Doesen of km/h faster or slower aircraft dont became guaranteed coffin for its pilot. Hptm. Eckerle, kommander of I./JG54, was shot down over Leningrad in a fight vs I-153, wich is - how many ? - 150 km/h slower? Oblt. Ostermann (first JG54 "centiruon") and Oblt. Kittel (top Fw190 and top JG54 ace) both were killed by Il-2 pilots! Tha fact is, that german interceptors - no matter single-engined ot twin-engined - lost a war over Germany in winter 1943-44, when americans improved their tactiks (sending numerous groups of P-38, P-47 and eventually P-51's of fighter sweep all around known Luftwaffe airfields on the route of bombers. Bf109, Fw190, Me410 and Bf110 - again - all of them - suffered extremly heavy losses before even reaching bombers, just caught in a climb by a large group of Yankee fighters out from sun. Yes, each of us remember january, february and especially march massacres with bloodly Bf110/Me410 losses (wich somebody like to use as an argument of Me410/Bf110 was sh#t), but in same time they just keep silence about same (and usually even worse) level of losses of single-engine fighters! Interceptor need a "vorfeld", a clear field to gain altitude. No matter what aircraft it is - Bf109 or heavy Fw190 or Me410. Cought up in a climb, interceptor had no chance to survive. This was prooven in BoB, this was prooven in Battles over Germany.
  10. Also, I assume You to look closer to P-38 actions in Europe in combats vs Me410. In pure fights Me410 vs P-38 german had (fact !) better kill/death ratio. Not to mention, both Schweinfurth/Regensburg massacres would never happen without Bf110/Me410 with W.Gr.21, wich split "combat boxes" and made many "lame ducks" wich could be finished by 109/190.
  11. Wow really.... Liberator crews, killed on 20 june 1944 (JUNE 1944 !!!!) over Rugen island, not agree with You. And that massacre was not the only single sucсess....
  12. 1. If so, We may ask Me410B, bacause there was still II./ZG76 in Grossenhein airfield in december 1944, equipped with Me410B's Not on Western front, but still in combat with P-51's 2. Bf110 and Me410 suffered over Germany mainly in P-51/P-47 hands. Yes, there were several occasions when it was clearly Bf110G vs P-38 combats, with Zerstorer heavy losses (like on 29.01.44, when Hptm. Kiel of III./ZG76 - one of the top Bf110 experten was killed), but on the other hand there were many occasions when P-38 were in combat with Bf110/Me410 and were beaten hard. For example, Hptm. Tratt had two P-38 confirmed by USAAF losses on a single combat: 2/Lt. Leonard S. Smutko (79th FS in P-38J-10-LO 42-67821) 2/Lt. Melvin H. Orr (79th FS in P-38J-10-LO 42-67848) And other examples. We have 3U+AT skin in game, wich belongs to Oblt. Paul Bley, who was one of leading P-38 killer among Bf110 pilots. Zerstorer vs P-38 were never purely one-sided combats.
  13. Ok, bad argument. Here is another: Typhoon was in the heat of fight all through European campaign 1944-45, and Lightnings generally all went out to Pacific in mid-1944. IMHO Typhoon, "an English Il-2", deserved its place in planeset It was a legendary aircraft in ETO. P-38 is good aircraft too, but its fame came in PTO. In Europe, even Me410's and Bf110G-2's (sic!) had no problems with it
  14. IMHO that would be the most perfect idea. Also, Typhoon+Tempest would be faster and cheaper in production, then P-38+Tempest. Also, it would be fair: Average fighter/dedicated assault in standart set, an exellent fighter in premium set. Fw190A-8/F-8 in standart set, Fw190D-9 in premium Typhoon IB in standart set, Tempest in premium But its Jasons choise. All is up to him.
  15. Absolutely amazing book! 146% worth to buy! III./JG6 was made from remnants of I./JG5, wich was annihilated over France in autumn 1944. And yes, there must be no JG5 fuselage band over that area
  16. Guys, lets have a look on what Order of Battle both sides had on 1.jan.1945, during Bodenplatte: Luftwaffe: 1446 fighters, with 986 of the serviceble. I hadnt scored how many exactly 109G-14's, G-10's, 190A-8's, A-9's and D-9's. You may score it if You have time. But this list clearly represent the sub-series of each fighter in Luftwaffe inventory on 1.01.45. Allies: RAF 16 squadrons of Typhoon IB 5 squadrons of Tempest V 2 squadrons of Mustangs (both Recce) 4 squadrons of SpitfireMkXVI 6 squadrons of Spitfire MkXIV 20 squadrons of Spitfire MkIX (including two - Recce) USAAF 24 squadrons of P-47 6 squadrons of P-51 1 squadron of F-5 (unarmed reconnaissanse version of P-38) As You may see, no exact numbers given, just general serie/model of aircraft. But if we will follow detailed loss reports, we will find exact factory (built) numbers of some aircrafts, wich may lead into clearing, what exactly sub-serie/model was present. Losses in air: Overall materiel losses: So, I would like to listen some Allied fighters experts out here, may they recognise sub-model useng serial-numbers of Spitfires, P-47's, P-51's e.t.c. PSST: Do I see hordes of Typhoons and the only Lightning squadron, wich is moreover a pure reconnaisance squadron, equipped with unarmed F-5's? I mean, shouldn't be fair to give a Typhoon instead of Lightning to Allies?
  17. Several P-51's and P-47's in good flyible condition was present in Rechlin center, and many fighter groups sent some of pilots there to fly and test those aircrafts. I have photos of Hptm. Egon Albrecht (II./ZG1 and later III./JG76, KIA aug.1944) sitting in P-47, photo dated around june 1944.
  18. Kommodore of JG6 "Horst Wessel", Obstlt. Johannes Kogler, was shot down in Fw190A-9 over Volkel airfield on 1st January, 1945. Exactly during Bodenplatte
  19. I mean exactly that We are talking about same thing.
  20. MG itself was same size, but ammunition feeder output element was larger. That required a Beule.
  21. Only Me410A-3 (i.e. Recce versions) were used in Italy. On of them was captured almost intact, and is one of two preserved Me410's at this day. Stored, I believe, somewhere in USA. The other one is late-series Me410B-2 3U+CC of II./ZG26, I've posted a video of engine-runs in 6./ZG26 recruit thread some time ago.
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