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  1. I don' t want a video I want the real thing! Wololo!
  2. Type of improvement: New modifications for existing planes Explanation of proposals: Now that we have the br21 rocket in-game, could it be included as a modification for bf 109g-6 and bf 110g-2? Benefits: More options for ground attack and some earlier planes made relevant in Bodenplatte (110g-2).
  3. It' s the current year and you're not enough to the left anymore. The overton window has moved. Beware, you' re going to end in reeducation camps like the rest of us cis-gendered white males... I' d say you should undergo "sex reassignment surgery". That way you should be safe.
  4. Try Cliffs Of Dover with the team fusion patches. You won' t regret it.
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