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  1. Still just this: „First little step was made.  The Ticket support answered and said they are forwarding my input to the producers“ so almost nothing :(. Also no reaction to other methods I did use
  2. Also used the FB system for this yesterday
  3. Hesitated but bought. Won’t hestitate to go pacific 😬
  4. First little step was made. The Ticket support answered and said they are forwarding my input to the producers
  5. Yea. Guess it‘s time for autohotkey again
  6. Wow, the prop glitch went away just by installing mod. I didnt even change reprejection in SteamVR and I didnt use the keybindings of the mod yet. Now I have the chaperone visible although seated (my seated aera is outside chaperone zone but ususally this doesnt hurt.) I ll just deactivate chaperone completley when flying. Can you bind the Zoom keys from the mod to the Warthog without using tools like joy2key or autohotkey?
  7. Let's see. Tried: Steam forums Steam friend request with Teammember PM here Ticket here Email to officail contact address Facebook messenger to IL2 official page That's all I can think of. Now pray
  8. Thank you Sire! I will try this! Hope to learn a lot as well
  9. OK, Andre! I ll take a shot
  10. Did you try getting in contact by using their social media manager or maybe the representatives who have been active in the IL2 BOX Steam Forums? I know I sound stupid
  11. Hey guys, I'm an old on/off Simmer. Bought lots of BOX Modules but never really played it. Same with DCS but had some months with it. Now starting IL2 again and the problems from Il 1946 are still there for me: Detecting planes and Identifying them. When I bought the Vive on day 1 I did stick to TIR because I couldnt read gauges in DCS and I would never see planes or ground targets. Now with the VivePro it looks like I made it at least over my personal line. The VR integration in IL2 seems to be even better and the gauges are really easy to read. However, seeing planes but more above all and my main issue is identifying a plane. At least friend or for. The planes are just a non sharp bulk of pixels. Only tracers help me a bit when fired. I could compensate with a better knowlewdge of he planes and their visual appearance but still I would struggle. Only when very very close and with a good angle on the target I can see the "straight german wings" and more elipsoid soviet ones. Even on bypasses I dont even see the balkenkreuz or red star. It's more like seeing or getting an idea of a squared white area ad background for the cross. So I end up diving on every plane. And even when seeing they are foes Im almost too late to shot (I know you should be close anyway). In head ons I end up being shot at but not returning fire if he decides to wait for the last split second. Can you help me? I havent raised PD in SteamVR as 1.0 seems to be enough for VivePro and IL2. Another thing is I want to save performance. Because since opening IL2 this weekend I have a strange effect: It looks like water in your diving maske where the prop is. Even quick movement in menus and opening closing maps gives me a gluey effect. I found some threads but nothing didi help. Reducing grafics seetings a lot, disabling head shake, disabling HUD didnt help. Looking ahead is even more difficult this way and also really straining and no fun to play. I have a i7 4770 on 3,5GHZ, 16 GB Ram and a Asus 1080ti OC. Playing in VR opens a lot of Steam/SteamVR processes on my computer. Should I do sth about this?
  12. Now when I play in VR I have effects like water in diving google in certain areas of the screen for split seconds. The same effect is continously when prop is running. everything inside is oscilating. even my sight. any hints`?
  13. Thank you! My issue was resolved. Dunno how. It only forgot my credentials but even this seems to have gone now
  14. Can’t wait for the SE5a Is there a valid guess WHEN we ll see the next planes? Will there also be playable WW I in some years? Guess not but I hope we ll see the big ones lik me the HP 400. Would be great if there would be free to play gunner positions again. When no money or joysticks are needed it‘s the perfect opportunity to invite and introduce friends to the game
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