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  1. Thank you so much Vander! Two questions: 1. Are the new planes (esp. FC) already in the recent Mission Builder (couldnt find the Bristol Fighter, was keen on letting my friend shoot on another friends WW II plane. Both dont own FC).If not, is there a simple way to edit your generated file with the official MB? 2. As long as airfield positioning is not in the easy MB - can I move the whole stuff of the generated mission closer to each other in the full MB? Is there an easy way? So similar question to above.
  2. Awesome tool! My suggestions would be (if welcome) - distance betwen airfields option - support to add slots for Tank Clash Players - air start option
  3. This looks great! I ll look into this now! It worked! Thank you! Tomorrow I ll try to move everything closer to each other in FMB. Shouldn't be a problem. Two additions would be great: TC support and air start feature
  4. I barely can find FC servers with action and I wanted to show my friends who only have BOX Modules at least a bit of FC fun. Best free way to do this is to allow them to be a gunner in my Brisfit. We couldn’t find any servers and on Berlogs you can’t pick the new FC planes with gunner seats. Plus you aren’t even allowed to let shoot friend A as my gunner on friend B in a stock 109. Even if it’s pointless (moving to other DF area not allowed). Actually there didn’t fight any FC planes at all. I tried to modify a simple DF mission to host a server with a planes but I failed. Guess you need at least basic MB knowledge. Could you give me a hint how to do it?
  5. Awesome! Finally I can lure my friends into FC ... which will finally make me play my FC installation :) I hope they ll end up getting it themselves
  6. Will the gunner seats be available to BOX players without FC? Similar to the gunner seats for players that don’t own the plane in BOX? would love to take my friends for a ride
  7. Still just this: „First little step was made.  The Ticket support answered and said they are forwarding my input to the producers“ so almost nothing :(. Also no reaction to other methods I did use
  8. Also used the FB system for this yesterday
  9. Hesitated but bought. Won’t hestitate to go pacific 😬
  10. First little step was made. The Ticket support answered and said they are forwarding my input to the producers
  11. Yea. Guess it‘s time for autohotkey again
  12. Wow, the prop glitch went away just by installing mod. I didnt even change reprejection in SteamVR and I didnt use the keybindings of the mod yet. Now I have the chaperone visible although seated (my seated aera is outside chaperone zone but ususally this doesnt hurt.) I ll just deactivate chaperone completley when flying. Can you bind the Zoom keys from the mod to the Warthog without using tools like joy2key or autohotkey?
  13. Let's see. Tried: Steam forums Steam friend request with Teammember PM here Ticket here Email to officail contact address Facebook messenger to IL2 official page That's all I can think of. Now pray
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