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  1. like to have DT, Multiplayer KOTA and for realizam
  2. i'm struggling to get it in position,but it will be ok. Thanks for help all.
  3. No mods. LF_GALLAHAD I will tray that ,my other planes are all fine-default position is ok.
  4. After last update my fw 190 a8 have no gunsight..i start plane and just empty glass,anybody else have this problem? is this bug or...?
  5. After last update multiplayer is worst. If you get killed can't respawn or hit start again..only to leave server and reconnect and sometimes on start i cant start at all. And question-eneyone have problem on fw-a8 i have no gunsight only empty glass? it is not on when i start a plane. Other planes are ok.
  6. Korea? NO! Normandy-battle over europe-english channel-b17,b24...,PTO,Pacific... only ww2.
  7. I hit one ju-87 down,escort get me nice raid and reds finally react in some numbers. wish to see more of this on both sides. Love that map..see you in the sky!
  8. I think the price for the Il-2 Great Battles products is quite fair and you got sales... War Thunder -this is not sim it is a simple game not even close to il2. Dcs world is jet era i have it and this is to overpriced for what you get..one plane for 60-70$ base game is free dcs ww2 aircraft are nice but to far from il2 i quit dcs and go for il2 it is much better,prices are ok,frendly forum...etc Anyway thank the devs and his tim for this great sim.
  9. GPS on,maps are big and nice sometime you dont see enemy in missions this is realistic..more players will fix that..those who dont like gps icon dont use map simple.
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