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  1. II./JG77_HankDG

    I've just tried IL2 1946 with Oculus

    So i tried this out with that vorpx profile that you posted in the pic, but the clouds are super close in 3D and it's just a nauseating experience. I'm trying to not give up on getting it to work but, i'm kind of lost on what to do
  2. II./JG77_HankDG

    [MOD] K-4's Over Moscow

    I'd love to see the p47 be modded in! I cant figure out how to get it to work. I have edited the files correctly but don't see any change
  3. II./JG77_HankDG

    P-47 Missions

    Yes my bad, i meant scripted campaigns. Good to hear!
  4. II./JG77_HankDG

    P-47 Missions

    Has anyone created any P-47 missions yet? Asking for a friend 😉
  5. II./JG77_HankDG

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hey BubiHUN, have you guys ironed out the getting into server and spawning issues? It seems they still persist!
  6. II./JG77_HankDG

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Seems there are some issues still with the server, keep up the good work though! So far I'm loving the planeset
  7. It seems the mod has broke the gunsight as well..... non of the planes i get into has a lit up gunsight
  8. II./JG77_HankDG

    What about this??

    Yeah that's not ping..... that's either luck from a ricocheted shot, or hacking
  9. II./JG77_HankDG

    What about this??

    It looks like the il2 shot into the water. I've personally brought down pe-2's with ricocheted shots..... Not disclaiming you, i wasn't there. Either way, that is weird
  10. II./JG77_HankDG

    What about this??

    Too bad you didn't have tac view
  11. II./JG77_HankDG

    What about this??

    it was the one that was firing way off in the distance? I'd say one lucky ass shot lol
  12. II./JG77_HankDG

    What about this??

    I agree.... although that wing ripping off looked like it was from a impact of a cannon. The angle of attack does not correlate with the timing of his wing cutting loose
  13. II./JG77_HankDG

    What about this??

    Was it the plane directly behind you that got the kill?
  14. II./JG77_HankDG

    What about this??

    That is odd... i've never seen something like this
  15. II./JG77_HankDG

    The Eagle's Nest and Pat Wilson's Coop Campaign Generator

    This sounds much like Aviators of War back in the War Thunder glory days before they sabotaged the sim community. Definitely interested, and will join tomorrow. I will see if any of my squad mates will as well.