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  1. A little off topic, but will taw have a seperate campaign when bodenplatte releases? Or will it just be included with the eastern war?
  2. This.... would be awesome. However, it sounds more like a third party kind of thing
  3. Seems that the pony got delayed. Maybe release the rest of the planes when eveything else is done, that's my speculation.
  4. No source, I was going off of they usually tell us when an aircraft is going into testing on the dds
  5. It's not even in beta testing yet
  6. Nvm got that fixed. Did have one question though, there is no briefing or flight plan. Is this intended?
  7. I keep getting errors when trying to create missions. I'm playing coop btw
  8. The real question is when we will get the P-51. The DD this week sounded like they may not release anymore planes until the whole product is finished since they are fairly close to being done.
  9. Maybe the they will announce Pacific theater.... The DD a couple weeks ago did say that they are going to announce something that will amaze us.
  10. I'm so upset about this.
  11. Pat Wilsons Career Generator has coop now, here is the link to the newest version that's not in alpha
  12. So essentially after hitting the first waypoint and my character has called out flight airborne, i can take any route to the rendezvous to the bombers? Or do i need to fly hit every way point?
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