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  1. Will WOL have Bodenplatte maps and scenarios in the rotation?
  2. I've seen on multiple occasions now, bombers getting one shot, wing off, from flak at 5000 meters
  3. We apologize for the chute kill lol. One of our guys was hungry, you probably would have been captured and tortured anyway.
  4. I saw this as well. Single german bomber over russian airlfield kalinin. 3 single shots of flak, and the bomber was de-winged at 4.5 thousand meters. Sure it was enemy, but it seemed a little too OP.... AND IT STOLE MY KILL! lol
  5. Yes. To my understanding, it will be a separate taw campaign
  6. TAW campaign server went live this morning! Thats where most people are at now. And others are most likely practicing early war eastern front preparing for TAW
  7. I think we should start off with P-40s in our inventory! 😜
  8. It will be run as a separate campaign as eastern front TAW. I imagine between eastern front campaigns of TAW, the western front will be keeping everyone busy
  9. Yes, in the options section, you disable map markers
  10. And a lot easier to aim for the pilot! 😉
  11. Do you know which squadron? Currently in a p51 squadron, 14 mission in. So far only ground attack missions
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