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  1. I can't agree with this more. Find your own way to enjoy the game. Myself, i enjoy being in a squadron flying coordinated missions that feel real and making it home alive, landing for me is the best part. No need for the highest kill rate on the multiplayer leader boards. Sure, getting online kills are fun and very rewarding, but getting a whole group out there and achieving our mission with success and not dying, nothing beats that.
  2. Yes but if I'm not mistaken, they aren't being paid at the moment while developing it. Many developers get paid to work. Let's get back on topic though lol.
  3. Try not to get in that situation, always have the altitude advantage, especially with the Axis aircraft. The fact is, is that you're not going to win every time. You need to learn patience and the right times to attack. These things will come with the more you fly. Each plane has its advantages and disadvantages, study these and use them. Don't go straight to the dogfighting option when you miss your first pass, Climb away and keep the energy. Spit IX is fast and can turn on a dime, stay high. If you're fighting against AI, they always know where you are at unfortunately. Best way to learn, is find a pilot who will take you under his wing on multiplayer. It's there where you will learn the HUMAN factor to dogfighting, all the mistakes people make, the style some people fly. That is the best way. I hope to see you around!
  4. Not hating, just a little fun. Clod is a great game and I really hope for the best, and I think everyone here understands the lengthy dev time being theres only a few of them that are working on it for free.
  5. That's the date that they will announce they have more work to do
  6. Hey guys, just a friendly post wanting to know when you guys think/hope the update will launch. They said end of September. This could mean anywhere between the 23rd-27th or Monday the 30th.
  7. Anybody know if the cockpit photo feature will be in the next update? It's a minor detail, but still a cool one and something I miss.
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