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  1. I keep having the issue with SRS not auto connecting, when I do connect manually, it never puts me on a side, I'm always stuck in the neutral channel when i spawn in. I've updated, reinstalled multiple times and my settings are correct. Firewall issue maybe?
  2. It's hard to aim when the 109s are flying constant circles. Good for low speed high deflection training though.
  3. So looks like only a couple week campaign again ☹
  4. I'm honestly torn on the .50s.... on some sorties i unload my ammo on a single 109 only to find him making it back home (when that happens it's usually due to me shooting from dead six, which isn't the best angle). Then on the other hand, i have some where i pull some pretty tight snap shots at different angles producing fatal damages. I think this may be something the devs and everyone should be testing vigorously and come up with a conclusion rather than both sides bicker. Obviously, sometimes it's not that easy.
  5. Looking forward to try out the p47 throttle, and hopefully the p38!
  6. The 332nd is currently looking for Spitfire/tempest pilots or dedicated bomber pilots to join our ranks! If you are interested in a large group with multiple squadrons that work together in an immersive and fun way, jump into our discord and shoot me a message! https://discord.gg/8FfVNSK
  7. Really excited for western theater TAW again. Do you fellas think the razorback will be included?
  8. Thanks for some suggestions. I believe its 49% mixture. Yes, i have pretty much resorted to high alt slashing strikes with the 38, its good at that. One pass, haul ass. Defensive can be really tricky, especially at low altitude. You almost always need a wingman or two, if you have altitude, I've found that a tight split s is good to lose the enemy. It's definitely a plane that takes alot of discipline.
  9. I'm looking to get more seat time with the p38 and hopefully get consistently good with it. Does anybody know some proven tactics O can use against the german planesets. Obviously having wingmen is the first.
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