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  1. found it in the mods for the plane
  2. I don't see the gyro gunsight for this plane. Is there a key that enables it? I have a key set to gunsight mode but this does not enable it thank you
  3. Thanks for the replys When I did the last update, allow spectators was unchecked. I reenabled and all good
  4. I have been playing this game since release. Al of a sudden I cannot get external views. Keys and joystick settings don't work. I reset all inputs but can't make it work. Is there a setting that disables external views that I am missing? thanks very much
  5. I upgraded my system from 8.1 to 10 this weekend. Everything went smoothly and all software and hardware including IL2 BOS work exactly as before without problems. I used the upgrade tool. After the upgrade was complete, I installed windows 10 Nvidia drivers and installed ch products flight controllers and track IR which I had disconnected and uninstalled before doing the upgrade.
  6. Tried to make a map but found it complicated and since I also use a non CH controller, I don't think it would solve the problem. "So, the steps would be to plug the units in, reboot, and then assign the products. I recommend trying this yourself to see if it helps." I tried this months ago several times but eventually the ids scrambled again.
  7. Yes and spoke to tech support First told me they were unaware of the problem. Said that control manager is optional. Then sent me the following emailto my computer manufacturer: "Sadly, we have no control over the Windows boot sequence since our USB products are plug and play devices. However, I have heard of a workaround within the optional Control Manager software we offer, and received feedback from users that remedied the problem by installing the Control Manager and creating a profile or a map." CH tech support had told me that the control manager map would not fix the problem. The email to the computer manufacturer was sent after I suggested a CM map as a workaround
  8. that would solve the problem. Since the software is being worked on and BOM is already being sold, now is the time for the developer to address this in the game code. Since this problem existed for some users through windows 8 and control manager has not been updated, fixing this in game is the best and probably simplest solution. I am very surprised that we don't hear about this issue from many more users
  9. This is not just an IL2 BOS problem. I have the problem with IL2 CLOD and every game that recognizes controllers based on their id number in windows. DCS recognizes the controller independent of the windows id or order in the windows game controller tab and is unaffected by the reshuffling on reboot. When assigning controllers in DCS, the game identifies them by the name of teh controller and does so regardless of the order in windows
  10. I used the same controllers with vista for several years without a problem. I also have a logitech racing wheel on my system which also gets shuffled on reboot. New system with 8.1 which is very similar to windows 10 has the problem. Post in ch hanger says that running the ch products controllers without control manager solved the problem. I have not tried that because I use control manager to calibrate the controllers. It is possible that control manager has problems with windows 8 and 10
  11. Since I have not been able to solve the problem, I put the system into sleep mode unless the system is installing an update. The ids do not change when my system comes out of sleep mode.
  12. I have had this problem on a windows 8.1 system since I started using it in May of this year. I have followed the suggestions on the ch hanger forum and this one. I tried the most recent suggestions about fast boot. After several reboots, the controller ids get scrambled again. I am happy to see that 1CGS is looking at the issue. I am certain it is a windows issue in 10 and 8.1. Any game that recognizes controllers based on the ID number assigned by windows can be affected. What is surprising to me is that more users are not effected by this problem.
  13. I was confused because I expected the controller names to be changed to control manager device on IL2 BOS. Thanks very much for the quick response
  14. My windows 8.1 system reassigns joystick ids with every reboot. I have found posts about this problem on this forum and several others.I have a CH combatstick, throttle and pedals. I am trying to use the CH Products software to get around this problem. I created a map. When I change to map mode, the windows game controller panel sees the CH devices as Control manager device # rather than by name of the device as it should. When I go into IL2 BOS to configure axes and buttons in map mode with DX checked, the game still lists the devices as joy 1, 2, 3 and not as control manager devices. Is that the way it should work? I found that Rise of Flight and IL2 CLOD also see the devices as Joy 1,2,3. DCS World sees them as control manager devices 1,2,3 while in map mode. For ch control manager users how does IL 2 BOS name your controllers in map mode? Thanks very much
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