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  1. You guys can keep arguing for rule changes in the hope it creates a utopia where people select a side/planes they are not familiar with or enjoy playing, just to balance a server. Won’t happen in a highly competitive atmosphere and I’ve seen stuff like this kill servers before. I’ll stick to my belief that overall team balance was inconsequential this campaign until someone shows me facts otherwise. The server mechanics need a tweak, sure they will get one next campaign. But saying the blue side “exploited flaws” is like saying the same about a boardgame player “exploiting” trades/good rolls/etc in order to win a game of Monopoly by placing hotels on the highest priced property. It’s called understanding the game mechanics, developing a plan, and executing. I see no reason VVS couldn’t do it maps 1-6. Only reason TAW should make changes next campaign is to keep things fresh/interesting.
  2. I find it very hard to believe that team balance was the main factor for VVS losing this campaign, especially seeing how quickly they won the last map. But, since you’re so inflexible, I’ll try pretending you’re right and that the Russians started winning after their player numbers improved this last map. Then where the heck were all these players for map 1-6??? So, with your logic/“solution”, if you cap sides and many Red players only decide to come fly late in the campaign, then that will lock out a lot of people that want to fly. You can’t just admit you were largely wrong about why LW did so well this campaign? There’s no way you will concede that the Blue pilots had a better strategy, understanding of primary TAW targets, and better execution (plus a few lucky breaks)? You seriously think VVS couldn’t have won this campaign if they had beeen more organized and focused? Seems like a huge coincidence that a bunch of posts were openly made about strategy/teamwork late into map 6, then all of a sudden Reds pulls a win with similar tactics....
  3. Yeah, must be a consequence of how the script obtains the stats. End mission = all is lost. Seems it’s was my luck that day to get credit for that AK 1 second after I landed. I could have sworn in past campaigns I still got credit for AK/GK even after I landed, though?
  4. Might be a little ambitious given the size of the Dev team and their focus right now, but all of this would be awesome for those of us that want a more realistic experience.
  5. @bies I am very impressed and thankful for the amount of time you must have put into getting this post/suggestion together. I support all your ideas on this 100%. Only the Devs know how much time and resources would be needed to add a server option to disable or restrict technochat, but I think just this change would be a welcome start to improving the multiplayer experience. I get the cold fact that new content generates revenue and must be the main focus for a game studio, especially a small niche one, to survive. But, I’m concerned there hasn’t been enough attention towards many bugs/additions/tweaks being addressed, which I get the general feeling a lot of MP players are getting frustrated about. I hope a technochat server option is enough of a “low hanging fruit” for the Dev team to look at. To those saying they like flying with technochat, I don’t see how adding a server side option would prevent you from continuing to do so. There will probably still be plenty of servers, most likely WoL in particular, that would keep it on.
  6. I’ve had a few sorties like this where I didn’t get credit for an air kill, even though server and sortie stats show it, plus I completed safe landing on friendly airfield: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=36485&name=HenHawk
  7. I really don’t think we’re that far apart in opinions. I’d just encourage you to put aside your specific experiences with team numbers and look at the overall server trends posted in this thread. Heck, I think I saw you on the server yesterday when I flew a sortie or two and VVS were outnumbering LW at that point. I agree it must be difficult covering the normal multiple targets + possible paradrops. Keep in mind in past campaigns I’ve seen hordes of red tank columns and LW airfields immediately shutdown by a close column, too. Minus paradrops, game dynamics are the same for both sides, but I get it is always going to be tougher when outnumbered. Balance should always be examined to keep things fun, I think the TAW crew does a great and highly considerate job of doing that after each campaign. Maybe things were tipped too far this time in favor LW and your suggestions seem reasonable to look at. But, what I hope isn’t taken away from is how well many LW pilots performed and worked together this campaign to (finally) achieve a win. In many past campaigns there were some pretty lopsided advantages for the VVS, but the virtual pilots for the Russians still have to be said to have earned every win in the end. This is because, regardless of variables, TAW is still arguably the highest level of competition Il2 has to offer.
  8. And I partially agree with you. Yes, it is very difficult for a team to do anything important or much less win a mission if teams are highly lopsided. But, I disagree with the idea that this campaign was for the majority of the time or at decisive times, that imbalanced. Maybe at sporadic times or when a map is pretty much lost (ie- now) teams got fairly ugly, but it didn’t seem like an overall issue VVS couldn’t deal with.
  9. Haha, I begrudgingly give you original credit putting the idea out there and into simple terms (even though you slaughtered my F2 the other day while I was trying to chase a PE2 away from a target I was fond of protecting)
  10. Main thing I’ve seen this campaign from LW perspective which is different than previous ones is a much higher focus to destroy depots in particular. That has a huge impact. Also, there seems to be a general better understanding and willingness to engage primary/critical targets and ignore secondary ones. And if a tank column has been mostly ignored, usually a couple blue flyers will at least destroy the trucks in it so it won’t move far. Finding people willing to provide fighter escort has been easier, too, as well as groups of bombers/strike aircraft. Many times I’ve played when the LW has been at least slightly outnumbered, but I haven’t felt like I’ve been as disadvantaged as before. I really think the messages saying which targets have been hit by friendlies has helped to at least a moderate degree, as the communcation in chat and general voice comms channels is still low. Having a lot of experienced squads flying together in LW in this campaign is clearly a big factor, too. Sadly, I also think a lot of negative comments from a few vocal Russian flyers, similar to those in this thread, have caused some problems with balance and general morale for the team. Red side seems discouraged and less willing to strike targets in an organized way than before. Pretty much every time I’ve played this campaign I see VVS flyers log into the server, usually when map 1st starts, then make comments like “look at the teams, TAW is broken now, it’s favored for the Germans”, etc., then promptly log out (sometimes with their squad members). Last sorties I flew, the map just started, it was 9:1 in favor of Germans initially, and many Russians coming on the server quit before even spawning in. They were sure to make comments about never wanting to return to TAW, it’s been broken since 6/2018, RIP, etc, etc. Incidentally, after 30 minutes the Russians outnumbered the Germans by about 1.5:1, but unfortunately most were not organized and failed to capitalize on their numbers with any significant impact on that map. It has been shown many times in TAW that you don’t need numbers to win a map, an excess of pilots can even hurt a team with losses sometimes. That said, yes, TAW is not perfect, it could use some more balance tweaks and I agree with Sheriff’s observation about there being a “point of no return” which should be addressed. I’ve been on the other side of this many times in past campaigns. While it is fun defending the last airfield or two with bitter anger, it sucks always knowing it’s futile.
  11. Constructive criticism and made in an unbiased/non-confrontational way. Very refreshing. Hope the few posters in this thread that have hijacked the discussion lately into a “red vs blue” flame war have taken notes. Bring some evidence, rational thought, and open approach to your arguments. Great vid, HvB! I think that’s a fair solution to a problem you noticed.
  12. Send a PM of what you have to BlackSix. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/profile/5-blacksix/
  13. I remember earlier TAW campaigns when it wasn’t uncommon outside of EU and RU time zones to find the server completely deserted. I’d be hitting targets pretty much completely alone for the greater part of a map or two. Now there’s always a large enough group on at all times. Same with a couple other servers. Steam stats are highly deceiving (as all stats), I for one purchase directly from 1c and use the launcher. I’d say TAW and MP in BoX is healthier than its ever been. By the way, pretty sure every post I’ve read of Wilson’s has been at least mildly trolling, so probably isn’t best to really engage about this or anything else he brings up. But, I’ve got a little time to kill and I wanted to point out how great the TAW community has become!
  14. I’ve posted about this in the TAW bugs thread. Think there is something off with the stats.
  15. Trying to figure this out... I shot up a p39, watched it ditch into the ground, the stats says I hit it and the plane was destroyed... but no kill was awarded. Just curious as to what happened. Looks like the guy (that shoulder shot me lol) that hit him first, but did less damage also wasn’t given the kill: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=48486&name=HenHawk http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=48469&name=DirtyRotnFlieger Edit: Stats aren’t counting some of the ground kills, either. Destroyed a static plane, counted it as “destroyed”, but did not count for the sorite: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=48808&name=HenHawk
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