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  1. You want to use the BoS with the stand-alone launcher? With past BoS purchases from Steam, that was possible (I am in this situation). Not sure if it still works now, after they changed the way Steam activation works. Have you tried linking the accounts (Steam and website)?
  2. First check in joy.cpl if the actual joystick disappears when TARGET is running (and it's replaced with a virtual device). There could also be some issue with the keybindings files in the game.
  3. Yes, it is possible. You have two throttle options (with modes and without modes) in the "select grip" drop-down menu. I don't have a VPC throttle, so some fields are incorrect.
  4. And that is the cause of your problem. With the new software you no longer load a profile from a file. You generate the profile using the new wizard, as explained in the NEW manual.
  5. Yeah, I just closed it. And restarted. It finised quickly this time. I never had this issue until now.
  6. How big is the download for this update? My launcher keeps increasing the total (to be downloaded). Initially I hadn't paid attention to it, but since I looked it was 11GB at first. Now it gradually increased to 18GB.
  7. Have you done the procedure involving shorting the two contacts marked "Boot" on the PCB? You did not mention it.
  8. The KG12 grip is lacking in buttons and hat switches, but it's ergonomic and the VKB one is only $45 (that would be ~50 euro with VAT). It can work, if you have enough buttons/hat switches on the throttle handle (or on the left stick for space sims).
  9. While the MongoosT-50/BE/CM/CM2 grip is quite long, the section you put your hand on it's not that big. Some people with bigger hands even complained that it's too small. The total length makes it not that suitable for desktop use. But you should look into joystick mounts, no matter which grip you end up with, anyway. WarBRD is the shortest grip made by Virpil (so far). But they will announce a new grip this month. Better wait and see what kind of grip will that be.
  10. The European site is also "the rest of the world site" (with the exception of Russia and a few other countries).
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