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  1. Delta is a relatively tall grip, too. WarBRD grip is shorter. From left to right: MongoosT-50CM grip, Constellation Delta grip and WarBRD grip (all on WarBRD bases).
  2. Seb71

    My last give away

    In that case, my License key for Havoc Over The Kuban campaign ends in [edited].
  3. Seb71

    My last give away

    The Order ID is not visible. Only the License key, but that one is probably not visible to you.
  4. Seb71

    Virpyl joystick lag

    Other devices work fine?
  5. Seb71

    Hotas Warthog setup

    You just go to the keybindings menu and choose which button or axis does what. Don't try to bind everything from the beginning. Start with only the basic controls (pitch, roll, yaw, gear up/down, flaps up/down, things like that) and in time, as you find you need something else, bind that.
  6. Seb71

    My last give away

    @LuseKofte Thank you for the "Havoc Over The Kuban" campaign.
  7. Seb71

    My last give away

    I'm in for the lice jacket. I mean for the campaign or Po-2.
  8. With that LED placement, maybe the camera loses line of sight when you rotate your head left/right or up/down. Have you checked if that's the case or not?
  9. EU VKB store has the pedals in stock. No waiting time there.
  10. The joystick won't get better, nor worse if you get pedals. Regarding the pedals: if you can stretch your budget to VKB T-Rudder pedals, get those instead.
  11. Seb71

    Forum Signature Images

    Large images in the signature (or large signatures) are annoying in any forum. Worst are the animated ones.
  12. Before returning the motherboard and CPU, I would test the HOTAS with another PC.