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  1. I use VoiceAttack to command my AI wingmen (among other things) because it's so natural and easy. It requires only one activation button to use, too.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I'll call HP then because with room temp normal and zero sweating my lens start to fog up after 10-15 mins use. I removed the nose cover on the new VRcover (I agree it was a nice buy) and that does help if I blow up into the hole... It's good knowing now that the temp is not normal, I'll call HP in the morning.
  3. I'm finding my eyes start drying out after 10-15 minutes usage because of the heat coming off my G2. I hooked it over the back of my chair's headrest and it melted the paint/vinyl enough that the paint/vinyl was smeared onto my right prescription lens cap. It even removed the black coating from it's lens frame as well. I find my right eye starts drying out first too, curiously. I use eye drops now to keep them well lubed; my eyes never dried out as quickly in the CV-1. Possibly the CV-1's nose gap helped with the heat buildup? I should try removing the nose cover...
  4. Check this out, Bully.
  5. Hello guys, just a heads up incase you have the same problem; I received my Widmovr prescriptions and found them narrower then the G2's lenses, they pop over the G2's and taper in a cone shape so their surface is smaller then the G2's. They're also curved (inwards) and seamed to distort the vision near the edges. I ordered the blue light protection which leaves a very slight yellow tint on everything you look at in game. I'm not impressed with the tint as it makes the inside of the cockpit (and outside world) look as if Galland himself smoked up a storm covering everything inside with a fi
  6. dburne posted this, read his first suggestion for extra reading, it explains how to update your driver. It auto downloads when you first plug your G2 in it claims, but there was an issue with mine I guess because after reinstalling it the headset's noticeably better.
  7. Like an idiot, I failed to read everything and never undated my HMD device with the 'HololensSensors.inf' driver specifically used for the G2. With that properly installed now, the image looks much better with less blur on the outer edges, plus other things such as bright flickering when loading into the game, etc. My experience with the G2 now is much more impressive to say the least! Please disregard everything I said in the last post as things are now working properly...
  8. The G2's res is so good I run my settings at low with all the setting boxes ticked with only clouds turned down one notch, and I'm getting 90fps steady low over Stalingrad city with 16 (8vs8) planes in quick missions. If I drop to street level the buildings are crisp looking with zero flickering or blur and might see the fps drop into the 80s sporadically. Even at this setting I hardly notice a drop in the graphics, in fact I can see further without zoom and don't feel the need to use it much. I'm perplexed about that as well, because why would the medium to long view become so c
  9. Why should anyone know who's on line for each side anyways? Keep all that information on the stats page. Just show how many players (enemies) each side has and only allow the player scoring a kill to receive credit notice. Keep everyone else guessing. Maintaining anonymity on the server from all others who can't personally see/hear you themselves would be more in line with realism anyways. Keeping the ego & intel away from the action would also add more spice to the stats page when later reviewing your personal effectiveness, off line. <G>
  10. Just in case you haven't seen this, possibly worth a try... 😉
  11. As stated by others it's best to adjust your IPD a few millimeters wider to help position both eyes within this central zone. Most people's IPD is not the same distance to center for each eye either, so this widening out of the IPD with help center both eyes. Also, having your eyes too close is going to increases our eye angle to the edges and thus add more blur. This is a very good point, I haven't read this yet but makes sense as our faces will mount the HMD in or out more at the top/bottom of our faces. Keeping the eyes 90^ to the lenses must be critical to clarity I think,
  12. It's still a seller's market for the 20xx cards. At least wait for a 30xx before getting ripped-off...
  13. The distance our eyes are from the screen does not increase our FOV states, because unlike in reality our view of the outside world doesn't increase the closer we near the screen/window. The on screen picture in VR/2D remains the exact same size regardless our distance to the screen. Moving our eyes closer only creates an 'illusion' of more FOV because our eyes need to move more to reach the edges. We're still required to turn our heads the 'exact' same distance while rotating said screen though.
  14. Dell G5 Gaming Desktop | Dell Canada Get this, it's a 3070 and will even run IL2 in VR very well. It's in Canadian so should be $1400 U.S. Edit: Get the 10700KF though so you can over clock it down the road...
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