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  1. Impressive video, I finally understand what DLSS is all about now, thank you very much and nicely done!
  2. Oh Sure, a Star Wars collector and MSI promoter debunks the DLSS hoax Nvidia tries to perpetrate on all of us... uhmm, I can't think of the right word describing the would be, us.
  3. One of the complaints with the first Reverb were the hand controllers, so with Valve's support it should be compatible with their Index controllers. Plus, it looks like it might have Valve's earphone tech, too.
  4. Thanks for the detailed review. I've only played IL-2 with a CV1 for a total of 35 hours so far, however the frustration of it's lousy spotting ability (clarity) at medium & long range ruins the experience IMO. I could wish for more FOV, but that would just mean more crappy clarity over a wider area; tunnel vision isn't my biggest gripe with VR right now, nor is comfort or how good the sound system is. Clarity is at the top of my wish list, so after getting the Reverb I'll start wishing for the next VR unit that further improves on that level of clarity along with more FOV. The other considerations I can make my own workarounds for in the meanwhile. I only plan to use VR for IL-2 and racing, so not paying extra for new & improved hand controllers is actually a bonus. Thanks for the comparison.
  5. You make a good point. Likewise, rotating in a swivel chair may require that you also lean forward or backwards a little to maintain your head's original position relative to your chair's center of rotation, too. Also, regarding the proper calibration of a person's IPD may require more then simply inputting your IPD number; rarely the distance between a person's nose and their left & right pupils are equal distance, so proper IPD measurement requires the use of an offset number to better center your IPD within the screen's IPD input setting. My IPD is 65, but the center of my nose is equal distance between both pupils, or 32.5 distance to both pupils...
  6. When you fly verse AI, your CPU is crunching the numbers for all the planes; verse real people it isn't so your performance will be better on multi player servers. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. Love the link from steam, thank you. Everything worked really slick; some things I bought from this web store and others from steam; spread the wealth around a little, I thought. Anyways, I bought BOK and BOM and a couple of planes on steam and I don't see those showing up here under my name like the ones I bought from the web store. You know what I own as it all shows up when I log into the game, so why not show it here under my name? I would like to show off what I bought, too; I'm vain... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Yowzer, that's a lot of mauser!
  9. I'm happy to see your humor is working well again, (and that there's so much Canada still between us) so I'll stop worrying about you again, my work here is done! ;-)
  10. CanadaOne, The problem isn't your opinion, per se; it's your attitude. As a fellow Canadian there shouldn't be any social deviances between us, so from one Canadian to another, you're acting like an A-hole... P.S Just say no to being a snowflakus eradicates ignoramus. <g>
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