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  1. Yes I'm aware there is nothing in the notes mentioning any changes to the 1b.
  2. I got a say I really enjoyed flying the yak1b until the latest patch. It was very stable platform and pleasure to fly. Why the change?
  3. Its great but the Polish checkerboard appears only on the left side?
  4. It's beautiful, isn't it? I was googling for check list or operation notes for this plane, but no luck.
  5. Invert axis in inlet shutters on LA5 not working. Oil temp in la 5 extremely high (around 100) even @ cruise setting with oil shutter fully open. Opening air inlet shutter have effect on oil temp? Seems that way but please confirm. Also, seems that tR5 not picking up profile automatically with ROF title
  6. Yup. Same here. Random lockups but also happened twice when i started recording.
  7. I will have a closer look next time I'm flying, but you may have something here. I've noticed same thing in a 109. I was keeping the ball in a center during shallow but fast decent. When I reviewed the track later on, I've noticed the plane was side slippin a lot during the descent.
  8. I believe you can't lean mixture to archive max rpm with constant speed propeller. You lean it to archive max speed. Orange/blue flame will give you best power while blue flame will give you best economy.
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