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  1. Got it thank you will ask there! If anybody got more/ other suggestions, pls post it! S!
  2. It means that I bought the game and on the CD were the other Addons already included. Thanks, Lehmann Just do it! It`s a problem wich gotta be solved :D
  3. Hi gents, sorry for late response: Facts: - JSGME: Always had problem mods didn`t work or let the game crash, that means: not launch. - IL2 Loadup screen: Std, IL2 4.11.1, exactly the one which is needed. - Other Servers? Sure! - ADDONS: PACIFIC FIGHTERS AND ANOTHER ONE INCLUDED AFTER PURCHASE ENough? :D Thanks again!
  4. Hi guys, got a heavy problem with my IL2 installed Hyper Lobby but when I run my really good 4.11.1 Version Error says: Wrong version, server uses 4.11.1 Can anybody of you help me? Thank you if so! Lehmann
  5. Okay, thx, I got IL2 Pacific and Forgotten Battles and 1946
  6. Hey there, got the gam, now how to do it in Multiplayer? What do I need? Hyperlobby? ...more? Thank you, Lehmann
  7. Hey boyz, the threat-name doesn`t sound bad :D I think if they merge they can do a lot of stuff together, more as we all think. Maybe even the next generation of Sims! I got really exciting about it! :D
  8. S! Syndicates here too! The Syndicates are running one of the best ROF Servers I know We really need them here :D S!
  9. I really got to admit I don`t like the ROF system very much. All planes at once would be better for the players, but not better for the men who want to earn money with it... Will there be a store or such stuff?
  10. I`d prefer no icons, but I think for beginners icons can be very usefull. So icons shall be :D But if you have multiplayer servers on that like in ROF the FLying Circus, icons can be very usefull!
  11. Ha! I bought it for a bit more, too bad I haven`t seen this before! :D
  12. Jason Sir, it seems to me you will gonna make a SUPER-SIM :D :D
  13. Yea, the Rise Of FLight idea is just good, really works and I like it. Let`s make it in ROF-Style!
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