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  1. Falcon, You might have the wrong version installed. You need the 64 bit version. I have both 32 and 64 bit installed. See here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/58751-pwcg-800-beta-3-available-for-test/?tab=comments#comment-896482
  2. Beta 2: Program locks up when first picking Planes Owned. See attached error file Edit: I just tried with anti virus (Avast) off and was allowed to pick Planes Owned. PWCGErrorLog.zip
  3. I haven't edited any lines in the gpreset. I have done some further testing and I think the problem might be with PWCG. I am using a beta version that allows cold start for the missions. When I change back to starting on the runway the problem seems to go away. I also tested using the in game career, and all seems normal. Your mod is really great. Thanks for making it.
  4. I'm having a problem with the Graphics Presets file. I'm using JSGME to insert the mod into the game. I am also using PWCG to create campaigns. When a mission is created with the GP file active, the buildings and hangars around the runways disappear. The buildings in the cities and towns are flattened. When I disable the graphics preset file, and create another mission everything goes back to normal. I have tested this on the Moscow and Bodenplatte maps.Do you know what might cause this?
  5. I just did a test in quick mission on the Moscow map with the F4. I started with the engine running on the runway. I then turned off the engine and was able to re start. I don't know what your problem might be, Do you have warmed up engine turned off in the difficulty settings? BTW I'm happy to see you are making missions for IL2 BOX. I really liked the ones you did for the old IL2.
  6. Make sure you get an unlocked processor.... a 9900K not a 9900 (if you go with intel) you will still need to overclock to get the best vr experience. $3500 will get you really good vr capable computer.
  7. Motherboard: Asrock z87 Extreme 6 CPU: 4670K CPU Freq: 4.5Ghz L3 cache: 6 MB RAM type: DDR3 RAM size: 16 GB RAM Freq: 2400 MHz RAM Latency: 10 GPU: 1080 STMark: 2702 Version 4.002 Box Settings: High ( per Chiliwili69 settings) Time: 180000ms - Avg: 111.711 - Min: 74 - Max: 193 With Low cloud setting: Frames: 21258 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 118.100 - Min: 74 - Max: 199
  8. Will there be a Career for Flying Circus?
  9. Thanks for the great skins Rap. Especially the Me262 Weiss 3 . I saw this aircraft at the museum in Munich around 1964 or 65. Please look at the skin you made for P-51 'Josephine'. I think the I and K are reversed on the right side. (never mind I think it is correct)
  10. I think he is referring to the kill markings
  11. In this mission watch from what direction the p-47's are taking off from and go to that end of the field. In this case turn to the left. Go past the AI which will be parked with engines running. Look for where the windsock is and go past the the parked truck to the next windsock and turn right onto the runway and wait for the rest of your flight.
  12. Thanks HunDread I got the system wide installation working with supersampling now.
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