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  1. Yes I understand this, and its a nice addition. But with TIR5 because of the head sinking problem when trueview is enabled, you are no longer re-centred when back to normal flight. so you would always have to re-centre every few mins. but disabling true view solves this. so for me the g-force is no longer an issue, and with true view disabled I now re-centre automatically after the g-forces have ceased. did you try to disable the Trueview, in your trackir profile??
  2. this might be a bit late. but another post on this forum says to disable Trueview on your track ir profile.. little check box.. I had this problem too.. it completely solves the issue. if you do not like the GeForce effect. you can get rid of it totally by removing the Z axis from your track ir profile. and just set the zoom view to a slider or buttons on your hotas.. this will keep the aimimg crosshair in the window at all times... but the disabling the True view function stops you from sinking in to your seat
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