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  1. Sorry new to flight sims...what do THR-FC or CSR-CSL stand for? Thanks.
  2. Dang whats up with the rudder /yaw? I can`t find a bind on my TH A-10 Warthog Joy Stick that works, I just can`t control the rudders tostay on the runway. What technique should I use? Should I start slow and gradually add more speed. How long should I warm -up the engine? I also tried trimming but that did`nt work neither. Has anyone out there had any luck with the rudders using the TH A-10 Warthog stick please let me know, Also what techniques do you use to control the rudders. I`m not looking to buy another stick or rudder paddles. Thanks Harbinger.
  3. Where can I find the old installer (no luck) I found the Game in program files 86...that can`t be it, am I to delete the entire game if not where do I locate my current installer to delete. Thanks you have been very helpful. Harbinger
  4. Got it, do I install it over the old one, or do I have to Delete the old one? Is this the current version? To get the game installer (337Mb), please, click DOWNLOAD below
  5. I have and it still tell me i`m missing the correct version. It`s 3 pm MST USA is the game playable at this time? That could be my problem?
  6. where do i update il Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad with the new ui? Thanks.
  7. I`m having a problem with both my Saitek X65F and TM A-10 Warthog, the sim won`t accept or respond to my key assignments. Can anyone out there be more specific as to the following solution sent to me by the creators of IL Sturmovik BOS? -reset the settings in the game ( which settings?) -Re-install the joystick software ( when should this be done, before or after assigning the keys? ) -reconfigure the control of the game ( is this the same as " reset the settings in the game?" ) My Saitek X65F worked just fine with the first game launcher now after the new update launcher it won`t. Thanks.
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