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  1. thanks but I already have that off and Foveat rendering is also off
  2. I don't know what do you mean ? V-sync should on ? I thought v-sync should be off in VR
  3. I have tried changing the settings but nothing seems to stop this split down the middle. *This is a simulated picture I cannot get an actual screenshot. Pitool V Headset firmware V2.1.255.211 Running on 4790K @4.7Ghz, RTX2080, 24GB ram
  4. Following Sweviver's settings I put VR reality pre-rendered frames at 3, I have not tried 1 yet. Everyone has that problem with the headset being reported asleep with a vive base station. I will try your setting later when I get time.
  5. Very impressive, is that right you getting 170 degree wide with Ultra and the above settings on a 7700K and a 1080Ti ? I cannot see Preferred refresh rate - Highest Available in Nvidia setting and what have you for the Virtual reality pre-rendered frames at the bottom of the ?
  6. Check this if you tried to order, they are going complete orders that could not pay on 24th October: http://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/pre-order-first-round-users-please-place-order-in-the-new-system-with-your-old-email-address/9672/8
  7. Same with X-plane 11. It makes use of HZ over number of cores. It must be a mountain of work to get the apps to make greater use of the cores available.
  8. I am using a 280X right now and found stuttering on a second monitor, it may be unrelated, but I just reset the Radeon setting to default and the stutter went away. Do you have the Radeon profile in use for IL2 BoS ?
  9. It's looking like 5K + is the one to go for, there are only 400 x 8Kx due to be produced. MRTV maxed out the Super sampling and still stands by his initial review. Sweviver says same except for IL2 BoS due to LoD at distance for id of aircraft.
  10. Pimax 8K is completely different from the 4K. The 8K M2 will be available for backers to test in Berlin at end of the month. There is no NDA to any backer on giving their review, so expect a lot of feedback on youtube. StarVR sounds great but will be a great deal more than any current headset.
  11. post in General they have fixed Steam access, just tried it now works for me
  12. #10039 "this map is not available on your account" I have a steam install, is that the same for everyone here with this connection issue ?
  13. just checked a few more, getting same as you
  14. I am getting for 'Kuban Summer' "this map is not available on your account"
  15. just revisiting this for first time since I posted, thanks Fabio I will give that a go.
  16. I posted this as a bug 18th march with no reply from tech support http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/15359-possible-bug-unable-invert-mouse-movement/. The game is completely unstable for me it would help if they give us some news about the bugs they are working on for the next release. I got round this bug by inverting the axis via the CH HOTAS control software, depending on what controls you have you may be able to do the same ?
  17. Dear developers, is there any chance you will support the Saitek/Cessna trim wheel. ?
  18. since this last update I have had the game crash four times in multiplayer. just fired off a reminder for 'support' to look at my ticket again.I have changed memory since it first started crashing. Do any of you have an overclocked system that might cause these crashes ?
  19. Thanks for taking the time Alan_Grey much appreciated
  20. I am certain I have no overheat issues impacting on my CTD's but thanks for pointing that out. One of my Tangmere friends suggested turning off overclock on the graphics card (if you have it overclocked) as it worked for him. I will try that but for me, as it does not cause any issue with the infamous Cliffs of Dover, I cannot see why it should be a problem here.
  21. Wondered about a memory leak to Shamrock, I re-installed and get less CTD but they are still there. Its been two weeks waiting on a reply from support re: CTD from my earlier post.
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