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  1. Oh, look, another kite with an indestructible tail...yay?
  2. Thank you for everything you've done for our community. S!
  3. Yup, the Yak-7 is a nice ride, my fav Russian kite at the moment. Good hunting, CFC Conky
  4. Hello all, Thanks for the replies. I might boot up the game again, but overall I prefer 'flight' simulators to 'engine management' simulators. For the moment I find BoX strikes a nice balance. You can't just ram the throttle to the wall and leave it there but you don't have to be constantly fiddling with engine controls. The Russian kites are more work but still manageable. Good hunting, CFC Conky
  5. Hello all, I haven't played CoD in quite a while and with the new Med theatre coming out I was wondering if the engines in the sim are as fragile as they were a couple of years ago. One of the reasons I stopped playing is because the engines would fail at the slightest hint of a limit being exceeded. Thanks! CFC Conky
  6. Hello all, In IL2: 1946 the Griffon-engines Spits are fast but not very maneuverable and depart controlled flight easily, I wonder what the BoN version will be like. Good hunting, CFC Conky
  7. I'm also experiencing multiple crashes to the desktop since the patch.
  8. I've been playing the BoK camping on the Russian side. So far I've encountered 109's, 190's, Stukas and HS-129's. The weird thing is, the 109's (G-4), are always equipped with the 20mm gun pods. Was this normal in that theatre?
  9. Thanks Luke, didn't know that. 😎 Good hunting, CFC Conky
  10. Hello all, Inspired by Wolfpack345’s YouTube videos about the Battle of Bulge/Bodenplatte, I decided to start a P-51 career. So I flew the first mission, cover for ground forces and managed to bag two 109’s (irl they would be probables because I damaged them and them crashed much later but they were behind friendly lines so who knows). Anyway, I land back at base, and when I looked at the mission summary screen I earned two medals. An Air Medal (they give those away like candy), and a Silver Star. A Silver Star? Just who the hell did I shoot down? 😄 Good hunting, CFC Conky
  11. With the current plane set the map make ‘Leaning into France’ possible, at least on a limited scale. Good hunting, CFC Conky
  12. From a fighting standpoint, if one already has the Yak-1B, is there any point in getting a Yak-9? Thanks! CFC Conky
  13. I've had a similar problem with the CH Control Manager software on my rig running Win7. After much futzing around, I figured out that Teamspeak would leave a process running after closing. Disabling it in Windows task manager fixes it. Good hunting, Conky
  14. Hi Sokol1, If you are speaking about the in-game settings software then yes, I've tried re-assigning the keystrokes but it doesn't seem to work. I've tried re-mapping the commands with the CH Control Manager and for some reason it doesn't work either for all aircraft. In the end I've had to build two control profiles, one using the RShift + cursor keys and one using RCtrl + cursor keys. This isn't a huge problem as long as I'm running Win7 but the CH Control Manager software doesn't work in Win10, which will be a real pain when I build a new computer. Assigning the commands directly from the joystick using the in-game settings software doesn't seem to work either. Thanks! Conky
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