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  1. This used to happen to me fairly regularly when flying in VR, although since I rebuilt my system recently, including a fresh install of Windows 10 and IL-2, the problem has not re-occurred (so far at least). But anyway I found a work around which may, or may not, be useful to some of you, so here it is: 1) Raise the VR headset up just enough so you can see the keyboard and monitor 2) Hit control + Alt + delete and click on the task manager option which will launch task manager 3) Click on the task manager window and then press the Windows key + Y
  2. Hi everyone As I have recently received a Reverb G2 the time has now come for my Reverb G1 v2 to find a new owner, so I thought I would offer it to the community here first before listing it on ebay. It's the G1 version 2 model with the special clip holder to prevent the main cable from unplugging itself from the wired-in headset lead and it has given me 10 month's faithful service in IL-2 with zero problems or issues. It has only ever been used in the seated position and the hand controllers and batteries are still in their original packaging because I have never used
  3. I used to work at RH Haslar while it was still an NHS site and I can confirm that the hospital really does look like the picture in the update. Also I'm really looking forward to the Mk XIV being released and I can't wait to see that five-bladed prop spinning in front of me. When the map is released one of my first missions in the Mk XIV will be to see how close to RH Haslar I can land and then make a tour of the grounds in it. Happy days!
  4. My Ryzen 7 5800X will occasionally boost to 5.1 GHz on a single core and more consistently hit 5GHz+ on multiple cores, according to CPUID HWMonitor. It is liquid cooled in a custom loop, but I have not so far attempted to overclock it in the BIOS. It will hit 4851 MHz on all cores all day long, without breaking into a sweat. I'm not sure if this is useful or relevant, but it is, well, erm, interesting. Perhaps this means that if I do try to overclock it I could achieve these speeds continuously, I'm not sure. However, these may be freakish resul
  5. The markings are too small to read. I need a bigger magnifying lens.
  6. The TLE5010 can only operate by the datasheet, but it talks to the controller board through the IC on the sensor board and I don't know what they may have programmed into that chip. However, there doesn't seem to be any information, anywhere, on what the pinout description of that sensor board is so I will probably use the Aliexpress boards instead.
  7. Update: Virpil finally got in touch with me on Friday and will be sending out a replacement 5 pin mini din female to 5 pin JST male connector cable for the grip to mainboard connection. I have buzzed out the existing cable and found that there is no longer continuity on the ground connection. Heaven knows when the replacement cable will get here, and it looks like the Virpil TLE5010 sensor boards are using secret protocols, so I have ordered the TLE5010 kit from Aliexpress anyway. Even if all the Virpil stuff does end up working eventually I might still convert the WarB
  8. Because the Virpil original controller board has suddenly stopped receiving inputs from the buttons on the stick and Virpil are taking a very long time to help me with this problem. The axes inputs still work, but I would like to replace the Virpil board with an STM32 board to run the joystick while I am waiting for Virpil to sort out this mess.
  9. Hi again Magners and others I have now managed to connect my TM grip to the STM32 board and it works perfectly, all 22 buttons can be read through the three CD4021 shift registers and out to the board. What I would like to do next is connect the TLE5010 axis sensors on my Virpil WarBRD base to the STM32 board The TLE5010 sensors are mounted on a small board with another 8 legged IC, which I do not recognise, and then four wires out connect it to the Virpil controller board Assuming that two of the four wires ar
  10. Recently in my Rhineland career I flew from Nijmegen to Gilze flat out at zero (and I really do mean zero) feet in a Spitfire IXe pursued by four AI K4s and two AI D9s, with all of them after my blood. By the time I arrived at Gilze five out of the six pursing AIs had crashed into the ground and the sixth one, a D9, flew a few circuits over my base, drawing some highly ineffective flak from the AI gunners, before losing interest and flying off back east. In my opinion the AI still has some room for improvement in this sim because I should not have made it halfway home i
  11. Works great and I will always use it in future. Many thanks to you Nobi.
  12. JoytoKey works for me as well. Just make sure you don't create any conflicts with your in-game key mappings.
  13. w00t! I got my own fix: "17. A rare issue with generating a new day in the Career mode has been addressed."
  14. "So, for those who pre-ordered in July, we expect you to receive these units on Monday, 30th November." Two weeks. Be sure.
  15. My latest update received from SystemActive on Tuesday: "We had a meeting with HP today (November 10th, 2020) and were told shipment from factory to the UK of first pre-orders will begin November 13th , 2020. Once we have proof units have left the factory for shipment to the UK we will provide our customers with an update on numbers and date of delivery to them." The long wait continues...…………………………..
  16. 17th March 1945 with RAF 127 Squadron in the most recently attempted career. The odd thing is that we were based at Woensdrecht, but the career icon now states Schijndel on the career selection page.
  17. I can wait. If they really want my money they need to try much harder.
  18. Every career that I start now only runs for a few days and then I get a message stating something like "Error: next day generate fail" or words to that effect. For instance I just started an RAF Rhineland career and only completed four missions before getting the error message and was then unable to proceed with the career. This has happened with three careers in succession now so I'm guessing that a file somewhere has become corrupted. How can I restore the career generation function to the game which will allow me to complete an entire career without encou
  19. If you're lucky you might get to relocate to another airfield closer to the front line. When that happens the enemy usually turns up in an attempt to spoil the party. Those kinds of missions can be fun.
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