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  1. Not sure if it's anything to do with the latest hotfix, but just now a couple of 190s followed me for a short while after I departed from a large battle over Nijmegen, but then they broke away and didn't return. Yesterday a couple of 109s followed me from Weeze all the way back to Woensdrecht, so this represents an improvement IMO. Will let you all know if the strafing after landing problem re-occurs at any point in the future.
  2. No, no, no, no and no again. This complete loss of all control functions has happened to me again just now and I most definitely am using a powered USB hub and all my USB extensible host controllers and USB hubs are configured with the ""allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" boxes unticked in Windows Device Manager. Every single last one of them. Fourteen in total. This problem is not caused by the computer O/S switching off USB devices randomly. That is a massive red herring IMO. This problem is caused by a bug in the game code causing i
  3. Agreed. It always sound the same whatever power setting you are using. Could do with some tweaking IMO.
  4. The gunner will always get through, even when the bomber is plummeting earthwards trailing fire.
  5. Just as long as you don't try to enter the cockpit holding a set of bagpipes. That would make life difficult for you.
  6. Must have been elephant's trunk after downing a few pig's ears.
  7. The cavalry may just be about to ride to the rescue: Bitcoin tumbles below $50,000, other cryptos sink over Biden tax plans | Reuters Or perhaps not. Anyway, I'm not planning to waste my hard earned money any time soon on ridiculously overpriced GPUs. They can kiss it for me.
  8. You wouldn't like it. It's not all that good really and the Mk. IX has a prettier tail anyway. 🦄
  9. Probably just trying to use up a surplus stock of 303 rounds. Or to get through a shortage of .5" rounds. As early as the Mk. V version pilots were asking their armourers to remove the 303s to save weight and increase manoeuvrability by removing mass from the outboard sections of the wings. And because they were useless.
  10. No sane person should ever attempt to go up against late-war German fighters using 303s. You will be signing your own death warrant.
  11. Right control + number pad 1 = smallest zoom level Right control + number pad 2 = next zoom level Right control + number pad 3 = further zoom level Right control + number pad 0 = greatest zoom level You have to hold to zoom and release to return to normal view. I have mapped these commands in VoiceAttack and call them zoom one, zoom two, zoom three and zoom four respectively.
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