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  1. I look forward to seeing Youtube videos of you not flying it because it might be, y'know, kind of dangerous.
  2. MSFS2020 looks likely to be occupying most of my time for the next month or two if something doesn't happen here soon.
  3. Try flying a Spitfire on a mission with autopilot engaged, then watch the RPM and boost gauges and you will see what the AI likes to do with the Merlin engine. I've seen AI Spitfire wingmen detonate their engines in the middle of a massive furball due to pushing them too hard. The ones that haven't managed to shoot each other down when strafing ground targets, that is. The AI might be artificial, but they are certainly not intelligent.
  4. Be patient, your full command will be restored after a mission or two. The AI squadmates have an extremely high attrition rate in my experience and if you can dodge the Luftwaffe attacks you will be flying with a completely new set of names soon.
  5. Spitfire pilots are laughing at you right now. Real men don't need tail wheel lock.
  6. Does it not fire in bursts of three rounds at a time?
  7. Should free up some space on your floppy drive.
  8. If I buy something twice will I enjoy it twice as much?
  9. If you look at the fellow kneeling down in the far right hand corner of the hangar before clicking on the mission start button, and then wait for the Steam VR launch panel to appear over where he is located, you can then look fully forwards and you will not see any flickering while the mission is loading, you will just see the Steam VR "stars and mountains" environment until the mission briefing screen appears.
  10. Tracers and aircraft lights are ridiculously, ludicrously over-bright in this sim. You would need to ask the developers why, because it makes no sense to me.
  11. Just tell us what you did with the Lost Ark and all will be forgiven, OK?
  12. I'm using my Suncom SFS throttle with RealSimulator FUSBA conversion kit which is just fine for me at the moment. If I feel the need to modify my Cougar TQS I have a few STM32 boards lying about and I will use the FreeJoy firmware to convert it to a USB controller: But the SFS dual throttle works well so I'm not in any particular hurry to undertake the conversion.
  13. I gave up using my TM Cougar as a complete unit a while ago now and the only part I still use is the joystick handle mounted on a Virpil WarBRD base, where it works very well as a 22 button device. The Cougar joystick base and throttle unit have been returned to their boxes and will probably never see action again in their current form. At some point you've just got to stop flogging that dead horse.
  14. I started my current Rhineland career in The Battle of Bodenplatte in September 1944, I believe. Thus far I have flown for 44 hours and I am now only at the beginning of March 1945. And I have skipped a few, but not many, missions since I became squadron leader. So yes, the Bodenplatte career can be quite long, but I don't believe there are currently any retail campaigns available for Bodenplatte on the webstore.
  15. Were you trying to engage bombers from 6 o'clock?
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