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  1. il2hk.exe Or you could cut and paste from this picture of some decorative ironwork at Waterloo Station in London:
  2. I saw one this afternoon in my offline campaign on the Rhineland map near to Nijmegen, just on the allied side of the Rhine frontier. Was on the lookout for the Luftwaffe who were active in the area at the time when it went whizzing by over the top of my Spitfire, so I had to pause to confirm what it actually was. And it was indeed a wheeled vehicle, but as I fly in VR it was a bit blurry in normal view and due to the lack of zoom options available I couldn't enlarge my view sufficiently to make out exactly what type of vehicle it was. This was a very odd experience indeed and I shall now have to watch out for them in future as a collision with one could ruin your entire mission.
  3. Wind direction will affect your landing in many ways, but it does not cause ground looping. Unloading of the weight on the tailwheel at low speed causes ground looping.
  4. The still image from curiousGamblerr's post tells you all you need to know about how to prevent the Spitfire from ground looping on landing. Study it well. Wind direction is irrelevant BTW.
  5. I am brave and I spend my professional working week building laptops and PCs for other people, but I don't seek out extra work if someone else can do it for me instead. The reboot thing is a mild nuisance, but it always works and is not as much upheaval as a complete system re-image would be, so I will stick with it and hope that Microsoft pushes out a fix at some point as part of a future Windows 10 update. Worse things happen at sea after all.
  6. Don't need it now. Default VR zoom works fine in QMB against five 109s. Although I did have two to deal with at the same time at one point. Not sure if that's a bug or a feature, but they died anyway so I don't really care. No ghosting either BTW. Everything is as sharp as you could wish for.
  7. VR is AMAZING now! So, so, so much better. I can pick out a fighter I am tracking from above against a cluttered city background with no problems at all. Thanks fellers for this. It broke my recorded tracks and 3dmigoto doesn't work any more, but I don't give a hoot. This is what I always wanted. One very happy customer here.
  8. That's nice, but it sounds like you have just introduced a new competitor for your limited resources.
  9. My PC sometimes only offers me a 60MHz (fisheye) option only for my HP Reverb if it has been up and running for a while before I launch WMR, but a reboot always fixes this issue. Is this what you are talking about? Additionally is this Insider Build 19624 likely to be part of a forthcoming Windows 10 update, so I won't have to do the reboot thing in future?
  10. Well this is news to me. I wasn't really aware that such things as "technochat" and "engine timers" existed before now. I just decluttered my screen completely and got rid of all the redundant text messages etc., in the basic settings menu from day one, including that stupid compass arrow thing. The planes have all the gauges that you need to fly them, so why would anyone bother with 21st century text overlays in a 1940s cockpit anyway? Technochat sounds like a cheat option to me if and others have been using it to gain an unfair advantage in certain situations that strikes me as lazy and unscrupulous behaviour on their part.
  11. My strategy for dealing with the AI is: 1) Don't trust AI squadmates to be of any help at all, or to do anything useful at any time. 2) Always carry plenty of ammunition 3) Steer well clear of ground targets that might have anti-aircraft weapons 4) Never engage bombers from the six o'clock position If you follow these principles you will live long and prosper. If you don't then you won't.
  12. Love the non-stop supply of free updates and am really looking forward to trying out v4.006 when it arrives. Keep up the good work Jason and crew and don't let the complainers ever get you down.
  13. So that's why there's a large golden Sturmovik model on a stand in my hangar. I did wonder why.
  14. Saw this coming two months ago and got myself an HP Reverb before the full impact arrived. Memories of the difficulties in obtaining graphics cards for a reasonable price during the bitcoin mania of two years ago informed my decision. I did have a Rift S already, but craved higher resolution, so I sold it on to another forum member for 80% of the MRSP with only 2 weeks of use of it. Could possibly have made more money by putting it on ebay, but I'm happy with my decision and I'm glad somebody else got one for a reasonable price. The Reverb is very good BTW and I'm enjoying it greatly. Hope the situation improves for all those hoping to get into VR this year, but you may have to wait a while for the supply/price situation to improve.
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