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  1. Guys, TAW has brought my flight sim to a level of immersion never felt before, and I’m really grateful for what was created and looking forward to the next campaign. I do have however one big doubt that leads me to ask to the creators of this majestic campaigns: Why don’t you run each campaign 2 times? Seen from my perspective, this should bring lots of benefits to player and creators: - players can enjoy the same campaign, if they want, from both perspective (red and blue) - players would keep playing TAW while the dev team is working on the new campaign, keeping the enthusiasm of the “fan base” we’ll alive - dev team would have less stress to work on the new campaign, knowing players have something keeping them up for several weeks (it’s not a job, but I’m assuming the sense of having hundreds of people waiting for your news is somewhat present) - the coding efforts used to create a campaign would be exploited and enjoyed for a longer period, which is worth for the amount of work behind it. Of course I’m not suggesting to use the same campaign many times, just twice, because the sense of unique experience would be compromised otherwise. Moreover, one of the main limit of my question is that I DON’T know how much work is required to have the campaign running, even if it’s already coded; clearly If running it 2x times would require lots of efforts, hence postponing several weeks the next campaign, I would throw my idea into the trash bin. Unless of course there’s some way you would consider using extra help for the “campaign maintenance” while you focus on the next one (and fly yourself, I guess :) ... ) Thanks for your attention, just my 2 cents. Tommaso
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