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  1. Is there a testing phase open, for which you are looking at applications? TAW discord is rather empty of information
  2. Thanks for the reply. As you surely already know, the Italian community is a big one and very passionate; in case you ever consider gathering data on Italian planes and historical facts & locations, I believe there would be eagerness to help
  3. Happy Birthday Jason! Would you consider add Italian Theater of Operation ? In terms of planes set this could be obtained with a nice mix of existing assets and new ones Thank you!
  4. Wait.. what? I must have missed this from the briefing.. one the things I like in TAW is that pilot play more carefully and don’t “over extend” to get a kill, so for example a plane smoking and in bad conditions but close to friendly lines has a chance to escape as it would be risky for enemy to chase him.. this very immersive and historically accurate, and marks a significant pro of TAW against “regular servers”. But if scoring kills is the only way to get points that’s really bad news. I hope it’s a misunderstanding 🙄
  5. I don’t understand how every discussion here have to rapidly turn into RED vs BLUE and/or personal attacks.. this was actually one of the issues raised by LG during the briefing, the toxicity is so high and people seems not able or not willing to read and understand someone’s post before jumping to reply with the own personal distorted perspective which typically hardly reflect (or answer to) the original point that was being made. A point here was being made (by me and others) about how to make sure we don’t lose the big bomber wing (hell, even for somebody who exclusively fly fight
  6. Look, you can go ahead all day putting weird reacts on my post and launching non pertinent comments such as this, OR you can try to read what I wrote and understand my point about foreseenable decline of bombers on TAW. It’s up to you, I will not reply anymore as few things are childish as pointless arguing on an Internet forum. @1/SG2_Faint I’ve asked that during the briefing, it’s currently not there as non historical for the event pictures in the current TAW maps, but they’re looking at options (eg. Simulate Leningrad with a BP map)
  7. I really don’t want to engage in a “this advantages the BLUE” or “this advantages the RED” kind of discussion, as I am 100% sure that dev team is aiming at balance as much as possible. My observation is purely addressing the difficulty for a big squadrons to operate with homogeneous planes (due to the unpredictability of life and Il2 sorties) and, as a result, the fact that many will not be able to select of the bomber line as it is structured now. It’s the only concern I’ve got but I’ve said this already 3 times so I’m on the verge of spamming, I will stop repeating it 🙂
  8. Locked to one row, to express the “specialisation” of a pilot into a line of aircraft during the war. I think the idea is cool and adds a new layer of realism, I’m sure the LG guys tried it out extensively and it brings something extra to TAW. My concern is only on the EXECUTION of the idea, and only referring to the bomber lines, meaning that having a squadron of 10+ guys with different availability of times makes it nearly impossible to field a squadron of “unlockable” planes (such as JU88 and HE111) and as a consequence we are likely forces to give up bombers as a whole
  9. Ok then I misunderstood, sorry. I was under the impression you wanted to use today’s meeting to introduce this idea and collect feedbacks (same comment as mine WAS raised also on TS), but I see instead decision has already been taken. At this point I can only say I trust your judgment and hope this works well, unfortunately I know that myself (and likely the whole squadron) will be forced to give up bombers and look at the other categories. A pity for sure, but I acknowledge your decision. Thanks for taking the time to answer, in any case. 👍🏻
  10. Sorry @=LG=Blakhart but it’s a bit disappointing to go explain in detail the issue I see and being cut down like I’m an annoying kid asking to “get things easy”. Big bomber sorties are one the “magic things” that happens only in TAW, Gemini has been of those for many previous edition, and all I’m saying is that with this kind of selections we’ll likely not be able to go in that direction, and so probably many others. Again it’s not a criticism to the idea of the “pilot career”, which is nice, but I’m trying to point out a potential negative side issue. Hope you see my poi
  11. To LG team: Thanks for the intro briefing today, it was nice to receive a bit of background on TAW development. In general we are curious to see this new pilot “career” idea, which has a lot of potential in terms of immersion/realism. Our only fear is about the way certain line of the planeset are structured (provisionally), in particular considering that making points to reach the more advance plane is always challenging we might see very few bombers around. We always say TAW is mostly dedicated to squadrons, but this also means people likes to try
  12. That's confusing 😄 Germany is GMT+2 in summertime, so the meeting is at 19.00 German Time... 17.00 GMT should be clear enough, if there's any doubt just google "GMT time" to know what time is it
  13. Thanks for joining! We are sorry for the connection issues that some pilots had, the server load was not that unstable so we're still trying to understand what the problem was, probably some of the map complex triggers. We're happy nevertheless with the feedbacks received by the squadrons who were able to play, and we'll include the suggestions into the final release of the map 😃 Stay tuned for new events / testing soon, our server project is moving forward
  14. Looks like we are fully booked already, thanks to all squadrons registered 😀
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