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  1. Sound continues yet game locks up,exiting to desktop shows...d3d indexed primitive failed e_fail. No dxdiag result due to cold shutdown from lockup. i5 3570k gtx 760 hawk 8gb g-skill ram 60gb ssd 1tb green wd harddrive
  2. With the above titles mentioned,i find it disconcerting among many pro simmers not to mention that little known gem,Battle of Britain 2 Wings Of Victory. While not having the creme dela creme with regards to post modern graphic engines,The coded AI flight mechanics have yet to be beaten by any flight sim thus released and will still give seasoned vets a run for their money.
  3. For those that cannot skin,i would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved for their time and efforts placed on these projects. God bless each and every one of you....
  4. OK gents,sorted.Simply forgot to go on line to activate,was running offline mode. Please ignore post or delete.
  5. HI folks, In need of some foresight.Bought DLC on steam and activated,yet in game they are still locked.. Any help appreciated gents,Thanks in advance..newb.
  6. Disable Head into your 1946 BOS folder Data folder Look for startup config file,open with notepad Key = sound Interface = 1...0 to disable all sound only purchased today gents,so hope it helps some.
  7. 10euro cheaper than steam @ local gamestop.. Will upload some pics when purchased.
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