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  1. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/guest-bloggers/newly-restored-messerschmitt-bf109g-flies-test-pilot-shares-experience.html It's a G4 ..not the G2 ..still ... A great read of what it's like to strap into this beast and fire it up ..takeoff ...fly ..land ..and grin about it afterward A lethal instrument in the hands of the Experten. -just sayin
  2. Redoing a chapter in Campaign is possible.. apparantly after a fresh reboot Win10 allows it. -shrug- ..not the only program that has that issue ..of features not working after Win10 has been running a game for awhile. Useda be a DOS command to flush a vid cards memory long ago (because Windows hates to let go of anything). Perhaps uninstalling the game and re-installing may allow redoing the campaign in game .. ..not real sure if the key will still work and it's a bit more hassle than I want to go thru just to replay Campaign. Ah well .. PWGG is a great option
  3. well ..checked back a couple hours later .. on a whim I checked firewall exceptions and IL-2 was not on my list of programs allowed thru the firewall. Apparantly Win10 forgot I had allowed it thru ..so I told Win10 to do so, again. Works fine. I miss my Amiga 500 ..perhaps someday Windows will catch up.
  4. Hmm... servers down today? 4 attempts to log in ..4 messages of the above. Off to Hearts of Iron IV for today then.
  5. ah well .. tried 'going back' to previous chapters and the map comes up without any airfields on it when I select a mission in any chapter for any side. ..hmm... I had been jammin in the PWGG fofr several hours ..mayhap Win10 just forgot how to load new stuff as it does now and then ..will try again after a fresh reboot. And yes.. PWGG is awesome in many ways. . it has a few foibles tho that consistently 'bug' me ...so to speak
  6. Is it possible to reset the Stalingrad campaign and do it again? Like playing another game of chess ..it just sucked me in
  7. Flying 3.0 atm with Battle of Stalingrad: re: windsock on runway: Noticed in Advanced Configuration/Mission Ground Objects that I can set Windsock Distance ..set it out to 100 and Windsock is now off left side of runway during takeoff instead on on the runway Pat: Just a frik-kin awesome job on this add-on. The pilot max wound set to death makes every takeoff intense ..I get all kinda focused on actually flying the plane in a safe and prudent manner .. LOL. It would be cool if: Some kind of text info on time period available for Battle of Stalingrad (and the others) in campaign setup; ...had to cycle thru dates to start campaign until something worked ..too early and get the message I don't have that map. Enemy airfields had stuff on them to shoot at and blow up ..sure, the squadrons operating there may have been out blowing up *our* stuff, still ..should be ground equipment, lame duck aircraft, ..perhaps the AA guns and gunners ..even at minimum settings should be at least one AA paying attention Normal mode ..should be some kind of marker for units to be attacked.. (the lil red square).. ..some missions I don't see anything (perhaps my bomber flight just wastes the target while I am looking elsewhere..rudder trim or some such I have a hard time seeing a single locomotive stopped in the trees ..I know, I know ..I really should be running on a 4' x 8' monitor with a few million pixels .. ..I'd prolly still have trouble pickin out the target in trees. (tried to find a tank once, in trees, while flying 300ias 100 ft overhead (Naval Weapons Training Center, Florida ..I was in TF-51D 'Crazy Horse') ..it was no joy then also. Saw a couple APC's, a few trucks .. even a SAM site ..no tanks tho. -just sayin If you are seriously wounded .. perhaps a snapshot of full body cast in traction with a pretty nurse nearby -Frank .. aka Serzhant Vladimir Ivanski, 284 BAP 270 BAD, flyin Pe-2's out of Krasnaya Sarjya, today is 23/11/1942. 10 missions so far, 1 air kill (a bf110 G-2 that would not leave me alone so I shot him down.. I put the brakes on ..he flew right by ..LOL) Spent almost 2 months in hospital ..just plain blew the landing on return from first mission. Dweeb at work. 'Tovarich Comrade!'
  8. hmm.. dont know if this will help, Win10 has a way to calibrate controllers .. In Win10: Right click 'Start' then click on 'Run' and type in joy.cpl and hit enter. You should get a dialogue box with controllers listed that are plugged in. Select controller you want to check, and click on it's properties button. Should get a test dialogue box with a calibrate tab. -Frank (Windows ..it's a wonder it works at all)
  9. https://www.flickr.com/photos/152693594@N06/38335392131/sizes/h/ 'Get close and when you think you are close enough, get closer' -Baron Manfred Von Richtofen https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4549/38335389501_e261906912_o_d.png 'Jaeger Moon' https://www.flickr.com/photos/152693594@N06/37621076164/sizes/o/ Von Paulus is surrounded ..the ring is closing .. another dawn mission in my trusty bomb truck, the Sturmovik. It is cold with the canopy open yet it clears my head and keeps me sharp ..the wind howling thru even so does not drown the sound of that beautiful motor singing it's song. It is War ..yet ...calm ..before the attack.
  10. ..then ..there's this ..not so dramatic, but the sound of those motors .. pure hot rod all the way Crank the base up
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7_6mveGQ4Y .. just amazing graphics and sound .. untouched in-game footage (well ..smashed by youtube is all) -Frank
  12. good ideas Moach.. ..already found input device sensitivity, hence the statement : 'input device sensitivity .85' I have been experimenting with settings since I installed the game, what I use atm gives the best 'feel' for my control setup. There is still a lot of nose 'bounce' if I move too fast in any axis ..real aircraft have significant feedback that moderates that, .. in effort required and slamming you against the straps or smashing you into the seat. The delay I mention is in fractions of a second ..higher input sensitivity seems to add more delay from input to controls reaching deflection settings .. It doesn't mean the axis waits to respond ..it just doesn't follow deflection settings directly ...deflection still begins as soon as a control is moved. The deadzones combined with input sensitivity settings I use eliminate any jitter entirely and allow full deflection in every direction. Throttle control is taped down hard with packing tape, it used to move when I slammed throttles to idle or full Flightstick doesn't move .. rubber feets are enough I still feel that ..especially with an increase in pitch input, the nose should accelerate in a direct linear response ..no 'bounce' ..as a fighter of WW2 is designed to. -Frank
  13. Ok . . input device sensitivity .85, Control axis sensitivity at 40 percent 8 percent deadzone at either end to ensure the stick input reaches max deflection 4 percent deadzone in the middle These settings come closest to duplicating the 'feel' of being on rails, for my setup. I am trying not to be so ham-fisted with the controls, especially on final ..training myself to be smooth will take a bit yet Actually managed to hit something with 500lb bombs tonite on Wings of Liberty server ..learning the Pe-2 ..love the speed -Frank
  14. ohh noooo .. yer gonna make me get my E6b out .. I just know it. -grin- ..it's buried on a shelf somewhere with pilot's log an all that 'stuff' .. -looks over at crammed shelves- ..-sigh-
  15. aye.. too shallow and the bomb skips and comes to rest without blowing up. It has to hit at ~20 degree or higher angle apparantly. I recorded a mission and watched the bomb skip into the gun pit, killed a crewmember but did not explode This sim .. -shakes head- .. I am soo sucked in.
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