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    on my old Kawasaki LTD 1100
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  1. This is a deciding factor for future purchases for me. No invisaplanes shooting you down in DCS so far.
  2. Well tonight was the last online flight with getting shot down by planes I cannot see.. Offline the game runs super well with no trouble seeing the other planes. The server constantly losing the other players positions and packet loss non stop are probably the culprit. It has to be the coding because it never went away. Bodenplatte and Tank crew is the last games I have bought and I will buy no more. This has plagued me since the very beginning years ago. All the games I buy are online games. I have invested and seen enough in this one..
  3. So what Hans is saying is we need a Ferdinand, Jagdpanther or a Jagdtiger to engage the T-34's a 1 km ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. How do you reset the password in TAW for your registration?
  5. Well I tried again for the last time today and there is just too much sporadic lag for me and when more players join the server and the total sum of all pings to determine the average ping of all players is calculated my ping is considered too high and I get booted anyways. So I stopped playing there it is too annoying. Sure wish there were more North American servers and that the Editor was like the old IL-2 FMB
  6. The Battle of Sicily before and during Operation Husky would of made sense where Steinhoff and the Luftwaffe would at least of put up a fight for the island.With the Luftwaffe having a little over 850 operation al aircraft and the Allies having almost 4400 aircraft and even then by mid-July the operational sorties of the Luftwaffe had dwindled so much that it was pretty well over then for any counter response from the Germans. The Allies attacked Europe and Germany from Italy more that they fought German and Italian pilots over Italy itself.
  7. The devs will throw everyone off and create..........wait for it......................................wait for it.........................................................................The battle of the ALEUTIANS!!!!!!!
  8. Don't forget what was mentioned yesterday about all the tanks that the gun sight on ALL tanks become misaligned in the gunners position. On ALL tanks.
  9. Tank crew online missions you have the odd tank that is of extra-terrestrial origin that phases in and out of dimensions too. It is there. Oups it is gone.Oh it is there again. Seems to happen more with AI tanks.
  10. It was late coming but I like the IS-2 Nashorn for the German side. My scout vehicle would be (I know it sounds weird and not well known) a Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma with it's 50 cm or 75 cm gun zipping down the road at 90 kph on big maps scouting for our main formations to find out where the enemy is.
  11. All the tanks suffer that bug unfortunately.
  12. Unfortunately it is all the tanks that have that bug.
  13. I understand it is just that I will use a bigger load of 50 kg bombs to make sure the bomber hits the target.๐Ÿ˜€
  14. So in full real MP maps what you are saying is you are screwed? ๐Ÿ˜š You can be off by hundreds of feet.
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