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  1. Thanks for your help, I reinstalled the game and the problem was resolved
  2. Hi G, I deleted the content from the update folder, but nothing, I want to remind that the last update went normal, the only problem is the launcher. How can I reinstall the game, it is bought from il2sturmovik.com.
  3. Hi, after the latest update, launcher great battles. exe, stops working and "Failed to load backend library" appears.How can I fix the launcher?
  4. Hi Tip, unfortunately Seby can not participate, a Bf109 g2 is free. Thanks.
  5. Hi Tip, the last 109g2 for me and Seby, if is possible.
  6. I did not know how to "hide" the photo, I deleted it, closed case. A good year
  7. Ok, I deleted the photo, but the plane is exposed in a museum in Canada, and the discussion is about the technique not ideology.
  8. This is only valid for 190, Bf 109 has a fixed horizontal stabilizer.
  9. Beautiful mission, too many targets and few bombs. Thank you Tip
  10. Congratulations on the first 10K and I wish you get to 100k as fast as possible. Thanks for the effort and professionalism of the tutorials are of great help. If possible Bondenplatte, please
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