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  1. Hi, to intercept the reconnaissance plane you have to climb over 7500m and not stay in formation. When you see the enemy plane position yourself to intercept it and start a smooth descent, trying to get a max speed of approach. Good luck!
  2. If it helps, before the last update the game crashed with the messages:
  3. Game crash to desktop after 4.008 update . I run unmodded game. Game stops and drops to desktop without any error messages by the game or windows. It creates the logs though. Game starts normally again. 1.crash inflight 2.Mod Career 3.Rheinland map 4.i was returning to base after ground attack Il-2.exe.8584.dmp.zip
  4. Many thanks for the effort Geronimo, I started using ReShade version 4.6.1 and I'm not doing great, could you put a guide for this version as well? Thanks again for the time and effort
  5. Thanks for your help, I reinstalled the game and the problem was resolved
  6. Hi G, I deleted the content from the update folder, but nothing, I want to remind that the last update went normal, the only problem is the launcher. How can I reinstall the game, it is bought from il2sturmovik.com.
  7. Hi, after the latest update, launcher great battles. exe, stops working and "Failed to load backend library" appears.How can I fix the launcher?
  8. Hi Tip, unfortunately Seby can not participate, a Bf109 g2 is free. Thanks.
  9. Hi Tip, the last 109g2 for me and Seby, if is possible.
  10. I did not know how to "hide" the photo, I deleted it, closed case. A good year
  11. Ok, I deleted the photo, but the plane is exposed in a museum in Canada, and the discussion is about the technique not ideology.
  12. This is only valid for 190, Bf 109 has a fixed horizontal stabilizer.
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