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  1. I would even add aerodynamics to aesthetics regarding the zero Thank you Jirō Horikoshi for this master peace you create
  2. So your game folder is located on the (D:) driver et the app and rolling cache (300gb limit) on the (C:) one —> users\name\appdata\local\package, is that right ? I am asking ´cause I will probably do that for making the game more smooth
  3. Add to the fact that I pre-order through Steam thinking that way and it don’t show your Premuim content that you bought 119€. I just demand a refund for repurchase it through Microsoft Store. So yes, if you didn’t purchase it yet, don’t do it through steam it’s a mess 🤦‍♂️
  4. Hahaha dude I'm on the same situation than you, that's just terrible !!!
  5. Project on its way ! Add the T-flight rudder pedals under the desk (cannot see it in the picture ^^)
  6. Totally agree with you for the Flying boat ! We must have one, we deserve it 😉
  7. Hello @Requiem Thank you for your help anyway. Before you do something else I must said that I’m sincerely a huge fan of your work on YouTube. I didn’t through ones you could respond to my message but here you are Before I knew your achievements, I couldn’t take off a single P-40, know it’s easy peasy piece of cake ahaha Big hug from France mate and thank your content on the community of il-2
  8. Good morning / afternoon, In my point of view Il-2 Sturmovik BoX is currently the most accurate and enjoyable sim for WWII air war. If you find something actually better than it, please let me know ahaha But more seriously the game has improved a lot since they lunch the first episode Battle of Stalingrad in 2014. Regarding the squadrons I don't know about Australian ones, for my part I'm living in Europe, but I'm pretty sure they are some ! See @Requiem, it's one of your Aussie mates, maybe he will help you to find one Cheers
  9. Heinkel He 219 Uhu (Eagle-owl) 🤩 P-61 Black Widow FW Ta 152
  10. Unfortunately I know, dreams hardly come true and I think most of peoples playing Il-2 GB would see no interest in playing Battle of France (Too short scenarios, none competitive fighters from the French side, and so on and so on). But I will definitely enjoyed any upcoming battles from the devs, I support them at 200% ! Love their work really
  11. I’m kind of a dreamer, but If we want to stay in a WWII scenario which I guess it will definitely be the case, I would love to see the Battle of France with RAF and French Air Force fighting early Germans planes (Bf109 E type as well as early Stuka, 110, J57, ect). For the coalition side, we could see some Bloch MB. 150 series, Bloch 174, P36 Hawk, Dewoitine D520, Maurane Saulnier M.S 406, Farman 220 Type and early British set planes. But again, I’m French and kind of a dreamer ahaha
  12. Bonjour @JG300_Egon, Un grand merci pour ton éclaircissement sur le sujet !! Me voilà rassurer sur la configuration graphique. J'ai néanmoins une dernière petite question. N'étant pas un spécialiste de l'informatique je me suis procuré un BenQ SW2700pt 27" pour la retouche photo essentiellement. Je me rend compte après coup que ce dernier à un taux de rafraichissement de l'image qui tourne aux alentours de ~50 - 76hz... En lisant des articles et jetant un coup d'œil sur plusieurs forums, je vois que j'aurais dû opté pour du 144hz. Est-ce cela va affecter mes fps en jeux ? Y-a
  13. Hi everyone, Hope you're doing fine and your loved ones are healthy. I've a silly question, but as my first topic of the French community of Il-2, I give it a shot ! I'm about to switch PC to Computer this week going from those following specs : i5 4200H Mobile --> to : i9 9900KF Intel HM86 Express --> to : Intel Z390 Express 4gb RAM --> to : 32gb RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M --&
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