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  1. The last mission is running for 2 h 18 min right now, and counting...
  2. A new disconnection right now, when I begun strafing a column (maybe this triggered the disconnection?) I run tracert right now and the highest ping is for the same node as commented above: 8 26 ms 95 ms 25 ms be100.sbg-g2-nc5.fr.eu []
  3. I don't know if it is a bug or what... but this is the fourth time this month that I take a Mig 3 and when I am going to open fire, I find that I have no ammo (I mean, not having firing a bullet before). It is rather frustrating when you have an enemy in the sight, push the trigger... and nothing happens!
  4. I have also had two disconnections this month, using ethernet (not wifi) on a stable connection. It is not the first time, I have had more disnonections before on this server. Anyway, if it is maintained at this level, it seems acceptable (although bothering)
  5. Yes, 2h 27min right now, but no way to get in
  6. Maybe this has been already discussed, sorry if it is the case If I am correct, if you land a damaged plane in an airfield, this plane will not be available to you anymore. Example: you transfer a plane from a rear airfield to a front-line one, then you carry out a mission where you are damaged by enemy fire but you are able to come back to your airfield and land... just to see how you have lost the right to use that plane anymore. I understand that the plane could be out of order for a while, "while it is repaired", but it would be good to have it again available in the next mission.
  7. Thank you very much for your offer, Aero Ace. I don't have any of them, BoK or BoBP, so I would like to participate for anyone of them. If I have to choose... well, maybe better BoK, since I can use all the planes right now Thanks again!
  8. Well, if I try to access the new address, coconutside.eu:8081, I also get the warning: However, I have read the message in detail and maybe this is different from the adware I had. The message from Malwarebyte relates your site to "websites that traffic in fake or illegal medication. These sites may also sell legal medication, but in violation of local laws. " Maybe it is just a false positive, and my adware came from a different site.
  9. Coconutside.eu:81 But now I receive the warning also when trying to connect through the game to the "dogfight server". As soon as the files downloading starts, I get the warning I mean the expert server, not tried the normal one
  10. I tried to enter the coconut site yesterday (no way) and today I have found my PC infected by Pharma (adware appearing). No problem, it has been solved in 10 minutes with Malwarebytes, but this is a confirmation that the site is infected. UPDATE: Once installed Malwarebytes, it detects also the malware not only in the website, but also when trying to access the game server (coconut's campaign). So, this is also infected (I guess it is the same server for the website and the game files...)
  11. Hi Coconut. I would like to have more info about the rewards system, and about the plane reservation system, if possible. Maybe here or in the manual, if you have the time to do it. My main doubts are following: 1. It would be nice to know how the rewards are awarded. How much for doing this or that, how less for wrecking a plane or whatever... A table or list showing how the system works. And also, how much a plane costs. 2. About plane reservation, it is not clear for me what happens if you land a damaged plane in an airfield. Is it counted as transferred, and is it available as new? Do you have to wait for it to be "repaired"? And what about landing "near" the airfield or in allied territory, but not in the airfield (engine damaged)? Also, just to add to some previous comments, that I am part of a sqadron, and we will like to have the possibility to share the reserved planes between squadron members. Or the cash... Just for you to know, one more on that side ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for your answer, and for this great server ๐Ÿ˜‰
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