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  1. Hello, trying to run this mission. I see it in game but when I click the mission it says loading mission description. If I click the START button it goes to the select mission screen. Thanks.
  2. Been trying to set up in BOS. Does anyone using this system have a set up to share. . Thanks
  3. Have attached error log file. Thanks PWCGErrorLog.txt
  4. Got the fix. Turn TrackIR off. Go into game, center view with mouse and hit F10 to save. Thanks to Gramps for the tip
  5. Thanks Gramps, that fixed it!! Appreciate the reply!
  6. Start game and view is down in the cockpit. Hit center and it centers in the same view. Use the mouse to center view and then use the button I have mapped and it goes back down looking at feet. Other planes start with the same view but can be centered. Latest game version, updated TrackIR
  7. Just installed latest patch. Updated TrackIR software. Calibrate out of game as usual, centers fine. Go into game and have head movement but cannot center to look foward. Any suggestions?? Thanks
  8. Unless I'm doing something wrong....when I start the game with no internet connection it says "failed to update" With internet I can get in the game and then access Offline Mode
  9. Will BOS have a similar offline mode like ROF implemented? My gaming rig is on the ship I work on and internet is not an option for me when at sea . Which is most of the time.
  10. Great replies and good discussion. Thanks for taking the time. I'm just glad someone has taken up the torch for WWII flight sims and whatever the theater or map I'll be a happy camper. Merry Christmas
  11. With the Battle of Kursk only 7 months into '43 the plane set would be virtually the same. Most of us history /flight sim nerds know that the turning point of the war was Kursk, not Stalingrad and the air battle that raged over the battlefields was also the largest in history as was the tank battle. Maybe in an add-on or expansion but the significance of Kursk as an air battle far outweighs Stalingrad for both sides. Just MHO. "Stalingrad was the end of the beginning....Kursk was the beginning of the end" Winston Churchill
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