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  1. Purchased from store, have the non-Steam version. It shows in the list of modules, but no Career option just Staligrad, Moscow, Kuban, Rhineland. Thanks Also have Bodenplatte
  2. OK figured it out. Had to add to Steam library and launch from there. Now, I know my rig is on the low side GPU wise, solo flight with settings on low getting barely 30fps. i7 9700k, RTX 2070, 16gb Ram. Any tips on helping performance? But man, sitting in that 109 cockpit was awesome!!!!
  3. Trying to get my Quest 2 set up for IL2. I have all the software, Virtual DeskTop, Streamer, etc. Have VR checked in the launcher settings and in game. I am getting two seperate images when going into VR. In the headset and on the monitor. I am using the Link cable. Thanks
  4. My thoughts exactly about the commander ranging targets from the turret in actual combat and it being difficult to to ALL the crew jobs in single player.
  5. First ride after patch. Did a Panther mission and noted that when firing the main gun your vision is obscured until after the round hits making it difficult to bracket a target at longer ranges. Would this be a more realistic representation or a bit over done?
  6. Switching to Normal brings up the mini map. Thanks for the advice. You are correct though, not much help in tank.
  7. Just saw some using it, thought to try it. Thanks!!
  8. Trying to get the mini map to show. Have it selected in settings, toggle M and nothing. Pressing O brings up the full screen map. Just noted some screen shots with the mini map in the lower corner. Thanks
  9. It was "T" before last patch. Now cannot unlock main gun. Is the command changed? Thank you
  10. Hello, trying to run this mission. I see it in game but when I click the mission it says loading mission description. If I click the START button it goes to the select mission screen. Thanks.
  11. Been trying to set up in BOS. Does anyone using this system have a set up to share. . Thanks
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