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  1. The more historical squads the better! This is really cool. I will look the squad up when I get home. Schlachtflieger!: Germany and the Origins of Air/Ground Support, 1916-1918 https://www.amazon.com/dp/0764324411/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_ieJ9Db4BNPPG9
  2. 3PG is on a temporary recruiting hold while we get the new men caught up and integrated into the Group. If you have questions shoot me a PM. S! Hunter
  3. If 3rd Pursuit is there, the result is the same with comms or no.
  4. Greetings, I'm the creator and leader of the 103rd Aero Squadron for RoF and FC. I'm just stopping by these forums to let the community know whats happening on the USAS side of the lines. For many months our guys have been bugging me to expand the squadron from a single squadron to a USAS Group which consists of four squadrons. With the release of FC we have made this transition! We basically took our existing flights and expanded them to squadrons so you will see some different tags out there now. The 3rd Pursuit Group was activated in July of 1918 and had four squadrons eventually assigned to it. Below are the squadrons and our tags. 103rd Aero Squadron - US103 93rd Aero Squadron - US93 213th Aero Squadron - US213 28th Aero Squadron - US28 You can check out more at our site which has changed to https://us3pg.enjin.com/ Salute to friend and foe alike and see you all over the front. Hunter
  5. Bump! Exciting things happening in the USAS AEF. Squadrons are being posted to the front!
  6. Is there any link that I can use to download all of these fine skins at one?
  7. Butz, Thanks for the hard work designing these things and for hosting the server! S! Hunter
  8. We marked it up to clouds as well Klug. One of the guys said they my be reworking clouds in the future.
  9. We also created a couple of visiting pilots channels on our TS that anyone can feel free to use at any time. ts3server://US103.enjinvoice.com/
  10. Thanks for hosting this server and setting up the maps. I know it takes a good bit of work and funds! S! J5, Hunter
  11. Yes, but it would very dependent on the engine. These all need to be modeled with historical accuracy in mind.
  12. I think FC2 would be best with a series of aircraft that came right before what we have in FC1 so you can "bolt on" late 1917/early 1918 to the set we have now without a years gap in tech. then for FC3 go to the earlier set. we also need to see some of the various engines etc added as options to existing birds.
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