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  1. The secret is that there is always another SPAD lining you up.
  2. So this thread about SPAD performance immediately get thrown off subject and converted to an Albatross discussion by the Jasta boys. This is why entente can't have nice things...
  3. Do we take those into account bail out disconnects and parachutes for these streaks?
  4. the SPAD was known for some of the strongest wings on any traditionally build aircraft? Why is it so low on the chart? The albatross was know for weak wings, but they take more hits then the spad now? The real killers of the war shot the pilot or the engine, and often both. This is how the original DM worked. Why on earth were the devs thinking that they should get away from this idea and make it a wing shooting game? Did they even take FC into account or do any testing when they created the new DM? Many of us are very frustrated with what is happening to our game. The CL2 for example is designed to be a rugged ground attack aircraft and now they completely fall to pieces after a few hits.... Ridiculous.
  5. Do the devs even play FC? Just put it back the way is was for WW1 planes. You shoot for meat and metal in the great war. I don't remember reading many accounts of pilots aiming for wings? It's pilot and engine! Regards, Hunter
  6. When I first started testing the new patch I had to go check my settings because I swore improved gunnery was on?
  7. The Huns do love wieners....
  8. When we are too busy shooting Fokkers to pop a chute and the cowardly bailing Hun gets to continue his streak even after being shot down on multiple occasions.....
  9. DXII looks even better when a yank shoots it's wings off......
  10. How about an article or intel report regarding the new German Stealth Fighters?
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