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  1. Yes, but it would very dependent on the engine. These all need to be modeled with historical accuracy in mind.
  2. I think FC2 would be best with a series of aircraft that came right before what we have in FC1 so you can "bolt on" late 1917/early 1918 to the set we have now without a years gap in tech. then for FC3 go to the earlier set. we also need to see some of the various engines etc added as options to existing birds.
  3. Is there a lace to download them all at once?
  4. Cooper, you fly SPAD a lot don't you think its not as good as in RoF?
  5. The 103rd would like to welcome our two newest members to our ranks! Corporal Doolittle Joined on March 15th Corporal Doolittle was known as WindyCityHawk before joining the 103rd and choosing to represent and remember James Ralph Doolittle of the Lafayette Escadrille. See his dossier with further info here: https://us103.enjin.com/doolittle Corporal Biddle Joined on March 30th Corporal Biddle was known as Chives35 and has chosen to use the name Charles Biddle who was an eight Victory ace serving with the LFC and USAS. He was a leading in the 103rd before being posted to command the 13th Aero squadron and eventually the 4th Pursuit Group at the end of the war! See his dossier here: https://us103.enjin.com/biddle Welcome Gentlemen!
  6. The 103rd tries to maintain the history as much as possible in all aspects of the game and interaction. When I created the squadron in the fall of 2016 that was my goal, I said to myself I would make it exactly the way I wanted it and if there were any like minded folks out there then maybe they would find the 103rd. Surprisingly lots of folks are interested in the same type of history that I was. We use historic names, organization, reports, claiming systems, skins etc.. We try to use the terms of the times and maintain the spirit of the US Air Service in 1918. There was a lot of propaganda (on both sides) and we get a kick out of reproducing that stuff. Talbot's newspaper articles are based on actual ones and have the same layout and format and generally the same language used at the time. We take dying very serious and do not throw our lives away in useless dogfights. Our Ideal kill is one pass on a hun pilot who does not know we are there, because that was the preferred method of the successful pilots of the period. 1918 was not 1915 and both sides realized the pilot that is dead is not going to kill you or your friends tomorrow. I think shooting parachutists while not generally condoned, will be a consequence of the combat situation. If someone rams one of my wingmen or kills them in their seat or sets them on fire and then tries to bail out, I will make no guarantees on the bailers safety. If we flame a fokker and he bails to save his life we will probably let him go with a salute. This is how we will look at it, especially considering that the allies only option is to ride their plane down to their death or jump without a chute and be impaled on a fence like Lufbery did. So no we won't be shooting chutes for the sheer bloodymindedness of it. if we choose to flame a cute there will be a good reason for it. We are always looking for like minded historically interested pilots to join our ranks. Click on my signature below to link to our website. S! to all our friends and foes alike. Hunter
  7. Ahem, the 103rd in my squadron, Larner is our highly paid, eagle eyed, tea drinking adjutant! We have some concerns about the FC SPAD at the moment. It seems to have really lost some of it's edge in the new flight engine. Energy retention is not as good and the Hun machines seem to be gaining ground on our old SPADs. If we could the the 235 HP Hispano...... ;) We will have to wait and see how it turns out. S! Hunter
  8. Some of you gents need to back up and remember that it's a pre-order pre-release with 4 planes and no map. It's good that there is some excitement in the air and folks are working with what they have to make servers and such, but it's still early days. It will probably be years before FC catches up with the content available in RoF right now. My own squadron is messing about with FC, but there is nothing serious to be had here yet. We are not interested in icons on circle jerk servers. You also should be aware that a lot of the ww1 community have been doing this sort of thing since RoF or before (RB2) and this is not their first go around with creating servers, maps scenarios etc.. JG1's server is being used for other important stuff on different days so it's not up all the time. I think that stuff will all come in due time. I can't wait for campaign servers with all the bells and whistles, you can be the 103rd will be there high in the sun! Constantly posting about MP is annoying, there is only fluff in FC MP for now and no serious play with objectives, scoring, squadron operations etc. Fluff, but no meat so to speak. There are no two seaters in the game yet even, some of the planes seem a bit broken, other important planes are still in the works. Lets just sit back relax and see what happens. S! Hunter
  9. We will be hitting Wargrounds server this week! All are welcome to join! Bosche beware!
  10. I've created the 103rd Aero on the scoreboards and plan to have a go at this campaign soon! If it's a realism server we need to turn off icons. S! Captain Hunter CO 103rd Aero Squadron USAS
  11. Great to see the close in pictures of our favorite aircraft!
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