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  1. TAS can be faster in summer for the same IAS. The error was that it wasn't the same IAS.
  2. I discussed the current behaviour of the P40 CSU we have with the chief mechanic of our local warbird maintenance team. He has maintained P40's, spits, hurricanes, mustangs and others for the last 20 years and was previously a black hand at BoBMF. He agreed that the behaviour of our CSU is too laggy and that the RPM overruns we have are exaggerated.
  3. I look forward to the full Holodeck experience myself, but I'm not going to wait for it.
  4. This is very true, but I have found that VR hasn't really taken away any of this for me. Having had my control setup for a fairly long time I can fly by feel without needing to look at any of the controls. A HOTAS setup like the Warthog certainly simplifies this, perhaps at the expense of a more authentic WW2 experience, but it isn't significantly harder to fly other fixed setups by feel. I used to think not being able to see my hands would be an issue (I even bought a hand tracking system with the idea that I might be able to integrate it somehow) but it hasn't been a problem at all. I personally don't see any problem using a HOTAS setup as it is no less realistic than not having a full simpit for each type in the game - which is of course absurd.
  5. Yeah I'll have to concede this one. Didn't even sanity check the result. Calculation was based on the assumption that all speeds in a flight manual are Indicated which has been my experience.
  6. Standard sea-level barometric pressure and temperature (the zero reference used for the flight manual) is 101.325kPa @ 15℃. Flight manual says CIAS of 359mph at 15000' at 3000RPM and 43.9"MP. This produces a TAS of 478mph at 15000'. Moscow average temperatures have been gradually increasing over the period I can find records so the figures given should possibly be considered maxima for WW2: Summer: 26℃@1012.3hPa Autumn: 5℃@1017.8hPa Winter: -12℃@1019.2hPa Note that average surface pressure in Moscow fluctuates widely between 1010 and 1030hPa reflecting the passage of weather systems affecting performance on any given day. If the ASI reads 360mph the temp@pressure given above yield TAS at 15000' of: Summer: 487mph Autumn: 468mph Winter: 455mph The point of this is to demonstrate that relying upon numbers taken from different contexts can be very misleading. You end up comparing apples and oranges because in the conditions given the ASI would not read 360mph. Engine and airframe performance depend on ambient conditions so to check the model against a flight manual you need to set the mission's ambient airfield conditions to standard sea level pressure and temperature and then zero your altimeter to the airfield elevation, climb to 15000' and fly straight and level at 3000RPM and 43.9"MP for 5 minutes. Recording the ASI reading and TAS. Only then will you have comparable and meaningful data.
  7. While this assessment is certainly reasonable and realistic, you can't yet qualify or quantify the boost in SA and ACM effectiveness afforded by having things in your visual environment rendered life-sized and spatially the way your brain has evolved to expect - because you haven't experienced it you can't know yet. This is why people who try VR generally don't go back even with screen-door artefacts, reduced FOV (relative to real-life only) and resolution. The value of your ability to accurately track and predict the location of other objects not in your field of view absent the visual distortion of a flat projection and the dynamic spatial distortion of TrackIR cannot be overstated. And everything in the cockpit comes more naturally - from scanning the cockpit instruments (I never enable the HUD or techno-spam) to being able to look down and easily confirm coolant flap position and fuel state, get on the gunsight or look under it to see the gyro-compass. The feeling of accurate physical proportion really improves your judgement of distance from and closure with the environment and other aircraft. Beyond the usual complaints of pixel density and FOV (and rig demand) the only thing I'm less than happy with is that your eyes still focus at a fairly constant distance regardless of whether you are looking at your instruments, your wingtip or the horizon. While this isn't sufficient to break the illusion for your brain it probably isn't great for your vision. FWIW I detect contacts at about the same or longer range than non-VR players I fly with (very slightly closer than I did on a 2560x1440 IPS monitor) but I find it significantly harder to positively ID contacts until they are much closer. I have managed to improve this a bit after a few rounds of tweaking VR and game graphics settings. I have found recently that disabling in-game AA completely and setting gamma to 1.2 have really improved this specific situation without negatively impacting visuals.
  8. Consider this - BMW, Mercedes, Audi (and all the others) spend fortunes in motorsport from F1 down to touring cars. What percentage of their target markets own an F1 team? An infinitesimally small one. Then why do they throw all that money away? Because the R&D wins trickle down to mass-market products and for the prestige which convert to brand recognition and market mind-share. Ask Apple how important those last 3 are. Before you discount this based upon the old observation that motorsport is the worlds most lucrative spectator sport, be advised that title is fast being usurped by e-sports.
  9. If you haven't been an Apple developer for the last 11 years you may not appreciate how bad this can be. I have been and while Apple too were "reborn" in the market of building high-end hardware and robust software for science and engineering developers, they dumped us all overnight to chase the lower paying (per sale) but seemingly endless mobile market. In doing so they also shifted focus from industry-leading quality to marketing and pointless "gadgets" as fashion accessories for the vain. With that experience behind me, when a company I count on says they're focussing on the mobile market I start looking for alternatives. It doesn't reduce their market - it diverts development resources from a much larger potential market to enhance the satisfaction of their existing smaller consumer base. I wager tat everyone owning a HMD today would trade it for the new product so they aren't "losing" anything. They just aren't realising the enormous potential increase to their consumer base for a roughly equivalent commitment of money and resources. But it is exactly Nvidia and Valve's target market. This is why I'm watching their next moves in VR. As a hardware vendor Nvidia particularly has jumped all-in on VR. It is in their interest to stimulate demand for their newest GPUs with specific VR enhancements which they have already paid for in R&D, and to maintain demand for successive generations by pushing current hardware beyond its capability. That is exactly what the entire industry have been working on for the last year. Nvidia Pascal already had hardware accelerated support for foveated rendering on the 1080 (at least). What is holding us back the most is game developers sitting on the fence wrt emerging leaders and standards in VR APIs, and failing to take full advantage of the hardware specific acceleration shipped by vendors like Nvidia today. I disagree completely here. Head on over to Reddit and any other forum with channels for VR and the pervasive complaints/wishes from ALL desktop VR users today concern resolution, FOV and pixel density (these are tightly coupled). Here we also have restrictive laws and trade practices that limit our ability to circumvent the Australia Tax and the large body of water surrounding us that restrict competition in pricing. Basically is you see a USD price for something, double it for landed AUD price, then add a bit more for price gouging because it is limited supply. That includes anything shipped directly from China or Taiwan - which defies explanation based upon cost of freight alone.
  10. No - Shadow's estimate was accurate. Things cost more in Australia than simply converting the USD price to AUD. we have this thing called freight and another thing called GST. I don't think anyone expects them to abandon the PC platform. The concern is that they have shifted focus and resources much like Apple did to iDevices leaving the Mac platform languishing for years. Edit: Removed accidental double post
  11. A servo tab on the elevator makes no sense for a variable incidence tailplane. I think it was only on the rudder and this had already been introduced to series production on the G6. The later G series also had aileron servo tabs, as did the K4 in limited numbers apparently. Perhaps you are thinking of the ailerons instead.
  12. I would pay $2000 for StarVR if it was available. Same for Pimax8K X (if it isn't just bullshit). But for the last 2 years all the NextGen HMDs have remained no more than vapourware. I got tired of waiting and bought the Rift CV1. It isn't perfect by any stretch but it is much better than nothing at all. If StarVR was available to buy tomorrow I would happily give my Rift away and buy it and feel satisfied that I got everything I paid for in the CV1. ... or Nvidia step up with their own HMD. Don't discount that possibility.
  13. I probably can - just not right now - I am spending all my available "spare" time working on my own FM and a BoX add-on which should have been released a year ago. It isn't clear why people care about relative forces rather than absolutes though. Incidentally you don't use a book like this to answer such specific questions - only to educate yourself generally on the subject. There is also nothing magical about the book I referenced. It is simply a very good example of a highly regarded and yet accessible intro text on the subject of modelling complex continuous physical systems in discrete mathematical terms as the basis for computation. The reason I mentioned either of these things above is that the history of multiplayer air combat simulations (and games claiming to be so) has clearly demonstrated that no amount of historical documentation will satisfy most of the opponents and/or proponents of a particular FM claim. Every piece of supporting material put forth in support of a claim is in some way flawed: eg the purpose of the testing conducted; the accuracy of measurement; experimental procedural issues; specifics of the test environment; absence of experimental controls; subjective opinions of the tester; test regime coincidence with the issue at hand; and the list goes on. As a result every document supplied comes with about as much interpretation (and therefore inconsistency) as a religious text. Frustrated by this, and having an employment background in software engineering, physics, and aeronautical engineering I figured the approach most satisfactory for me is to build a computational model that can be validated using more readily available test data for modern aircraft of similar configuration. Rest assured that as soon as that has been done the first historic aircraft on the list is the 109. The most likely reaction to this might be "why would you build a computer model to validate another computer model?". The answer is that the game necessarily uses a real-time approximation which due to the limited capability of commodity consumer hardware must be considerable simplified compared to more accurate models which have the luxury of being run offline on powerful hardware over the course of several hours or days. I was just throwing it out there in case anyone else was interested in learning more about computational fluid dynamics. If you are then the book and OSS project I linked are good places to start learning.
  14. Dave

    Kill the P-109!

    Your comment doesn't make sense - having damage reflected would hardly be a "realism" feature. Being sick of constant ridiculous friendly fire (ie being fired upon at close range by friendlies who can clearly see you are not opfor) shouldn't discount me from tolerating a noob-aid that keeps the server full. If anything this setting enabled is a noob teacher and has the added benefit of defeating deliberate team killers. I dont like GPS either but the server admins enable it for "gameplay" because it makes the game more accessible. It should be clear from the fact that Australians bother to play multiplayer at all given our best ping is about 350 that beggars can't be choosers. Not everyone can live somewhere close to alternatives.
  15. Dave

    Kill the P-109!

    Why the hell isn't this on by default? I get shot down in the P40 at least once per game by friendly fire.
  16. I expected as little Sad really, as Nvidia ship some nice VR-specific hardware support in SLI. I understand the decision to standardise on OVR rather than take advantage of vendor specific support - but its frustrating to see so many features of a nice piece of hardware go completely unused. My GPU isn't even being taxed while I have choppy frame rates. I think the VR compositor is running entirely in software with no GPU acceleration. Meanwhile 9 of my 10 cores are idle while one is melting. I'm looking forward to 3.001 and appreciate having new features - particularly gameplay improvements in campaign and coop - but I'd prefer to see this take a back seat to some bug fixing and performance enhancements for a little while.
  17. I got very nauseous at first. I could stomach about 5 minutes of low level turning before the sweats took over. After about a week of playing in VR for short stints every other day I got over it. Now I play for a few hours straight (not really a good idea anyway) without the slightest hint of motion sickness.
  18. You don't need one - an accurate enough model can be calculated using computational fluid dynamics. There is even free software you can use to do this yourself if you already have a 3D model. I recommend that everyone beating up the dev team about the FM have a read of everything linked to starting here: https://www.openfoam.com. Then grab yourself a copy of this https://www.booktopia.com.au/low-speed-aerodynamics-joseph-katz/prod9780521665520.html and become acquainted with flight modelling from the other side of the table.
  19. Does anyone use SLI 1080Tis for their VR setup? I expect it would add little with the game being so CPU crippled. Back when BoS SLI support reached its ebb I cancelled my order for 2 deciding it wasn't worth the $$$. But since I now have to turn graphics settings way down for so-so VR frame rate I'm considering buying 2 Volta cards when they ship.
  20. František wasn't Polish - he was Czech. Did you not watch the doco?
  21. Better jump in your time machine and write Willy Messerschmitt an angry letter complaining about the visual agony you have to endure looking all day at his low-poly 1943 era plane. Looks to me as though the modeller at 1CGS got it very close.
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