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  1. Where is the Typhoon's mirror? I don't see any mention of it.
  2. Not as been tested by @SCG_Fenris_Wolf I went back and edited that just now because the way I had written it didn't make clear the comparison was with no AO. My personal observation of this setting and the performance penalty stand. As our other settings differ quite a bit there is the chance enabling SSAO for him is interacting favourably with another option he has chosen which I have not. For example, if the Ultra base profile enables ambient occlusion (which I can't know because the exact content of each of those profiles is completely undocumented) then adding SSAO on top
  3. Respectfully, I think Fenris' suggested settings are wrong. I am getting <9ms/frame with my Reverb on a 3090 with much better visuals than I did after trying Fenris' suggestions. Following his advice the image suffered and so did FPS. Rather than just contradict though, I made a point of explaining why certain options are better or worse so people can consider the rationale and make informed choices. Good on Fenris for doing his own testing and sharing - I just don't agree with some of his results. It is also worth noting that what works well for one hardware combination wi
  4. VRSS requires developer support - sort of - which is why it is defaulted off for all titles and then explicitly enabled title-by-title by Nvidia. The reason is that it makes use of a title's built in support for variable rate shading - and forward rendering. It needs this support to increase the shading rate within a central region of the display to increase the degree of AA super-sampling within that region and to dynamically vary the size of the "fovea" region in response to GPU headroom changes. For those that have no idea what VRSS is - it is Variable Rate Super Sampling. You must ena
  5. You are correct - anyone who thinks MFAA is improving their IL2 graphics is imagining it. 2x MSAA (and possibly even 4x MSAA) is less taxing on the GPU than supersampling for Reverb at 132% due to already pushing 8k without SS. This is a different story however for Rift. This is a good example of where one person's great settings wont work for everybody. If you have a Reverb and 1080Ti I recommend not using any supersampling at all and spending the liberated FPS on better antialiasing or not suffering microstutters. Supersampling was really a hack for earlier lower resolution HMDs
  6. Firstly - I have no problem with people using things like this to help overcome limitations of current hardware. It seems reasonable to me - especially for those with older necks and physical injuries. I wanted to add though that it seems to me that many peoples' idea of "realism" is being measured against flawed benchmarks of their expectations based on their experience with TrackIR, and a liberal amount of wishful thinking. Checking your six IRL can be pretty taxing. It is nowhere near as easy as many here seem to think. Especially after 15 minutes or more of ACM. It'
  7. Decades ago I was present for live fire demonstration of a Browning M2 using ball and API at a test target - an old car. It was at close range - about 50m - so the results will differ somewhat from air-to-air at 200-300mph at typical engagement range of ~200m-400m. But that car was royally f#$%ed in a matter of seconds. Even the ball rounds punched right through just about everything - the test fire was perpendicular to the vehicle. Rounds passed through all the body panels on each side - structural areas (C-pillar, B-pillar, reinforced quarter panel sections) made no appreciable dif
  8. Game updates aren't installed by you clicking a link. The game launcher checks for updates on launch. Edit: DOH!
  9. That looks like a separate issue to me.
  10. Master Server is disallowing login but there is still no update to download. I would like to play SP but cant.
  11. Why is the P40 mirror almost always locked on this server? The P40E had a mirror - it wasn't an optional extra - the aircraft left the factory with it attached.
  12. I have tested this to death. I am always in constant voice comms with my wingman. This issue occurs when he is between me and a cloud. This is a bug. Unless bugs are intended it is not working as intended. If this doesn't happen to you I'm happy for you. It does happen to me - all the time - and I'm growing tired of other people proclaiming there is no problem just because it doesn't affect them. Regardless of whether the clouds are volumetric or billboarded, the game clearly tracks whether or not a player is "inside" cloud, and it is possible to transition from outside cloud to inside cloud c
  13. Bugger all - but its hard to respond to a post anywhere but in the same thread. Perhaps an admin can move them.
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