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  1. It's finally working! I went back to the startup.cfg file and set old_trackir back to zero. Perhaps doing that, along with resetting all ingame controls to default did the trick? (I feel like I just walked around in a complete circle, ha!) Either way, I'm a happy camper now Thank you @BlackHellHound1 and @No_85_Gramps for your help!
  2. Thank you for the suggestion @BlackHellHound1! I gave that a shot and still no dice. It will read the inputs when I switch over to mouse emulation, but of course that's just pitch and yaw. Makes me think it may be something with the freetrack 2.0 enhanced... Any other ideas? I'll keep researching and post anything I find.
  3. Hello BlackHellHound1! Thank you so much for your help! Here's what I have Output: freetrack 2.0 Enhanced, with "Select interface" set to "Enable both". I went into startup.cfg and set "old_trackir" to "1" as you suggested and fired up IL2 again. Same as before, opentrack will accurately display the movements/positioning, but absolutely no head movement whatsoever will occur ingame. Just to make sure things were okay with opentrack, I immediately launched DCS and a few of my racing sim titles, and each of those games *DID* show head movements ingame. I've read elsewhere that, for IL2, players may need to delete any head-movement related key mappings (for example, delete all hat switch keybinds that change where the pilot is looking). I've removed as many of them as I can find, and still this issue persists. Any other ideas?
  4. Excellent writeup @BlackHellHound1! Is there anything that needs to be done within IL2 itself in order for it to work? I'm rocking the same setup I use for DCS and racing sims (opentrack + ps3eyecam + IR lights) and, as expected, everything is "seen" properly within opentrack, but ingame, nothing happens.
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