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  1. Update: I received my pimax4k last week and discovered that SLI does indeed work on older drivers: Of the drivers I have on my PC, SLi works with version 362.00 and earlier but does not work with the more recent 378.78. This holds true in Il-2:BoX and Elite Dangerous.
  2. Hi Received my pimax4k last week and very impressed I have it working in Elite Dangeroous without issue but in Il-2:Battle of Stalingrad, the virtual body position is laterally offset to the right. This means that you are not able to see the cross hair of the gunsite. It can be seen clearly when looking at the chaperone circle as it is not centred on the ingame seat! Please note I am not talking about rotational (yaw) drift which is being correctly reset either through the piplay re-centre button or through the games inbuilt re-centre VR view keybind. Does anyone know how to correct this? NB: I am running piplay 1.2.63, firmware Many Thanks Mars
  3. Good to read your opinion as I pulled the trigger on one last week! It is somwhere on a slow boat from China and cannot get here soon enough.
  4. I was referring to 'normal' SLI not VR SLI as they are two different things You are correct about VR SLI needing to be implemented in th engine
  5. Interested in this myself as I have a gtx690 and not quite ready to buy a new card and a VR headset. Could be Nvidia have pulled a crafty one and disabled it in the latest drivers as suggested by this post on Elite Dangerous and SLI: https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/41ui09/windows_10_sli_dk2_and_elite_dangerous/
  6. Elite use their own (cobra) engine too
  7. Question for the testers (and or Jason) : does SLI work with the BoX VR implementation? Have read quite a few reports now that if a game does support sli in 2D then it also works in VR too at the risk of increased latency/judder. Have also read of games disabling SLI. Asking as I am still on a gtx690 - wouldn't mind getting a little more out of the beast before it gets retired!
  8. A bit bouncy (keywords: monkeys and flight training) but it was the bomb arriving in the cockpit just as I'd turned the engine off that was the surprise
  9. Thought that video might be of me the other day when I'd just landed and taxied off the runway only to get a direct hit from a Ju87. Of course if Vorly hadn't left his Pe2 abandoned in the middle of the runway requiring me to go around again I would have got down sooner. Oh well.
  10. Did the rewiring with a length of ethernet cable trick here about 6 months ago. Worked flawlessly up until I dropped the throttle just before X'mas. Just had to take the bottom off and put the wire that had worked loose back. Not difficult if you have a bit patience. I was going to type a list of what each of the wires map to but I remembered I put the list in the bottom of the throttle for safe keeping....
  11. Would you buy a used car from this man?
  12. The rotaries are not that hard to fix using the individial wires from a spare length of ethernet cable - just a bit fiddly. I map everything using the profiler in everything I play as your missing out on the ability to get the maximum out of the sticks programmability. Tip: key strokes work better than 'commands' I find. Cycling commands is a useful function to have. Just make sure you un-map anything that will clash with the wingman profile within the game itself which I think is the mistake most people make who then go on to say that the wingman software is ****. Excellent setup for the price with some easily fixed quirks (if you do manage to buy one, do the throttle screw fix immediately).
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