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  1. Really hope we don't get the Typhoon with the car doors! Ugly as sin!
  2. Would also be awesome if they could add the above to the loading screens!
  3. Nice review. Really love your blog Shamrock, keep the articles flowing!
  4. They've done a huge amount of work on this and a brilliant job. They said the standard edition is coming so just wait. If you're impatient, pay more and support the team.
  5. Could not agree more about listing specific types of aircraft shot down in the logbook.
  6. Not really related to the belly turret but does anyone know if the AI B-25 will be made available for the Soviet airforce and during the Kuban campaign? I think the U.S. supplied the D model to the Soviets so we could get pummeled by that turret in the Kuban as well.
  7. Here's an attempt from me and inspired by Brendan Finucane. ======================================================= The Rebel's Son – Irish RAF pilot ======================================================= $[name] was born to an English mother and Irish father in the Dublin suburb of Rathmines on $[birthdate]. The second of two brothers, his father regaled both boys with stories about fighting in the Irish War of Independence and Civil War. One one occasion, $[name] and his family had a lucky escape when they were caught up in a gun battle between British soldiers and the IRA. After two wars, life returned to a semblance of normality. $[name] developed a keen sense of adventure and his frequent acts of mischief tended to regularly land him in trouble at his strict Catholic school. Things changed in 1932 when the brothers attended their first ever airshow at Baldonnel where they had the chance to take a short flight. For $[name], life quickly changed forever and after a secondary school education where he became proficient at boxing, rugby and fencing, the family moved back to his mother’s native Chester. At age 18, $[name] eventually managed to get a part-time job as a postman in London where his burning desire to take to the skies only intensified. Acutely aware of increasing tensions with Germany, he decided to join the Royal Air Force. Despite his father’s Republican past, he readily agreed with the decision, believing military discipline and structure would bode well for his youngest son. At age 19, $[name] parked his postal bike outside the Air Ministry at Kingsway and handed in his application. He was accepted and trained on the Tiger Moth at Sywell where he had several mishaps. One misty damp morning saw his aircraft collide with a hedgerow during landing while he experienced a burst tire on a second occasion. Despite those setbacks, he escaped unscathed, before flying solo and swiftly progressing onto the Hawker Hart and Hawker Fury. Later considered a competent pilot by his peers, he was posted to No. 19 Squadron at Hornchurch. His first operational missions were in Spitfires covering the evacuation of Dunkirk where he managed to survive a ditching. His participation in the Battle of Britain was brief. During a melee with BF-109s, $[name] was hit by cannon fire. He managed to bail-out of his burning Spitfire but spent the almost two years recovering from his wounds. During a brutal period of physiotherapy which saw him move between multiple hospitals, he met and married a nurse named Helen. Despite all that happened, he was still determined to get back into the fight and vowed not to waste any more good Dublin blood. By 1944, his recovery was complete and he was posted to ${startSquadronName] on $[startDate], ready to give the Germans some much-needed payback.
  8. I'd be happy to see a Battle Of Berlin/Seelow Heights scenario before moving on to the Pacific. Is the Battle of the Bulge not going to be represented on the Bodenplatte map?
  9. I'm currently reading a book called "Defending The Motherland" about the USSR's female pilots. Good read so far: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Defending-Motherland-Soviet-Fought-Hitlers/dp/0857051954/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523001903&sr=8-1&keywords=defending+the+motherland Quite a lot to admire about those women. Many of them were really brave and exceptonal pilots.
  10. Just an update on my situation. I tried logging again and for some reason, it worked! It has also kept working without any trouble for the past few days, even though I didn't fix anything or change any setting. Thanks for all the help!
  11. Thanks for the tips but several of us seem to keep having the same issue despite having no problems with other games/software on our systems. Just extremely frustrated with the constant login failures after spending weeks trying to fix this.
  12. I've also been having this problem now for weeks. Can login very very infrequently, mostly get the master server error. My internet connection, ports and firewall settings are all fine and I have removed Nvidia GeForce Experience. Support haven't been able to provide any helpful answers either. Also going nuts trying to figure this out. I can log into Rise of Flight without any problems. Did any of you guys with this problem find a solution?
  13. Did you guys find a solution to the problem in the end? I still can't play "online", it let's me log in from time to time, though very rarely. Keep getting the message "cannot connect to authorization server".
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